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Kelloggs Special K Bliss Mint & Chocolate

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2 Reviews

Brand: Kellogg's / Type: Cereal Bar

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    2 Reviews
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      04.07.2010 19:39
      Very helpful



      I Wont Be Eating Them Again

      It occured to me this morning that I havent seen a food/drink review on Dooyoo for about 2 weeks! I wrote about food and drink before the points change and I have no intention of stopping now - the reviews might be a little bit shorter though LOL. Ive been saving up loads of food reviews over the last few weeks mainly new diet foods Ive been trying: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Sadly these "Special K Mint & Chocolate Bars" fall into the second catagory which is a shame as I love most of the other products Special K have to offer. This one is a massive fail though!

      Useful Information:
      Price: Around £3.50 For Multipack Around 60p Each Bar
      Stockists: Supermarkets
      Nutritional Information:
      Calories: Less than 90
      Sugar: 8g
      Fat: 2g
      Salt: 0.1g

      In short these bars are great for you to have in place of a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps as they make a much healthier snack. As these are the perfect snack for me as on the Slimfast plan you are allowed 3 snacks a day as long as they are 100 calories or less meaning these bars are like a real treat for me.

      Although these bars are quite small (about 3-4 bites in whole) in the past Ive found that they do actually fill me up for quite a while between meals so if they taste good then that is a great added bonus. This one does not. I think the idea behind this bar was to try and make it taste like a crunchy and healthier version of an aero but that attempt fell flat on its face with me. I am not a fan of dark chocolate and that is the type of chocolate that this is made from it tastes way to bitter and makes me feel genuinely sick. If they chocolate wasnt present I think the cereal and mint part of the bar would taste SOOO yummy as the mint flavour was strong and you could tell it was there but it wasnt overpowering at all. The cereal is crunchy yet chewy and it really does feel like you eating something sweet and not watching you weight for 5 minutes. The chocolate makes me feel ill though and for that reason alone I couldnt eat another one of these bars.

      As always though this is down to personal taste and if you like dark chocolate then I know you will really like this bar as my mom absolutely loves them. I wouldnt eat them again if you paid me though - Id rather be fat and eat an Aero!

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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        26.10.2009 11:41
        Very helpful



        Shame they charge so much as these are the best I've tried so far!!!

        Recently I have been eating a variety of different snack bars and have found some that have been nice and some that have been just horrible, this one falls into the first bracket as this is one of the nicest ones that I have eaten.

        This is the Special K Bliss selection, with this one being the mint chocolate one. They also do 2 other types being the Special K Bliss Raspberry & Chocolate and Special K Bliss Orange & Chocolate. Now you get 6 bars each weighing 22g, in the usual papery wrapper that tears easy across the top you then pull out a long crispy bar that has been fused together with tiny pieces of cereals(rice flour, wholewheat, rice, wheat flour, oat flour)all held in place with the syrup and honey that these bars contain and then the best bit is that the whole bottom of the bar has been dunked in dark chocolate ( it says on the box that it is fine dark continental chocolate).It isn't just a smear of chocolate, but a nice thick layer, as they didn't skimp the chocolate here!!

        Well these bars do not taste like you are trying to do healthy eating as they taste delicious, with this one in particluar having a hint of mint as well as the chocolate it is yummy!!

        My sons girlfriend finds it hard to eat just the one as they taste so good, these are really handy as a light mid morning snack to tide you over to lunchtime. Each bar contains;

        ~~~Calories 88~~~
        ~~~Sugars 8g~~~
        ~~~Fat 2g~~~
        ~~~Saturates 1g~~~
        ~~~Salt 0.1g~~~

        The only fault I would say is the price as they do seem to over charge on these sort of bars at the moment as they are so popular. Unforunately I haven't yet found this particular one in my 99p shop, they seem to do Ryvita bars, Weetabix bars, Aplen bars ect.. so I'll have to keep looking out for this one. I did buy my box in Tesco's and the cost was £2.33 which I think is a bit steep, although I know that it only works out to just under 40p a bar, but they are not very big. So if they come on special offer then I most definitely buy these again, but not at the present price that they are charging!.

        For taste and enjoyment I will give these a big 5 star rating!!


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