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Kelloggs Special K Sweet Chilli Cracker Crisps

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Manufacturer: Kellogg's / Type: Crisps

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    3 Reviews
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      18.04.2015 20:08
      Very helpful




      I;m not a fan of their breakfast bars but these crisps are so delicious they can;t be good for you, can they?

      Special K are a well-known brand to promote healthy eating so I was surprised that they started doing crisp, yet it makes sense to provide a healthy alternative to the actual thing.

      My reservations were that something here would be compromised.
      This is a relatively small bag in comparison to crisp in general but nonetheless they are just as good if not better as they are weighed out to the exact amount an adult should have. It may seem PC in today's culture yet it helps you know exactly what you need and to stop you consuming more and ruining a diet you might be on.

      This is sweet chilli, a what a great flavour these are. A slight hint of chilli not too overwhelming, great to eat on the go and won't stink the office out if you chose to have some by your computer:)
      They are light as they are cracker crisp. I know, what a mash up! But these really are enough to snack on till lunchtime. At only 94 calories which will clearly be burned up by walking back to work, you can afford to treat yourself.

      These are sold as far as I know in a pack of six for as little as £3.49 but on Amazon they do great bulk buys at a great price or even a bigger bag if you chose.


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      10.09.2013 09:33
      Very helpful



      In my opinion it is a great product for all ages and there are different flavours to try.

      Title: Kellogg's Special K Sweet Chilli Cracker Crisps
      Amount: 100g
      Price: £1.99

      Recently I was recommended by a friend to try these crisp like snacks by Kellogg's. I didn't think much of them at the time because a lot of companies put out so called 'healthy' alternatives which aren't healthy at all and everyone associates Kellogg's with cereals so I was partly intrigued as well. However when I tried them I was pleasantly surprised.

      The cracker crisps are bite size (roughly 3cm in diameter) circular crisps crackers. They are crunchy with a wafer like texture and they are thicker than normal crisps; I have included pictures below. If you were to swap from normal crisps to these I believe that they are a lot cleaner and they don't break up and become waste in the bottom of the bag. I chose to buy the Sweet Chilli flavour as I like spicy food.

      Personally I don't find them to be over powering or spicy (for some people who do not eat spicy foods I would class them as mild) and would urge people to try them. There are also other flavours which I have yet to try such as Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar and Sour Cream & Onion - some unusual flavours but they sound like a great treat.

      Unlike normal crisps these come in a cereal style cardboard box then they are sealed in a foil bag. From there I personally put them in little tupperware boxes for quick and easy snacks. The only part of the packaging which you are able to recycle is the outer box; it's easy to dissemble into flat packaging for recycle storage purposes. Also on the front of the packaging they have the iconic Special K symbol with the crisp crackers placed elegantly and they have the food guide label detailing what each 23g or 21 crisp severing contains according to the guideline daily amount which I think is very useful and easy to read.

      The ingredients are the following; Tapioca Starch, Dried Potato, Wheat Flour, Sweet Chilli Seasoning (Maltodextrin, Salt, Fructose, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Chilli Pepper, Coriander Powder, Yeast Extract, Red Bell Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Citric Acid, Flavourings, Colour {Paprika Extract}, Cumin, Oregano, Stabiliser {E450a}, Antioxidant {E304}) Sunflower Oil, Maize Flour, Oat Fibre, Salt, Emulsifier (E471). Allergy concerns list wheat and oat; all this information can be found listed on the back of the box.

      The suggested amount to eat in one serving is 21 cracker crisps which contain 94 calories, 1.5g of sugar, 2g of fat, 0.3g of which is saturated fats, 2g of fibre and 0.51g of salt. In my opinion for a filling mid-morning snack you get a good amount of nutrition value. It is also suitable for vegetarians and I also believe that they would go down well with children above the age of 5.

      Compared to a packet of Walkers Cheese & Onion (50p a packet) they are so much better for you. For a 32.5g packet there are, 169 calories, 9.9g of fat, 0.8g of which is saturated fat, 0.8g of sugar and 0.4g of salt. By having the Kellogg's crisp crackers you can enjoy the guilt free, satisfying feeling that will come with them from having this knowledge.

      Price/Where to buy:
      I purchased these from my local supermarket of Tesco for £1.99 which is quite expensive however recently I have seen them on offer in the same store for any 2 for £3.00 (this offer is valid until 24/09/2013).

      They are also available in Ocado (the same offer which Tesco has is also available here), Waitrose (£1.99) and Sainsbury's (£2.00). However it is good to note that the price of this product over the past year has fluctuated to £1.50, so be on the look out!

      I would defiantly recommend this product and I will certainly be buying them again, especially while they are on offer. They are a light, easy snack yet filling which you can pack into kids lunch boxes or in a Tupperware box for work; they are great for all ages and could be broken into smaller pieces for younger children or put over a salad instead of having croutons which aren't fulfilling or nutritious.

      *This review has also been posted on Ciao under the name TravelBound.


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        27.06.2013 12:58
        Very helpful



        A tasty but slightly pricy crisp

        ===The Delicious D word===

        We (Allan and I) have been on a dreaded diet recently and so far I have to say that I'm actually quite enjoying it. The food is actually bloody delicious and we've lost some weight already even though we're still eating cheesecake and ice-cream. Can I get a hell yeah? As part of the diet, we've been looking for ways to eat a bit more sensibly by switching out the occasional thing for a low fat version or something that will fill us up quicker. This is how Allan stumbled across Special K Cracker Crisps at his work when his inner crisp eating fiend reared its head. He came home and raved about them and we decided to pick some up when we went shopping as it would probably be cheaper than his vending machine. We ended up buying a couple of boxes in different flavours which lasted a couple of days. Since we both liked them and we needed something to eat while at work, we popped back to Asda and picked up a few more boxes. I decided that I wanted to try the other flavours too so we grabbed a box of each to try them

        ===Kellogg's Crazy===

        Special K is a brand made by Kellogg's which started off with the healthy cereal of the same name. It's lower calories than normal cornflakes and if memory serves it might even have some fruit in it, but that might just be the adverts sticking in my mind. Since they started the cereal they have added other things to the Special K brand all of which are lighter alternatives for snacking purposes. This can only be a good thing. Kellogg's themselves are incredibly well known and were the first company to make Cornflakes (even if the reasons for doing so were somewhat questionable: the founder, Dr John Harvey Kellogg, believed a bland diet would stop the urge to touch oneself in dirty places and invented cornflakes as a suitably bland foodstuff entirely by accident in 1895. He began feeding them to his patients in the sanatorium/health resort he ran in Michigan and they were a hit so he decided to mass market them). Since then the company has expanded into less bland foods, adding a bit of sugar to stuff and have wound up with quite a few well known brands.

        If you wish to contact them the usual methods are available:


        0800 626 066 (8am - 6pm Monday to Friday)

        Kellogg's Consumer Services,
        P.O. Box 356
        WA4 6XY

        ===Thinking outside the box===

        We discovered quite quickly that these crisps, while residing in the crisp isle, do not live in bags like all their friends. Instead Kellogg's have done what they do best and popped them in a foil bag inside a cardboard box making these look less like crisps and more like cereal. The front of the box brags that the sweet chilli flavour cracker crisps come to only 94 calories per serving (21 crisps) which is only 4 points on the Scottish Slimmer's diet we are on which is a good thing. If you are counting just the calories, these are a whole calorie less than the other flavours per serving.

        The boxes are all quite similar and they mostly have a feel of diet food about them with the airy and light colours that are used to indicate the flavours. This box looks a little nicer simply due to the fact the colour for the sweet chilli flavour is red. You can't really do airy fairy with red without making it pink so this box looks a little less like diet food. That is until you see the big "Special K" brand on the front and the giant "94" indicating the calories. The picture on the front is of a few of the crisps in question stacked in a tower, somehow indicating how light they are. This box on its own, however, doesn't scream diet food at you which is a lot better than the others.

        ===When it comes to the Crunch===

        Prior to trying any of the other flavours I had worried that the taste of these would be similar to snack-a-jacks. That was probably due to a bit of mis-information Allan had given me. He had assumed they were made of rice since they are called crackers. As I hate rice crackers I hadn't been looking forward to these. Thankfully, they aren't made out of rice, they are made out of Tapioca, the same stuff that Skips are made out of. Knowing that you might think that these crisps will melt in your mouth and disappear in seconds without so much as a crunch. That too would be incorrect. In fact these give a good satisfying crunch. It's not quite the same as potato crisps, but not far off. It feels like it should melt in your mouth, but doesn't. It's entirely a pleasant munch!

        Having already tried the Sour Cream and Onion flavour, I was eager to try the other flavours. Salt and Vinegar didn't appeal which left me with these Sweet Chilli ones. As much as I don't generally care much for crisps, I'm a usually a big fan of Sweet Chilli crisps when I do get my hands on them. The smell of them didn't really do anything for me. It's pretty bland but with a hint of a warm black pepper smell. No sweetness could be detected. This didn't exactly make my mouth water. So, did the flavour of these hold up to the others out there? At the very least I'd say it's tasty. It's entirely different from the other ones I've had. There is a distinct hit of black pepper as soon as you put this in your mouth and a little bit of heat comes off of it too. After a whole serving the heat does build up quite a bit. Any more than one pack and I think it may start to burn. My nose was running by the end of my serving. Just after the black pepper smacks you the sweetness starts seeping through changing from a nice sweet chilli flavour to something that reminds me, mildly, of a sweet bbq sauce. That fades and the pepper comes back, at that point the flavour is a bit weird and not exactly fantastic, but it quickly fades again leaving your mouth tasting sweet with a distinct warmth from the heat of the pepper. Overall I'd say that they are quite nice, with a completely unexpected and complex flavour but they may not be great for people who are quite sensitive to spicy stuff.

        The only other thing I had initially worried about was if they would be filling enough. Much like the Sour Cream and Onion flavour, I began feeling like I had been fed after half a bags worth which is fantastic. They held my hunger off just long enough to get to my next proper meal without leaving me feeling starving before I got round to eating again. I also didn't feel too full to eat which is another risk of snacking between meals that I often fall victim to. Getting to tea time and having to cook a meal when you still feel packed is a disgusting feeling for me. Total first world problem.

        ===Packing a punch===

        The packaging presents some good points and some bad points. Firstly the fact they are in a big foil bag, inside a cardboard box means that as soon as you open the packet, that's the crisps open. As there are about 4 servings in a bag, (100g a box each serving is 23g, so 4.3 servings/equivalent bags a box) if you aren't planning on eating them all soonish then the freshness could be compromised for the remaining servings. Throw in that the foil bag is not recyclable and you'll find some unhappy eco-fiends. At least the box itself can be fully recycled. I have found, however, that since there are two of us eating these that they don't really get a chance to go off. My friend did tell me that she once tried putting each serving of 21 crisps into food bags at the start of the week and by the time she had gotten to the last bag later in the week they had went soft. As such I'd suggest either keeping them in the foil or sharing them with more than just your piggy self.

        The upside of the boxes is that they can be a bit easier to store than loose bags of crisps. If you have room for them in your cupboard it will mean that they'll sit nice and neat preventing any crisp bag avalanche incidents occurring for both yourself and your guests. This upside comes with its very own downside too as we found out after buying four boxes. To get the same amount of packets as you would with a decent sized multi pack, the amount of boxes you'd need to buy take up a LOT of space. That may not be an issue for those who have plenty storage but our kitchen is quite small. We just plan to eat the boxes that have to sit on the counter top first. Problem solved.

        ===What's in em?===

        Food is always a picky subject. Some people love it, some people aren't fussed and some break out in fits of projectile vomit and blotches (or worse) if they eat the wrong kind. As such it's only sensible to include the ingredients list here for anyone who wants to check it before buying.
        Tapioca Starch, Dried Potato, Wheat Flour, Sweet Chilli Seasoning(Maltodextrin, Salt, Fructose, Sugar, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Chilli Pepper, Coriander Powder, Yeast Extract, Red Bell Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Citric Acid, Flavourings, Colour{Paprika Extract}, Cumin, Oregano, Stabiliser{E450a}, Antioxidant{E304}), Sunflower Oil, Maize Flour, Oat Fibre, Salt, Emulsifier(E471).

        It's quite obvious straight away that these are not gluten free, they are suitable for Vegetarians and as far as I can tell they would also be suitable for Vegans. My mother would be both throwing and swelling up thanks to the peppers included so she can't go near these which is a shame.

        If you're counting more than just the calories, the guideline daily amounts box is very clear on the front bottom left side of the box. From this you will see that your 21 crisp/ 23g serving of crisps includes the 94 calories it tells you about at the top of the box which is 5% of your GDA. Sugar comes in at 1.5g per serving (2% of your GDA). Fat is 2g or 3% of your GDA with saturates sitting at 0.3g (2% of your GDA). Lastly salt is 0.51g per serving which is 8% of your GDA. Comparing that to the Sour Cream and Onion flavour, this comes in slightly better for you with a whole 1% less salt per serving and 1 calorie less. That's probably just being a pedant though.

        ===Cracking price?===

        Price wise each box is currently on sale for 1.99 each at Asda. All of the flavours are currently on offer for £1 a box, but normally it's only the sour cream ones. As it stood at the time I bought them first of all, that translates to 50p per serving/ bags worth. While that is better than the 60p per bag Allan is paying from his work's vending machine, it's not fantastic when you compare it to other multipacks which come in around the 25p-30p range such as Skips, quavers and McCoys. You're getting overcharged here (probably) because it's a low calorie/ alternative product which is a bit of a shame. On the whole though they are a good option for people on diets and if you aren't snuffling your way through a box at a time then hopefully the costs won't be too hard to bear. If you aren't on a diet, however, you might be tempted to go elsewhere simply due to the savings you could make.

        ===My Verdict===

        Allan isn't a fan of Sweet Chilli crisps (which is really odd considering chilli and jalapeños are his favourite foods) so these babies are all mine. The flavour, while not quite what I was expecting, was good in its own special way. I'd be quite happy to munch my way through these all day if it were not for one thing: the price. It's a touch on the high side so I will be taking a star off for that. If I wasn't on a diet, I'd be put off by this completely. It'd be fine if they were on an offer but it's a bit of a pain waiting fro that to happen! Overall that leaves us with 4 stars out of 5, the same as it's sour cream and onion brothers. A good turn out so far from Special K cracker crisps! Go give them a try!


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