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Kettle Chips Sweet Chilli

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Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    14 Reviews
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      18.02.2013 19:54
      Very helpful



      A fantastic bag of crisps!

      ===Whistle while you work===

      Work. It's a bit of a pain at the best of times. My work in particular likes to go out of its way to be a pain. They are situated on the outskirts of the city away from most local amenities. They have a fully functional canteen but refuse to let anyone use it. As such, lunch time can be a fun event to plan for knowing that all we have here are microwaves and boilers for hot water. They even took our toasters away because they decided we couldn't use them safely after someone burnt their toast and set the fire alarm off. Caring and understanding to the max. Since the shiny new canteen is off limits and the nearest shop is 20 minutes away the only thing we can really do if we forget to bring lunch or didn't have anything in the house is to go to one of the incredibly over priced vending machines. If you want something that isn't chocolate, then your options are crisps, crisps and more crisps. Fantastically healthy. This, however, is how I first came across Kettle Chips (or crisps as I will be referring to them as for the rest of this review since I'm not American)

      ===Polly put the Kettle on===

      Kettle were founded in 1978 by a man called Cameron Healy in Salem, Oregon in the USA. He wanted to make high quality foods with natural products and started out by selling cheese and nuts to natural food shops. By 1982 he was obviously doing quite well for himself as he ended up on a beach in Hawaii eating home made crisps. Apparently they were better than anything he'd had before and he decided to branch out into making crisps. Roll on 1987 and Healy was on a six week motorcycle "adventure" through Europe, you know, as you do, and discovered that the Brit's also loved crisps. From 1988 kettle chips (CRISPS!!!) started production in Norfolk from an old converted shoe factory a little later moving to a different factory in Norwich where they still are today.

      In 2003 they expanded from potato crisps into other vegetables such as parsnips, sweet potatoes and beetroot. A great idea which continued down the company line of making natural food, hand-cooked. In 2010 they were bought by Diamond Foods who are a US snacks company who were going to be taking over the Pringles brand but apparently made a bit of a faux pas and lost the deal.

      If you want any information on their other products or to contact them they have a really good website (http://www.kettlechips.co.uk) which has a customer contact form on it. If you want to be crazy and old fashioned you can call them on 0800 616996. Failing that you can always put pen to paper if you remember how it's done, buy a stamp, pop your letter in an envelope and send it to the following address:

      Kettle Foods Ltd
      Barnard Road,
      NR5 9JP

      They even have a facebook page at www.facebook.com/KETTLEChipsUK. How forward thinking!

      ===Polly pay the piper===

      Not long ago, I was at work having forgotten to make or buy anything to eat for the following day. I forced myself to go to the vending machine and saw these crisps staring out at me. If I'm being honest, I've never really been much of a fan of crisps. The only ones I really had a bit of a love affair with were the sweet chilli ones from sensations, but I tended to get half way through a bag of those and give up due to overheating. I am, however, a glutton for punishment, so I popped my 80p in the vending machine and watched the bag fall a couple of feet to the flap where I could collect it. I had a huge grumble about the price even though I knew the vending machine is always more expensive than it needs to be. Tesco happen to sell a large sharing bag at a much more reasonable price of £1.99 for a 150g "sharing" bag.


      The bags at the moment are quite attractive. Made of foil, the front is fire-truck red with a large white "kettle chips" logo on it. Under that there's a picture of a man stirring a rather large pot (who I shall name Chris the crisp maker) in a golden colour with "hand cooked" written around him. Below Chris the crisp maker the flavour in bright yellow: Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream. One quick boast about there being "Absolutely nothing artificial" in the same gold colour as Chris the crisp maker and the weight in the bag (150g) and that's it. A very simple looking nice design that is both eye catching and sophisticated. At least as sophisticated as a bag of crisps can really be.

      Turn the bag around and you will be met with a helluvalot of information. The first bit you'll come to tells you that Kettle like to hand cook their crisps in small batches and season them with "real food ingredients". This does mean that each bag will taste slightly different. The same claims are repeated under a bright yellow heading of "good to know" above the ingredients list.

      ===All the things===

      Talking of the ingredients list, you may want to know what's in the crisps so you can avoid any allergic reactions. The list is as follows:

      Potatoes, sunflower oil, sweet chilli and sour cream seasoning (sugar, dried sour cream, dried skimmed milk, dried yoghurt, sea salt, dried onion, yeast extract, dried chilli, dried red pepper, ground paprika, citric acid, natural flavouring, dried garlic, dried lemon)

      You'll notice that if you are vegan these are not suitable as it contains milk products. That might even be a problem for those who are lactose intolerant. My mum can't touch these as they have peppers in them and she's not liable to want a night of projectile vomiting. There are no gluten or nut products involved either but any other allergies are up to you to check up on!

      In an attempt to confuse consumers, the recycling symbol is on the back of the bag. There is also a small note saying "Sorry this packaging is not currently recyclable". I'm sure this means that you can't recycle but I'm also sure if that is the case the symbol shouldn't be there. It also has a little symbol saying that the crisps are suitable for vegetarians. All the contact information I gave you earlier is dotted around in various placed on the back of the back.

      ===A little fudge ===

      Lastly on the back of this bag is the little section that deals with guideline daily allowances (GDA) which is how much you are recommended to consume of each thing per day to stay healthy. Keeping in mind that this is supposed to be a bag to share, the allowances are for a 30g portion, of which there are five in this bag. I could happily munch my way through a whole bag in one sitting if I was feeling terribly gluttonous. Occasionally I'll share them with my partner Allan. I know a lot of people will happily eat a sharing bag themselves. So you either eat 30g of crisps and put it away or you fudge the figures a bit to find out what you're consuming.

      In one 30g serving there are 151 calories which is 8% of your GDA. That means each sharing bag has 755 calories which is more like 40% of your GDA. Fat content is worse at 8.5g being 12% of your GDA per 30g serving meaning a whole bag is 60% of your recommended fat intake for the day. Saturates are lower at 1.0g being 5% of your GDA (25% of your GDA per bag) Sugar is even lower at 1.3g being 1% of you GDA per portion and 5% per bag. Salt jumps back up a little to 0.3g which is 6% of your GDA per portion and 30% per bag. The moral of all these numbers and percentages is that these crisps while being completely natural aren't entirely healthy. You really should follow the advice and share the bag. Or just not eat much else for the rest of the day. Hmm.

      ===The Flavour===

      So now you know all about what's in em, you'll probably want to know what they taste like. First things first, I'm in love with the flavour. It is, indeed, sweet. They do have a similar flavour to my other favourite crisps by sensations however there is a big difference in that there is no heat build up. I could easily plough my way through these crisps and not have to drown my mouth in a glass of water and blow my nose afterwards. The sour cream gives the bag a bit of a tangy edge to them but it's all in the background. The main flavour that comes through is what I'd imagine to be sweet chilli. After the initial crunch other flavours start making themselves known and at no point in chewing does it lose its flavour. The crisps even have a bit of a sweet aroma to them which is lovely and makes it easy to sit with the bag in your lap.

      In your mouth they are quite crunchy as they are thicker than usual crisps. They do feel substantial compared to other crisps that practically melt away after the first crunch. They are incredibly tasty and more-ish and they've won top spot on my very short list of my favourite crisps. They last for ages too with the use-by date on the bag I bought the other day being 15th of June this year when I bought that particular bag on the 16th of February.

      Like most other crisps, you will find that your hands get covered in flavouring by the end of the bag, but that's not really a problem if you just lick your fingers clean. Or, you know, wash your hands. Boring.

      ===The Verdict===

      Needless to say I love these crisps. They are delicious and don't leave me with a hot mouth and runny nose. They are tasty enough for me to consider them as a treat rather than just something to fill my belly and take the edge off of my hunger which is how I usually view crisps. The bags are decent value for the amount you get, though I'd argue that the portions they suggest aren't really enough. Thankfully once you buy them, they are yours to do with as you want. I'd want to eat them. So should you! Five stars out of five from me.


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        20.05.2010 20:42
        Very helpful



        Glad i tried them, but wouldnt buy them again!

        I first came across these kettle chips in tescos a few weeks ago, I always like to get something nice in, to have on a Saturday night whilst watching a film, I usually go for pringles or doritos, something like that, but when I saw these crisps which had the word 'new' on them in bold writing, I thought I might have a change and give them a go. They are expensive crisps for how much you get, so I was expecting them to be nice.

        I paid £1.70 for a 150g bag for me an my boyfriend to share, and I got this flavour as it sounded really different to like cheese and onion etc what we would normally get. I love sweet chilli on chicken etc so I thought these would be worth a try.

        I was pleased I tried these crisps as they actually were very nice. I thought they were a bit too hard and crunchy, I have very sensitive teeth and prefer softer lighter crisps like pringles which take no effort at all to bite into, but these were more crunchier which was nice, but not for me. The crisps are slightly curved, and you could definitely smell them as soon as you opened the bag. It had a strong sweet chilli smell, and they tasted strongly of sweet chilli too. I couldn't eat too much of these because every crisp tasted strongly of sweet chilli, and it was getting too much for me. My boyfriend loved them though, he munched through the rest of the bag by himself. Although it was a nice tasting sweet chilli crisp, it was too overpowering for me.

        These crisps are apparently made with the best potatoes they can find, hand cooked in small batches and then seasoned. They don't add any artificial colours, flavours or msg. Kettle chips have been around for 25 years! I thought they were quite new out, as id not tried them before.

        These crisps I think are very bad for you! Per 100g there are 518 calories! So id only choose these as a occasional treat! If you were to eat the whole bag to your self, which my boyfriend near enough did as I hardly had any, you would be consuming over 750 calories!

        Kettle chips come in loads of different flavours including sour cream and chive, smokey barbeque, sea salt and black peppercorns, lightly salted, tomato and basil, and loads more.

        I wouldn't buy this flavour of crisps again, although it was really nice, I didn't like having too many of them, but give them a go, you might like them like my boyfriend did!


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          26.04.2010 08:14
          Very helpful




          Although we are ok money wise in our household, we still just buy Crisps like these on an occassion. I know they are that bit more expensive than other Crisps out there, but they are still affordable. Then again it could be because we don't have these all that often that I enjoy them that bit more when I have them.

          I don't think this flavour has been out all that long in the Kettle Chips range. If it has then i've not spotted it around.

          These come in a 150g bag and cost around £1.60. They can sometimes be on offer such as 2 for £2, 2 for £2.50 and all that.

          The bag is alright. A bright red colour and a thick bag. It is easy to open but you have to pull it apart that bit more at the top with it being a bit thicker. Branding is easy to see on the front and ingredients and nutritional information on the pack.

          When I opened the pack I could smell a slightly spicy, but sweet scent. The Crisps were large and slightly curved as how Kettle Chips normally are. They are very crispy and crunchy. I like this, but I know some people who don't like Crisps as hard as these.

          They were very flavoursome. You could taste the Chilli tang on every bit of the Crisps and although they were that bit spicy they weren't overly. A bit like Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli but with a slightly more smokey taste to it.

          Another winner from Kettle Chips in my view and a flavour I will continue to enjoy.


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          28.11.2009 13:05
          Very helpful



          Great flavoured chips! And really good quality

          Kettle chips are known for there superiority in the crisp world. Being the best and obviously reflectively priced the highest as well
          Kettle chips come in a variety of flavours and two different pack sizes too.
          You can get a small 40gram bag which is ideal for taking to school or work or for just a snack, then there is the larger 150gram bag. This is perfect for a night in or for sharing at parties.

          All of the kettle chips are made with natural ingredients and you can tell when eating them, that there is something a bit more there than your average crisp.

          The packaging of the sweet chilli crisps is bright red with a paler red band across the middle of the packet. The brand name is in white towards the top of the packet in their unique font. But it stands out really well on red.
          Below this is the flavour, again big and bold in white font to grab your attention. The packaging is really nice to touch to being almost a satin finish, which is different as most bags are foil and shiny.
          The packet colour kind of relates to the chips flavours which is helpful too.

          Now onto the chips themselves, they always seem to have the biggest sized chips around compare to that of other brands. Not only this but the flavour when eating the chips is intense. If you like sweet chilli then you will loves these. Open the bag and you are immediately hit by a massive waft of sweet chilli.
          Dig in and let your taste buds do the rest, wow these things can get hot!
          The crisps are full of flavour and are very crunchy, addictive once you start.
          The only downer to these superb crisps is their price, you can get more for your money but what you save on cash you compromise on taste.

          Top crisps, worth the money if you have it.


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          29.10.2009 18:24
          Very helpful



          No MSG can be really tasty and is in these crisps and if you have the budget they're a great treat.

          These crisps are pretty pricy but that's mainly because the ingredients they use aren't cheap.

          The sweet chilli variety are a personal favourite but the range offers something to suit most tastes. The sweet chilli flavour have a nice bite to them though maybe aren't for spice haters.

          The crisps come in two sizes of pack, a handy 40g pack which can posh up your lunches, the larger bags are 150g are great for nights in. They're made with all natural ingredients though don't be fooled into thinking they're healthy, a 40g serving contains 187 calories which is 9% of your daily allowance. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans but the packaging is not recyclable.

          The packaging is simple with distinctive colours reflective of the flavour inside. The crisps themselves are crunchy and full of flavour which makes them very moreish. And there's nothing like a moreish crisp.

          I really love Kettle chips though can rarely afford to buy them on my budget. They are a treat when I do buy them though and often on a special offer of 2 for £3 or similar. The large packs are usually over £1.50.

          If you've not tried them yet keep an eye out this Christmas they'll be great for eating while watching the Christmas films. The sweet chilli flavour goes very well with a glass of rose wine. If chilli's not your thing there are plenty of other flavours to try and they're all very tasty.


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            22.10.2009 13:55
            Very helpful



            These are the best crisps out there for those who want a flavour and taste journey

            Kettle Chips offer up a true quality crisp which the makers have taken time over with the purchasing of the ingredients, the hand cooking the crisps in small batches, not adding any nasties all making the final product amazing when you think it is made of the simple potato.
            I have long been a lover of nice and spicy food with oriental flavours always being amonst the best out there in my opinion so you can well imagine my delight when I discovered the maker of my favourite crisps was offering a Sweet Chilli flavour option that offered up the tastes of Thai cuisine and remained true to their style by having that kick of chilli to give the real taste you expect.
            The crisps themselves are excellent quality with each one being fresh and crunchy and the packaging allowing that freshness to be maintained so that when you open the bag you have a huge aroma hit you square in the jaw. The packs are well priced with the normal size bag normally costing between 40p and 65p and being widely available.
            Simply put these are executive class crisps at high street prices and offer up amazingly tasty flavours that taste almost layered allowing a flavour sensation that tingles and tantalises your tastebuds.


            - Excellent quality product
            - Well packaged to retain freshness
            - Brilliant flavours
            - Crunchy and fresh crisps that are hand cooked
            - Value for money


            - None

            These are an excellent little treat to have every so often and offer up amazing flavours with a crunchy crisp that gives the tastebuds the ride of their lives.


            Typical Values Per 100g
            Energy (kilojoules) 1952 kJ
            Energy (kilocalories) 466 kcal
            Protein 7.1 g
            Carbohydrate 53.0 g
            - of which sugars 3.4 g
            Fat 25.4 g
            - of which saturates 3.2 g
            Fibre 6.0 g
            Sodium 0.51 g
            - Equivalent as salt 1.3 g


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            25.06.2009 00:37
            Very helpful



            Great for sharing or keeping to yourself!

            I bought a packet of these today as Tesco had an offer on - two 150g packs of Kettle Chips (any flavour) for £2 which i think is really good value for money.

            The sweet chilli flavour is easily identifiable as it comes in a red back with Sweet Chilli written in bold white across the front as well as the distinctive Kettle Chips brand on the front along with their slogan written beneath the flavour (absolutely nothing artificial).

            Taste wise if you like chilli but not too hot these are perfect. The flavour is intense but not so hot that it leaves your mouth on fire. They have a real crunch as they are hand cooked using the best potatoes in season and sunflower oil.

            As with all the flavours in the range they don't add any MSG, artificial colourings or flavourings or hydrogenated fats so you feel as though you really are eating quite a wholesome product despite the fact that crisps are usually viewed as an unhealthy snack.

            In 100g of this flavour there are 466 calories but you shouldn't really eat 100g but all i can say is once you start the are so moreish you can't stop and if you are sharing you will find yourselves fighting over them!

            You would think that a flavour like sweet chilli would require some sort of added flavour but all the ingredients are completely natural which is reassuring.


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            26.05.2009 22:43
            Very helpful



            Over consumption can cause obesity in middle youth!

            Oh dear, these are temptation in a bag. Once opened, I can hardly bring myself to share a big bag; I want to sit in front of the telly shovelling these crispy bits of heaven into my greedy mouth.
            Before I had tasted them, I wondered if they would be too hot, however, I was spurred on by the fact that they contained no animal products and they were on offer at the price of £1 - and my hand took the plunge into the oversized packet. Alas the day. Now I desire them at every visit to a supermarket and scan the shelves for the pinky orange packet.
            Kettle Chips are quite posh crisps - but that doesn't make them any better for you - so these crisps should come with a government health warning. In fact, it might be better for you if you never taste them at all.


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              18.05.2009 14:35
              Very helpful



              Sweet Chilli Kettle Chips

              Kettle Chips are one of my favourite types of crisps, I way prefer them over any over type i.e. the 'normal' ones such as Walkers etc. I usually buy the Sour Cream and Onion Flavour as my favourite crisp flavour is cheese and onion but they were in offer in Tesco's a few weeks ago for £1 a bag instead of £1.55 so I thought I would try a few different flavours and rewiew them. I picked up Sweet Chilli as I thought it sounded a bit different from your run of the mill flavours.

              The Kettle Chip company was originally founded in 1978 in Salem, USA which I have to say suprised me - I always thought they were British (though I guess the name chips gave it away!) I think they were one of the first companies to bring out handcooked crisps or at least make a big name for themselves with them. Kettle Crisps are different from other crisps as they are handcooked in 'healthy' sunflower oil. On the back of the pack they promote their 'good to know' facts which are -

              - They don't use MSG
              - They never add artificial colours of flavours
              - They don't use hydrogenated fat - a significant source of trans fat
              - They know the origin of all their ingredients
              - They only use sunflower oil
              - The colour of their crisps is determined by the natural sugars in the potatoes they use which alter throughout the year.

              I suppose the only thing they are missing is that they aren't organic but then again I guess that would just push the price up!

              Like all other Kettle chips, the Sweet Chilli flavour come in a large bag - 150g, plenty for sharing though I have seen smaller 30g bags in some shops. The bag itself is made out of a thick plasticy foil material which I suppose is for keeping the freshness sealed inside but it does prove a bit of a struggle to get into!

              The dominant colour is red, a deeper one for the main packet and a cherry red for the strip in the middle. There is the Kettle Crisps logo at the top in a white, sort of rustic, piratey font and then a box telling us that they are 'No. 4 Wave Cut.' Below we are told the flavour, Sweet Chilli, and then a tagline proclaiming 'Spicy Sweetness.' It also tells us that there is 'Absolutely Nothing Artificial.'

              The crisps themselves are wave cut which means that that are wavy a bit like McCoy's. The crisps are a golden colour - all Kettle Crisps seem to be this colour, due to the sugars in the potatoes and the way they are cooked - and you can see the seasoning which is almost orangey in colour with little speckles of chilli. When it came to tasting them for the first time I thought they would be hot and that would be that. I was pleasantly surprised however to have a bit of an assault of my senses. Yes they packed a bit of a punch but they weren't overly hot, there was a definite tangy sweetness to them. If you've ever had Thai Sweet Chilli sauce you'll know what I mean. I couldn't quite place all the other flavours but when I had a look at the seasoning ingredients I could see why! It included Dried Tomato, Sea Salt, Dried Red Pepper, Dried Garlic, Dried Onion, Ground Chilli, Ground White Pepper, Dried Parsley, Ground Paprika, Ground Ginger, Paprika Extract, Ground Fennel, Lime Extract, Cayenne Pepper Extract and Dried Soy Sauce. A lot of flavours going on!

              As with all crisps they aren't exactly the most healthiest, they contain:

              466 calories per 100g
              25.4g fat per 100g

              They are probably best kept for a night in, in front of a movie instead of an everyday thing!

              They are available from Tesco for £1.55 a bag.


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                19.04.2009 17:37
                Very helpful



                Tasty Crisps

                "Hand Cooked Potato Chips with Sweet Chilli Style Seasoning"

                In my previous encounters with Kettle Chips, I have been a little disappointed. Their general crunchiness is something I appreciate, and the flavours seem really tasty at first - but when I'm half way through a pack I start to find them a little bland. That said, I haven't tried many of the flavours, which is why I was keen to sample the Sweet Chilli variety.

                A packet of crisps generally makes for an unhealthy snack - and that will probably never change - however, compared to some crisps made by rival companies, Kettle Chips perhaps represent a healthier option. This is due to the fact that they have no Monosodium Glutomate added, don't contain any artificial flavours or colours, and use only sunflower oil. I'm particularly glad about the lack of Monosodium Glutomate, as it's a nastly little addidive which fools your body into thinking you're still hungry when you actually aren't!

                Price & Availability
                - - - - - - - - - - - -
                A 150g bag of Sweet Chilli Kettle Chips usually retails for £1.55 from the majority of UK supermarkets, however, Tesco are currently running a promotion which allows you to purchase them for only £1.

                - - - - - - - -
                In terms of their contents, Sweet Chilli Kettle Chips contain;
                Select Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Chilli Seasoning (White Sugar, Dried Soy Sauce (Soya Beans, Maize Maltodextrin, Wheat Flour, Salt), Dried Tomato, Sea Salt, Dried Red Pepper, Dried Garlic, Dried Onion, Yeast Extract, Ground Chilli, Ground White Pepper, Dried Parsley, Ground Paprika, Ground Ginger, Citric Acid from Sugarbeet Molasses, Paprika Extract, Ground Fennel, Lime Extract, and Cayenne Pepper Extract).

                Per 100 grams, Kettle Chips contain 466 calories, which is about the same as similar potato based crisps.

                How Do They Taste?
                - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                In comparison to the 'Walkers Sensations Sweet Chilli crisps', the Kettle Chip version are much milder in terms of their spiciness - i'm not saying that as a criticism, as the flavour is very tasty, and the crunchy nature of the crisps (apparently a result of being hand cooked in small batches) makes for a pleasing eating experience.

                All in all, the taste is much better than I expected, and the crisps don't suffer from the mid-packet bland-ness which I have experienced with other Kettle Chip flavours - recommended.

                Nutritional info per 100g
                - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                Fat: 25.4g
                Saturated Fat: 3.2g
                Sugar: 3.4g
                Salt: 1.3g

                For more information see www.kettlechips.co.uk


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                  27.01.2009 17:15
                  Very helpful



                  A good crunchy potato chip, maybe one for the adults.

                  When I sit and watch television in the evening I like something to munch, the `something` all depends on my mood. There are times when I reach for the biscuit tin, other times when a bar of Cadbury`s will do the trick and times when I feel like something savoury.
                  There aren't many crisps and potato snacks that I don't like, but Kettle chips have to be among one of my favourite snacks. Maybe they remind me of my childhood, my Mum used to slice some potatoes wafer thin and then deep fry them, the end result was much like a Kettle chip.

                  Kettle Chips are produced by a factory in Norwich, interestingly enough called Kettle Foods!
                  I have always thought of them as an adult snack, let the children enjoy the Monster Munch and the Wotsits and the adults enjoy the unique crunchy taste of the Kettle chip.
                  A pack of any flavour suits me fine! but Chilli Kettle chips do have that something extra special about them.

                  The bright red share- sized bag informs you in clear white writing that it contains Sweet Chilli Kettle Chips. The bag contains 150g and costs around £1.50.
                  The chips are hand cooked in sunflower oil, they have no artificial flavours or colourings and are lower in saturated fat.
                  They have been approved by the Vegetarian society and are fine for Vegans to eat.
                  100g of Kettle chips contain 466 calories and although they say that they are lower in saturated fat the total fat content per 100g still remains at 25.4g and they have 53.0g carbohydrate for every 100g .
                  Kettle chips are fairly low in sugar and salt though.

                  I enjoy the taste of chilli full stop, a combination of heat plus sweet.
                  One of the major attractions of a Kettle chip is its crispiness and Kettle have perfected the art of frying. Some would say that Kettle chips are in fact too crunchy and as you bite into them that the edges are too sharp, but I have no problem with that. The chips vary in size, Kettle say that they select their potatoes carefully. These extra thin and crispy golden potato slices show a slight coating of spices. As you start to enjoy your first chip the Sweet Chilli taste seems distant but wait for it to kick in! By the time you are eating your fourth chip the chilli has become a full blown flavour. The chips also contain pepper, parsley, paprika, dried tomato, fennel, lime extract and garlic.
                  The way the spices compliment one another is extremely clever, the only outstanding taste I can find is the slight hint of garlic. Although the chips have more than ample flavouring they don't burn your mouth like some.
                  I always admire anyone who can combine a number of spices and create a wonderful taste.

                  So Kettle have achieved their goal, they set out to make this delicious product irresistible and they have succeeded.
                  An excellent chip to offer at any party or as a nibble with a glass of wine.


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                    13.01.2009 00:33



                    good but not great.

                    As with all kettle chips theres a good amount of chips in the pack, so you dun feel like you've paid for a bag of air.

                    The chips have that characteristic texture and a crunchiness that is somewhat theraputic as you chomp away whilst watching your fav late night tv show. I think the texture is perfect, not too thick like you get with McCoys, nor too thin with Walkers.

                    I'm a big fan of anything that has sweet chilli in it. However, i'm a tad dissapointed with Kettle Chips sweet chilli. The chilli taste isnt as strong as Walkers' sensations thai sweet chilli. The taste of the salt definately overpowers any kick from the spiciness of the chilli.

                    The packaging is rustic, which should be as their main selling point is that its hand fried.. so one thinks of a nice large farm in the countryside and a couple of country folk stirring that huge pan of oil with the slices of potatoes in it.

                    its not your cheapest pack of crisp around. But do you get good value for money. Especially for that special evening if you want some quality snacks.


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                    03.01.2009 18:36
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                    The thickest and spiciest sweet chilli flavoured crisps available

                    Kettle Chips are made in Bowthorpe, a suburb of Norwich, which is my home city. I have always been brought up to eat local as far as possible, and these are a local product that I do try and eat, but only in moderation.

                    According to the back of the packet "We like to keep things simple..... We always insist on using the best potatoes we can find, hand cook them with care in small batches, then season with great tasting combinations of ingredients"

                    The packet also claims that;

                    i) We don't add MSG (artificial flavourings)
                    ii) We don't use hydrongenated fat
                    iii) We know the origin of all our ingredients
                    iv) We only use sunflower oil

                    These are significant claims, and whether these statements are correct is anyone's guess. Let's face it though, we will never know otherwise.

                    I think that the packet is trying to convince the consumer that these crisps are healthy, and whilst they may be healthier than other crisps, all consumers know that crisps are not that good for you, although eaten in moderation theyshouldn't do you too much harm.


                    The sweet chilli Kettle Chips come in a heavy duty foil bag that is bright red in colour, suggesting that these are going to contain some spice.

                    The marketing team have done a good job since the bag is attractive and eye catching meaning it stands out form other brands on the supermarket shelves.


                    Upon opening the packet there is a strong smell of tomato, chilli and garlic. I like really spicy things and don't find the smell over powering, however this may not be the case for those that do not like foods that are very spicy.


                    Kettle Chips are always really thick cut and this is one of their unique selling points. As a comparison think about a McCoys crisp and imagine that all the ridges are 'filled in'. That is how thick a standard kettle chip is. Kettle chips are like other crisps in that they sometimes 'fold' over or double up increasing the thickness even more, and in my opinion these are the best ones.

                    The chilli seasoning is very strong and really packs a punch. I can feel the heat in my mouth after one large crisp and the more I eat the more intense the heat gets. I find that other sweet chilli crisps the heat will peak and remain at that level. This is not the case with these.

                    Potatoes seem to pick up the chilli seasoning really well and it seems the thicker the crisps are the better they pick up the flavour. The crisps that are folded or doubled over seem to pick up the flavour even more since there is a 'pocket' inside where the seasoning can collect.

                    Some crisps give an awful aftertaste that requires removing with a toothbrush and lots of toothpaste and mouthwash shortly after eating. The taste of these Kettle chips is so strong that the after taste is really good, although it does last for hours and creates strong breath, so if you are trying to impress someone or have an afternoon meeting then I would recommend avoiding these.


                    These crisps are really orange in colour that is not surprising given the large amounts of paprika included in the chilli seasoning.

                    I find that the colouring easily covers everything the crisps touch and whilst it is easily washed off skin, it does stain some light coloured fabrics and is a nightmare to wash off.


                    The simple ingredients of this product includes potatoes, sunflower oil and sweet chilli seasoning that consists of dried red pepper, dried garlic, dried onion, ground chilli, ground paprika, ground ginger and cayenne pepper extract amongst many other things.

                    From the list of strong ingredients it is obvious that these crisps are going to be fairly spicy.

                    ****Nutritional information****

                    A 40g serving contains:

                    i) 187 calories (9% of the recommended daily intake)
                    ii) 1.4g of sugar (2% of the recommended daily intake)
                    iii) 10.2g of fat (15% of the recommended daily intake)
                    iv) 1.3g of saturates (6% of the recommended daily intake)
                    v) 0.5g of salt (9% of the recommended daily intake)

                    Due to the thickness of these crisps you do not get that many in a 40g serving. I also find them so moreish that sticking to such a small portion size is almost impossible, especially since the bag contains 150g.

                    In my opinion Kettle chips are no better or no worse for you than any other type of crisp and the nutritional content is similar to comparable products.


                    The normal price of a 150g bag is £1.56 in Tesco, although these seem to be on special promotion quite a lot of the time whereby you can pick up a bag for £1.00, which is fantastic value for money.


                    In my experience these are the thickest and strongest tasting sweet chilli crisps available and these are the two things I like the most so they are perfect for me.

                    These crisps are thick, spicy and have a long lasting after taste and are perfect as an appetiser for a Mexican meal.

                    The only downside is their ability to stain things orange.


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                      Kettle Chips with sweet chilli flavourings that taste yummy!

                      I have always loved the taste of Kettle Chips and although my favourite flavour is Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar every now and again we try a different flavour just for a change. Anyway my husband came back from the local shop where they had Kettle Chips on special offer so he picked up a packet and it was the Sweet Chilli ones that he bought.

                      So how do Kettle Chips vary from any other crisps? Well they are hand cooked potato chips, made using the best potatoes, cooked in small batches and then seasoned. The manufacturers do not add MSG, artificial flavourings or colouring in fact Kettle Chips boast that their crisps contain "absolutely nothing artificial." The chips are cooked in sunflower oil and not hydrogenated fat and are suitable for vegans and are approved by the Vegetarian Society. For those with allergies they do contain wheat, gluten and soya.

                      The packs we buy are the large 150g bags and the Sweet Chilli kettle chips come in a bright red packet. The colour of the chips vary from packet to packet as the colour is determined by the natural sugars in the potato and this can vary depending on the time of year the potatoes are produced. My chips were a nice golden colour with a hint of orange and speckled with the spices. The chips come in different sizes there are some really large ones and others are much smaller.

                      The main ingredients unsurprisingly are potatoes there is also the seasoning which is made up of lots of ingredients. Included in the seasoning is sugar, soy sauce, dried tomato, sea salt, dried red pepper, garlic, onion, yeast extract, chilli, white pepper, parsley, paprika, ginger, fennel, lime and cayenne pepper. Kettle have gone to a lot of trouble to get a really good blend of chilli and spices to get a great flavour.

                      So what do they taste like? Well you bite into them and they are crispy, tangy and you can definitely taste the chilli. They have quite a kick to them, hot but not too hot but they do have a bit of a hot after taste. You eat the first and think they aren't really hot and then it hits you. These are crisps that pack a punch. I really like the flavour of them, it makes a nice change from salt and vinegar crisps.

                      For those of you who like to consider the nutritional value of your crisps before buying them then here you are.

                      For a 40g serving

                      Energy - 187Kcal
                      Sugar - 1.4g
                      Fat - 10.2g (of which saturates 1.3g)
                      Salt - 0.5g

                      Personally I don't really bother about the nutritional value, I know any packet of crisps aren't really going to be any good for me but as long as you don't eat too many or too often I am sure it wont do you much harm. However I have to say that saying a serving is 40g is perhaps a little naïve, once you start eating these crisps you can easily munch a lot more than 40g!

                      I really like these crisps and would recommend them to anyone who likes crisps with a bite to them! They cost around £1.59 which is more than some crisps but I think they taste much better than many other brands and if you look out for special offers then you can get them much cheaper.


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