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Kingsmill 50/50 Rolls

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Brand: Kingsmill / Type: Bread

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    2 Reviews
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      10.02.2011 14:55
      Very helpful



      They do the job - but I wouldn't recommend them.

      Kingsmill, along with their big bread-making competitor started making "compromise bread" a few years back now. These are bread rolls for those of us who like white rolls... but know we should really be eating brown.

      The rolls are part of the 50/50 range, along with sliced bread. Half of the flour used is white while the other half is wholemeal. This is meant to give you the taste of white bread but at least some of the nutritional value of wholemeal. For the sliced bread this works - see my separate review for details. But somehow the rolls just aren't as nice.

      The packaging is mainly blue with some brown to highlight the "half brown" selling point. They come in a pack of six or a bag of 12 - the six pack is flat and sealed at both ends, while the twelve pack is more of a bag with the rolls stacked 2 deep and one of those fiddly little stickers with the best before date printed on to secure the neck of the bag.

      These are soft rolls, fairly small, and generally displayed next to the bakery rolls which are often baked instore. Maybe that's the problem - they're trying to compete with a product which is almost always fresher and tastier. The rolls are slightly speckled inside and out, showing up the wholemeal flour.

      For some reason the top crust, although soft, is often cracked or torn. They are still perfectly edible but they tend to disintegrate when you take them out of the packet.

      This is the important bit, of course. The 50/50 sliced bread always tastes very fresh - but for some reason the rolls start out tasting quite dry, and don't get any better with time. They usually have a "best before" date 3-6 days ahead, and they last reasonably well, but you never get the "fresh baked" texture you can get from bakery rolls and sometimes from other types of pre-packaged rolls. They're ok in taste, but I would give them a 6/10.

      One roll has 149 calories and 2.8g of fibre - for comparison Kingsmill's standard white rolls have 154 calories and 1.5g of fibre, and their wholemeal ones have 158 calories and 4.4g of fibre. Presumably because of the preservatives which help them last up to a week, two rolls will give you 1.26g of salt - nearly 1/4 of your guideline daily amount.

      Price varies but generally around £1 for 6 or £1.50 for 12. They are no dryer after freezing than before so if you're short of time during the week, make up your packed lunches at the weekend and take them out of the freezer as you go.

      Overall the rolls are easy and keep well - but on taste grounds alone I wouldn't really recommend them.


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      19.04.2010 16:31
      Very helpful



      Yummy bread rolls!

      When it comes to batches (ok I'm from the West Midlands so that's what I'm used to calling them!) I eat rather alot of them I guess. I am generally a bread bin anyway and like the stuff in whatever shape or form it comes in to be honest with you lol.

      I do appreciate healthy options though when it comes to bread products and they are rather hard to find (or is that just in Yorksire where I am staying now that they are?! lol).

      I picked these up in Asda costing 89p for 6 for tea one night as me and my mate were having a much deserved BBQ and included in that she was having some meat free burgers and I was having some quarter pounders so these fitted in very well with what we were having of course!

      The Packaging:

      See through plastic packet with blocks of bright yellow, brown and blue colour all over it. I am told on the front of the packet that they are Kingsmill 50/50 and that they have no bits in them and they give 40% of your daily wholegrain requirements in one roll and of course that they are 6 soft white rolls, the best before date is clearly stamped on there as in at a glance nutritional chart. On the back of the packet other information listed includes being told a bit about the product, ingredients and allergy advice is stated as is a full nutritional chart and contact details for Allied Bakeries (the manufacturer of the product) are stated. Nice enough informative packaging this is of course as you would expect it to be from Kingsmill.

      The Rolls:

      Round and quite thick these are simply white rolls that are soft to the touch, easy to cut through and have a slight golden appearance to the outside of them.

      Eating them is also incredibly easy! They are as soft as they look, slightly moist to the centre but not too doughy, well seasoned and they have a lovely fresh taste to them. Perfect for eating as they come or toasting, both me and my mate give these a huge thumbs up!

      Whats more is that these are perfect for freezing and once the packet is opened I found them to store in a bread-bin and stay fresh for at least 3 days!

      Love them! Love the fact that give fibrous health benefits and all round they are just superb quality, none messy to eat rolls! Great stuff from Kingsmill once again!

      Nutritional Information per Roll:

      Calories: 154
      Sugars: 1.6g
      Fat: 2.4g
      Saturates: 0.4g
      Salt: 0.7g

      Available in all good supermarkets etc priced at about 89p a packet.


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