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KP Space Raiders Beef Flavour Snacks

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4 Reviews

Brand: KP / Type: Flavoured corn and wheat snacks

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    4 Reviews
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      13.03.2014 13:49
      Very helpful



      Tasty retro snacks

      Most people think of Space Raiders as being a snack which was popular with children back in the 90's, but I eat more Space Raiders nowadays then I did when I was growing up.

      They were 10 pence a bag back then and up until a couple of years ago I was put off buying them by the 150% price increase to 25 pence they had undergone over the years. However, they can often be found on offer for £1 for a pack of ten, bringing them back to their original minimal price tag.

      I usually opt for the beef variety, I don't like actual beef but I find the flavour of it very tasty. The multi-pack contains ten individual 13g bags of crisps.

      The retro design of each individual bag hasn't changed since I can remember, which I actually love. The bag is plain black with a basic picture of a red alien's head and the words 'SPACE RAIDERS' in yellow above it. The nutritional information is clearly displaced on the front also.

      Upon opening the bag I am greeted with an instant smell, which is similar to beef stock. There are about 12 pale yellow alien-head-shaped crisps inside. These are a baked corn crisp so they are quite puffed up rather than flat like potato crisps.

      The crisps are nice and crunchy and have a fairly strong beefy taste to them. I wish the bag was bigger as you just don't get enough in there for my liking but as these are designed to be a childrens' snack...I guess that greedy 25 year old me is not the target customer!

      One good thing about the small bag size (and the fact they are baked not fried) is that they are great for trying to be healthy but just wanting a small snack. At 64 calories and 3.0g fat per bag they are not too bad compared to other crisps. I wouldn't say they help fill me at all so they really are just something I have as a treat rather than because I am hungry.


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        27.10.2013 00:00
        Very helpful



        Beefy crunchy crisps

        As a kid I always chose these crisps in my local newsagents and was my favorite crisps of all time back in the day, as I grew older I completely forgot about these crisps and hadn't had a bag in a few years I instantly had to buy a multi pack bag in Tesco which was on special offer at the entrance.

        As I paid £1 instead of £1.56 due to them being on special offer you get 10 bags in total, each bag is weighed at 13g, also you can buy these crisps individually at 20p each.
        As some of my other reviews have said, that I'm still on a diet and me and my boyfriend like eating healthier, these beefy crisps aren't too bad for me and I don't feel guilty when eating them.

        ~Nutritional information per bag
        64 calories
        8.5g carbohydrates
        3.0g fat
        0.3g saturates
        0.3g salt

        These bags comes in a black plastic wrapping with a picture of a red alien on front along with the nutritional information at the bottom, These crisps are made by the brand KP which do other crisps such as Discos & Nik Naks.

        After opening one of these bags you can instantly smell the lovely beef flavor and I don't hang around to eat one, The crisps have a alien shaped little face - which I thought was kinda cute - they're also quite thick crisps and are very crunchy which I love.

        After a few years of not eating these and had forgotten about them, I'm very pleased I came across them again as these crisps are always on my shopping list due to them being so tasty and fit into my diet plan quite well. They also do another flavor which is Pickled onion which I'm not overly keen on as I find the beef ones have a much better taste.

        I'd recommend these crisps if you love the beef flavor types as these are very beefy!


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          06.11.2011 18:13
          Very helpful



          They are currently on special offer 12 for 50pence which is a bargain.

          I purchased a multi packet of these crisps from Tescos they were on special offer 12 for 50pence so I brought two packets as they are handy to keep in the cupboard I have for my grandchildren when they come to stay.

          I think that these were a good deal, and the grandchildren enjoy them very much.

          They come in a black bag containing 12 individual packets in side, each containing 25grams of puff like crisps.

          They are black in colour and have a picture of an alien on the front of the packet. On the back they have a picture of a monster in red. They are beef flavoured and they also do a pickled onion flavour too.

          They are baked and not fried.

          Ingredients are :
          Beef, flour, corn sticks, flavourings, lactose, dried yeast, dried onion, dried potato.

          They are like a puff rather than a crisp. The Beef flavoured ones taste of a spicy beef, and the onion flavoured taste of pickled onions, they are both nice to taste and the kids enjoyed them.

          As they were on special offer, I think they were good value for money and they do contain Milk, and may contain Soya, Gluten, and Mustard.

          They are suitable for vegetarians.

          Each pack contains calories 120. sugars. 0.8grams. Fat. 5.7grams. Saturates 0.6grams. Salt. 0.6grams.

          They are a light enough snack so as not to spoil a childs appetite before their tea.

          They come in a sealed packet and are great to pop into a childs lunch pack as they are light enough to eat without all that fattyness you get with crisps that are fried.

          I think they were good value for my money for twelve packets and that they taste good too.

          They are made by KP which is a name I know and trust.

          Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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            09.03.2011 11:50
            Very helpful
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            KP Space Raiders are a brand I think most people would recognise. They were the sort of crisps that almost everyone I know had as a child, only most people are more likely to remember the pickled onion variety rather than the beef ones as they proved to be rather difficult to find when I was younger.

            Nowadays though, it seems easier to find the beef ones than to find the pickled onion ones and in my opinion this is a great improvement because I love the beef ones and never have been very interested in the pickled onion ones. Given that when I was a child they only cost 10p a bag, this meant that I ate them on many occasions on the way home from school having found 10p on the floor at some point during the day and used it to by a bag of crisps. Recently there has been a price increase though so they now cost 20p in some places and 25p in other places which is quite sad in a way because it means that then you have to spend more money to get the same packet. Admittedly they have made the packets bigger though so presumably more crisps. Now there is either a 13g bag or a 28g bag.

            The packaging they come in is a black foil packet with an image of a space raider in red on it. This colouring signifies the flavour is beef. (It will be a green space raider for pickled onion, orange for spicy, etc). On the back of the packet, nutritional information is given, along with an image of a monster and all of it's characteristics - a great novelty item to have on the back of a crisp packet because children always want to see which monster they get each time they have a new packet of crisps.

            Nutritional information is as follows for the 28g bag:
            Energy kcal - 134
            Protein - 2g
            Carbohydrates - 17.2g
            -of which sugars - 0.9g
            Fat - 6.4g
            -of which saturates - 1.4g
            Fibre - 1g
            Sodium - 0.3g

            This sounds reasonably decent for something which is eaten as a treat but I wouldn't recommend eating them on a regular basis given the nutritional values of these.

            In terms of flavour, these crisps certainly aren't bad. They do taste mildly of beef but you can tell it's a cheap brand of crisp given that it tastes very similar to some of the other flavours. They smell more like beef than they taste and the coating of flavouring is sometimes a bit uneven. This gives variety to the crisps though so this isn't necessarily a bad thing as I do like the flavour. They taste quite salty though so if salt isn't your thing, you might now like them. They are definitely a savoury snack.

            The crisps are shaped like the space raider on the front of the packet which I think again would appeal to children. The crisps are quite thickly cut but are very light and each one is a little different to every other one which is quite a nice touch, not that you really notice that a whole lot when you're eating them. My cousin once said it was like they all had their own personality and everything though and given that he was five years old at the time, it suggests they do appeal to children and that they might notice the differences between them.

            Overall I would recommend these as an occasional treat but I wouldn't recommend eating them every day given the nutritional values. The flavour is pretty reasonable given the price and they generally seem more likely to appeal to children.


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