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Kraft Lunchables Ham and Cheese Crackers

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Brand: Kraft / Type: Snack

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    5 Reviews
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      19.07.2011 22:24
      Very helpful



      Not a gourmet banquet, but more than adequate as a lunchtime snack

      PRICE: £1.30 for a 101.9g pack at my local small grocers


      Calories: 295
      Kj: 1250
      Protein: 18.5g
      Carbohydrate: 33.0g
      (of which sugars): 7.4g
      Fat: 9.8g
      (of which saturates): 4.8g
      Fibre: 2.7g
      Sodium: 0.7g (salt equivalent: 1.6g)
      Calcium: 269mg
      Vitamin D: 0.86µg


      Wheat flour, wholemeal flour, water, dextrose, vegetable oil, skimmed milk powder, yeast, mono-and diglycerides of fatty acids, calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate, glycerol, calcium propionate, sorbic acid, l-cysteine, ascorbic acid, citric acid, pork, starch, potassium lactate, sodium acetate, salt, potassium chloride, sodium ascorbate, sodium nitrite, cheese, milk proteins, sodium citrate, potassium citrate, sodium phosphate, butter, calcium phosphate, whey powder, lactic acid, vitamin D, soya lecithin


      May contain traces of sesame seed, no artificial colours or flavours


      Kraft Ham'n'Cheese Lunchables is a natty little fill-up snack which comes in a white plastic compartmented tray, sealed with a soft, peelable lid that shows a few of the made-up biscuit snacks resting on some grass underneath a blue sky with fluffy clouds. The rear of the container has a removable piece of card on which is printed Kraft's contact details and quality claim, ingredients and nutritional information.

      Inside the plastic tray are 12 mini savoury cracker-type circular biscuits, about 18 or so thin tiny circles of ham and the same number of mini-sized processed cheese slices.

      In pick'n'mix style, you can choose to eat the crackers separately from the ham/cheese, make up some sandwiched with only ham and the remainder sandwiched with only cheese, or to mix the two together, having some or all of the crackers with both ham and cheese in the middle....that's the option I plump for!

      The crackers are quite pale in colour, and whenever I've eaten these Ham'n'Cheese Lunchables (many, many times over the years), I've found that the quality of the ham differs from pack to pack, quite dramatically. Today's serving was what I'd describe as being of middling quality.

      The ham is generally quite salty and the cheese very mild, but I personally find the two blend very well together sandwiched between pairs of the crackers. Were this snack-type 'lunch' product intended or designed to be more up-market, then I'd want less salty ham that is of consistently top quality, and my cheese preference in general is for something much stronger than is on offer here, but this is a cheaply priced item which although claiming to be of at least edible standard, makes no reference to it being of luxury status, nor anywhere on the packaging is food of gourmet quality promised.

      It hasn't escaped my notice that over the years, the quality of the crackers in this snack-pack has deteriorated somewhat. Whereas they used to be snappy, crispy and high-bake in nature, they are now pale, chewy rather than crispy, and turn to mush in the mouth whilst eating - a bit like thick wallpaper paste.

      However, Kraft Ham'n'Cheese Lunchables - despite the variable quality of the ham, overly mild cheese and gluey crackers - is still a more than acceptable little snack that does its job of stomach-growl prevention, together with being a good source of calcium. The product is quite high in fat, but the salt content is fairly low, bearing in mind it is made up of crackers, cheese and ham. To have one of these in the fridge ready to scoff at lunchtime is probably little or no less nutritious than a shop-bought sandwich, just as filling and certainly very much cheaper. I'd also guess that most children would find them very appealing and it could be a good alternative to a school dinner if you throw in a tomato as an accompaniment, plus a couple of pieces of fruit to have afterwards - eaten like that as part of rather than a whole meal, Kraft Ham'n'Cheese Lunchables can go a long way towards providing a filling, fairly tasty and reasonably nutritious lunch.

      It is true that the list of ingredients looks rather horrifying, but a little internet research through various food analysis sites has taught me that Kraft's claim of no artificial flavours/colours, is actually correct.

      Thanks for reading!

      ~~ May also be published on Ciao under my CelticSoulSister user name ~~


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        05.08.2010 07:00
        Very helpful



        Great little snack packs that really seem to fill a void when all you need is a little snack.

        Being a mother I am always on the look out for cheap but healthy snacks for my daughter. We travel quite a lot and I am also looking for something that's simple and easy to eat while traveling as well. We recently came across these little packages of joy as I like to call them and I thought I would get a few for my daughter.

        Arriving home from the store my daughter came across them quite quickly and as I expected asked if she could have one. I did not want her to ruin her supper by eating one but I gave in as she said she was so very hungry. She sat down and opened the package and pulled out the little sealed tray. She looked at it and said it was a shame that there was so much waste for such a little product. I sadly had to agree with her. I mean was all that packaging really needed.

        The packaging did not stop my daughter from opening it and happily putting together her first sandwich made of crackers, cheese and meat. The meat looked like it was a low quality to me but I was not the one that was eating them. She took her first bite and a smile started to form over her mouth as she slowly chewed the first bite. She took another bite then another soon she was down to her last little tower of goodness. It was then that she thought to offer me one I told her I would take a little bite only as it was her snack.

        I placed the cracker sandwich up to my nose to smell it and was pleasantly suprised that it really smelled very good like ham roasting in the oven. I bit in getting a small bit of cracker, meat and cheese, the cracker was flakey and buttery with a very good taste, the ham was as I hoped it would be sweet and salty all at the same time, the cheese was the topper for them it really brought the whole thing together.

        I have to say that once again I was shocked that it was so very good. I should have told my daughter no as one little bite was not enough for me. I am very happy to say that we have now found a great little snack for my daughter that is good for her and is easy to travel with as well as have at home.

        When your a parent there are some things that you get no matter the price. For me the price is so very worth the convenience it provides. Not to mention the happiness it gives my daughter to have them.


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          16.02.2010 21:25
          Very helpful



          Snack in a pack.

          'Kraft Lunchables'
          Our house hold has been a fan of the various lunchable snack packs for many years, usually going for the Dairylea packs you see so often on the supermarket shelves. Recently we came across the Kraft chicken 'n' cheese crackers and thought we would give them a go (they were on offer if I'm honest).

          After seeing my son devour most of the pack in a matter of seconds, I couldn't help but be cheeky and quickly swipe a couple of the crackers, cheese and chicken for myself, and I have to tell you, although his face was like a scene out of the film psycho, I'm glad I did.
          I've had the Dairylea ones many times before myself and have often found them a bit too artitificial.
          Let me explain:
          The chicken in these packs actually looked and tasted like it had been cut from a slice of chicken breast (like the slices you get in a Bernard Mathews pack) unlike Dairylea where the chicken often looks like it was somehow created from some substance made to resemble the colour of chicken.

          The cheese was very tasty, similar to Dairylea cheese with that slightly tangy taste, but instead of being too rubbery like Dairylea; it was similar to the cheese you can buy in pre-sliced packs.

          The crackers, now I was very impressed with these. They are a mixture of white and wholegrain and if I'm honest, they looked like the sort of cracker you would find in a decent multiple pack of mixed flavour crackers, ie decent tasting crackers, unlike the cracker you get in, you guessed it, Dairylea, where they taste so fake and artificial.

          In a standard pack there is only 265 calories and 11.5g of fat, something I think is normal and standard for his type of product.
          The pack states that it contains half of a kids RDA of calcium intake and has vitamin D for calcium absorption.

          Although I bought this pack on offer for 85p, even though I believe the price to be around the £1.29 mark, I've instantly become a big fan of this and will continue to buy it in the future.


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            07.10.2009 23:53
            Very helpful



            This is a high quality product


            These come in a very colorful box with a plastic container inside which slides out it very easily. On the front you see a cartoon picture of a cow, in one arm it is holding up the letter D with vitamin wrote inside the letter and on the other arm it is holding up milk.

            Lunch is written in fairly normal yellow and white letters and "ables" which finish's the word lunchables is written in a mixture of three quite bright colors. On the front you see information about how healthy it is and nutritional info too.

            You also see the price written at the top right hand corner of the front of the packet in white letters, with a red background behind them. The main pictures are of a green field, the previously mentioned cow and a blue sky with a sun in it.

            Theres also a picture of ham and cheese lunchables all stacked on top of each other and that is pictured at the right side of the front of the pack. On the back there is more information and a picture of diarylea dunkers, which is another product that is also available from there range.

            When you slide the container out of the box covering it, you will see a plain container with three seperate compartments. One for the cheese, one for ham and the other which is quite a bit bigger than the other two is for the crackers. There is also a plastic cover over the container which is very easy to peel back.


            * Calories 270 which is 15% of a childs daily allowance,

            * Sugar 2.8g which is 3% of a childs daily allowance.

            * Fat 11.5g which is 17% of a childs daily allowance.

            * Saturates 6.9g which is 35% of a childs daily allowance

            * Salt 1.8g which is 44% of a childs daily allowance.


            * This has half a kids recommended daily calcium intake per serving.

            * With vitamin D to aid calcium absorption.

            * No artificial colours and flavours

            * Made with calcium and vitamin D which helps build strong bones and teeth.( as part of a balanced varied, diet with exercise)

            * One pack includes at least half of the calcium UK "Reference Nutrient Intake" (RNI) for children upto the age of 10.

            MY OPINION

            Although these are aimed at kids and they are great for them because they help build strong teeth and bones. Me and most of the people in my family like them too and we are all adults. I think they can appeal too everyone who is looking for a nice snack.

            There is more than enough in the box even though the ham, cheese and crackers are tiny. There is ten white and wholegrain crackers, and quite a few small slices of cheese and ham. All of the details are displayed in clear easy to understand writing and i think its great how healthy they are and the benefits they have for kids are good.

            I think they are great because they sort of have multi purpose, as they can be great for kids and adults can enjoy them too. They cost £1.50 which is quite reasonable for them because they have a good amount of food inside the box and it all tastes nice too.

            The packaging is recyclable too which is a plus. Over all i would say they are very good value and a high qualty product.I have also tried the diarylea dunkers and they also are very nice and i think in general diarylea is a range that never seem to go wrong.


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              20.06.2009 14:49
              Very helpful



              See review.

              After having these once at her Nannies house, my daughter Kaitlin begs for them every time we get to the chiller aisle in Asda.

              The product I will now review is - "Dairylea lunchables - ham and cheese"

              Speaking from a mothers standpoint I really like this product, my daughter has always been a fussy eater, so anything that encourages her to eat a few different items of food from different food groups is the ideal thing.

              The lunch able is presented to you in a segmented plastic tray, with there being three sections, one each for the crackers, cheese and ham.

              The idea behind this particular snack is to encourage the child to, almost play with their food, this is achieved in the form of "stacks", these are great fun to make and my daughter seems to be encouraged to eat them once she has finished pilling up her lunch!

              The ham itself comes in 3cm rounds, and is cut reasonably thick, this is tasty and delicious to eat. The cheese is a different mater, I personally have never been a fan of "plastic" cheese, unfortunately this is what is provided in this snack pot, again the cheese is sliced quite thick but this time the shape is square, not really sure why the company didn't stick to the rough theme but who am I to judge!

              Finally the crackers, these are small, around the same size as the ham, round in shape and dry as hell. I really cannot find a nice thing to say about these, I know crackers are meant to be dry, but upon seeing them you draw the conclusion that they are slightly greasy as they have a sheen to them, they are infact little discs of chip board, and there always seem to be more of these left than other item!

              The nutritional information is as follows -

              270 kcals
              2.8g sugar
              11.5g fat
              6.9g of which saturates
              1.8g salt

              This doesn't make it the healthiest snack out there, but the facts that this snack contains ½ of a child's recommended daily calcium intake and also vitamin D, that is known for helping the body absorb the calcium effectively and much easier.

              The price is one thing that riles me slightly. Normal price these sell for around the £1.50ish mark, at this price it is very rare I will buy it, but this seems to be on offer quite a lot in my local Asda, selling for £1.00...ok, that I can afford!

              For further information on this and the various other products available in the range visit -

              Thanks for reading x


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