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Kraft Oreo Wafer Rolls

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Brand: Kraft / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2010 20:48
      Very helpful



      Wafer + Oreo = Yum!

      Do you know how many calories there are in an Oreo? I do: 52. Which means you can eat two, or three at a push, but more than that and you may as well just eat a proper bar of chocolate. What if I told you, however, that you could eat double the amount and still get the same lovely Oreo taste for no more calories? With Oreo Wafer Rolls, you can.

      Oreo Wafer Rolls are one of the better off-shoots from the Cookie brand. I saw them in Dubai at Christmas and more recently in Philadelphia, but now, randomly, they have shown up in the Indian-run supermarket in my small town in Sierra Leone. Mine were manufactured in Singapore, though, so they literally could turn up anywhere if you keep your eyes peeled.

      Oreo Wafer Rolls are like those ice cream wafers you can get: long, thin tubes of goodness. The difference, of course, is that they've put an Oreo slant on them, which means the wafer bit is dark and reminiscent of the cookies, and they have a thin layer of vanilla cream filling, just like in said cookies.

      Ice cream wafers are nice enough, but can sometimes be dry and lacking in flavour. That's not an issue with these as the outside has a distinct, dark taste to it (like the cookies...hard to pin down but not chocolate per se). Inside, the cream is a yummy vanilla. It's slightly sickly so a good thing it only comes in the thinnest of scrapings. The two compliment each other nicely, just as in the original product.

      These Wafer Rolls taste both like and distinctly unlike Oreos as you know them, and part of this is down to the texture. They're thinner than the cookies, but also much flakier and crumblier than 'normal' ice cream wafers. They're also moist thanks to the thin layer of Oreo cream inside each one. It's not simply a case of making a long thing Oreo tube: they have tried to make it more of a wafer, and it works well. They're lighter both physically and in taste, and the cream is thinner than in the cookies.

      Whenever I eat these I always find a nice bunch of crumbs at the bottom to lick up when I'm finishing the pack. I get the impression these don't transport too well, and a typical pack for me will be about 50% intact wafers, 35% snapped wafers and 15% crumbs when I first open it. This is no hardship to me since I'll eat them in any form, but would be a bit annoying if you were using them to furnish deserts for a party.

      Unlike boring plain wafers, these are quite special enough to be eaten on their own in place of cookies (and remember, in the calorie stakes you get 4 of these for every 2 traditional Oreos). Alternatively they go great with ice cream, and will jazz up a standard vanilla nicely. They can also be used to drink milk through like those Nesquik straws they recently introduced. They say Oreos are 'Milk's Favourite Cookie' but these must definitely be the drink's favourite wafer. According to some sources (e.g. http://www.tradearabia.com/news/FOOD_146481.html ) this product was in fact first introduced to encourage children to drink more milk, though nothing on the packaging indicates this.

      These wafer rolls come in a foil packet inside a cardboard box. Perhaps the packaging could do with being sturdier, especially since these are shipped all over the world. At the same time, the foil isn't all that necessary as these aren't that crisp to start with, unlike normal ice cream wafers. These are softer but not dried out thanks to the inclusion of the cream, but they don't really need stay-fresh foil.

      These are available in the US under the name Fun Stix, and come in a number of yummy looking flavours. If these pop up in a certain West African supermarket any time soon, I'll let you know... In the meantime, you can order them from Amazon.com if you can't find them locally, though as always I'd recommend the Selfridges food hall and places like Cybercandy first. If you live in the US you can 'subscribe' to them and have them sent every month - awesome!

      I really like these as they're lighter than normal biscuits which can be stodgy at times. They're a delicate flavour, neither overly sweet nor bland, and at 4 for 100 calories, I'm sold. Mine cost 5000 Leones, a little less than a pack of normal Oreos goes for here. You get a 80g box which isn't huge but should last you a few helpings, more if you use them as a garnish rather than the pudding itself.



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