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Kraft Oreo Wafer

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Brand: Kraft / Type: Oreo wafer biscuit

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    1 Review
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      29.03.2011 20:34
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      Oreo-esque wafers

      I love wafers, even plain ice cream ones. They're simple and crisp and delicious, not to mention generally lower in fat and calories than biscuits or chocolate. The one thing that can sometimes let them down is their tendency to be dry and the way many manufacturers have decided to get around this is to cover them in chocolate, or stick a creamy filling in between layers.

      These are another Oreo spin off. I devoured the Oreo Wafer Rolls in Africa, so was excited to discover Oreo Wafer Sticks here in South America.

      These come in a 6 pack with each individually wrapped inside - not so green, but great for keeping them fresh which makes all the difference with wafers. Each wrapper includes two wafers, but a serving (both wafers) is still only 140 calories. This seems great value for calories since they're quite chunky, and having two gives you all the fun of twin packs like with Kitkats or Twixes.

      The wafers are described as chocolate flavoured, with chocolate and vanilla crèmes. The wafers are dark coloured, like in normal Oreos, and the chocolate crème kind of blends in with these, though the white vanilla is easier to see. The wafers have a mottled, checked appearance which adds to the texture, and because they're all individually wrapped they stay great and crisp. They break with an appealing snap but they also scatter crumbs in the process. If you bite one they literally crumble almost to dust in your mouth, but it's a lot nicer than it sounds.

      The first time I tried these I was amazed by how much they tasted like Pink Wafers, something I used to love as a kid. Obviously they're not strawberry flavoured but really they do taste quite similar.

      Considering they contain two types of crème, these are not amazingly moist. They're not as dry as ice cream wafers which you really need a drink (or ice cream!) with, but at the same time they're drier than you might expect. There is another version of these on the market, also in the Oreo range, where the wafers are covered in chocolate, and I think these would be much creamier.

      The flavours of these really all blend into one. You don't get waves of chocolate followed by waves of vanilla but the combination is nice even if it is a bit blurry. Plus, the crème makes these sweeter than normal wafers, but not as sweet as most biscuits, including regular Oreos.

      Compared to Oreo Wafer Rolls these are more crumbly and less flaky. However like those these would also go great with puddings, either to garnish an ice cream or any other sweet treat.

      Though not necessarily that reminiscent of Oreos, these are a nice treat that's not too bad for your waistline or wallet. Recommended.


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