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Kraft Splendips Cheesecake

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Brand: Kraft / Type: Snack

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2010 08:08
      Very helpful



      Sweet splendips for those that like cheesecake

      Since discovering Splendips on an afternoon snacking visit to the newsagent I was surprised to find a sweet version of the Splendips when I came to stock up on more of these on a visit to Asda. Spendips Cheesecake seemed a perfect innocent sweet treat.


      The packaging of Cheesecake Splendips is very much like a multi compartment yoghurt pot. This is made from white plastic with a foil lid. There is a compartment with digestive biscuits inside, a compartment with the soft Philadelphia cheese inside and a compartment with raspberry coulis inside .

      The packaging is reasonably durable and can be easily transported (in a packed lunch box for example) as the foil lid is quite thick and strong.


      Asda sell these for 98p per pack, Tesco sell these for a similar price. The supermarkets often run buy one get one free offers or two products for £1.50 so it is worth stocking up on when these offers are running.

      ***Splendips Cheesecake***

      When you peel back the foil lid you are met with digestive biscuits , soft cheese and raspberry coulis in separate compartments.

      The scent of the Cheesecake Splendips is a lot stronger than the other flavours in the range. There is a strong sweet scent of the digestive biscuits and a strong fruity sweet raspberry scent.

      The digestive biscuits are round and 2cm in diameter. The biscuits are crunchy but still quite crumbly and not too hard. Eaten alone they have a wheaty taste with a sweet sugary aftertaste to them. The Philapdelphia soft cheese is very creamy tasting and slightly sweeter than in the Savoury Splendips products. The raspberry coulis is quite runny yet has a very strong sharp tangy raspberry taste. This is a very strong flavour and the first few tastes of this leave quite a tangy sensation in your mouth.

      Eaten together all of the flavours go well together however the raspberry coulis is quite overpowering and very sweet. The soft cheese helps to take away the sharpness of the raspberry coulis but it is still quite hard to taste the creamy sweet cheese when you dip the snack into the raspberry coulis.

      Quantity wise you get enough of each product to have a generous mix of soft cheese, dip and coulis. As the coulis is so strong taste wise I always end up with a lot of this left once the digestive biscuits and soft cheese have gone. The Cheesecake Splendip snack is not huge and would not fill those with larger appetites but is a good light snack and I find reasonably filling.

      **Nutritional Information**

      Per 85g pot :

      196 calories
      28.5g carbohydrates
      13.5g sugar
      6.9g fat
      2.4g fibre

      On comparison to the other flavours from the Splendips range the calorie and fat content is a lot higher in the Cheesecake Splendips. Nutritionally these are not the worst food you could be snacking on but the "Innocent Snack" marketing claims are slightly untrue and those watching their weight should take note.


      This was not my favourite flavour or snack from the Splendips range but is a nice sweet alternative. The digestive biscuits have a nice crunch and wheat flavour and taste great combined with the creamy cheese and sharp raspberry coulis. The Cheesecake Splendips do not live up to the taste of an actual piece of cheesecake but provide a lower calorie alternative for those with a sweet tooth.

      A different sweet alternative from the Splendip range, that should be eaten in moderation especially by dieters. The product should really quote Britney Spears..... "I'm not that innocent"!


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