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KVE Tasty Pork Scratchings

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Brand: KVE / Type: Snacks

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    1 Review
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      23.11.2009 11:04
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      Yummy Scratchings That Aren't Just For When Your Sitting In The Pub!

      I can't believe I'm the first person to write about these, and thing it's mad that I'd had to suggest them too because KVE are mega popular scratchings and the best available I reckon!

      Scratchings are disgusting really because they are just pieces of overcooked pork fat, they're sooooooo yummy though and especially these KVE ones. I normally just eat them in the pub but yesterday when I was in the outdoor I picked a pack up to eat in front of the tv.

      I love the mix of big and small scratchings you get with KVE, the big ones are normally the hardest and the little ones usually still have pieces of pork attached to them so they are a bit more brittle to eat. The meat on the scratchings has been cooked for so long that it's hard and even though I know it's pork I always think it's beef while I'm eating them because it's gone so dark and crunchy.

      These scratchings are mega salty so I suggest you have a drink ready for when you eat them. That's why these are sold in the pub to get you drinking quicker! lol Some of them are extremely hard too so you need to be a bit careful as you're eating them, my mate bust her tooth on one of these KVE scratchings once so I'm always mega careful now.

      Obviously you can taste the grease in them because they are made of pure fat, but I don't think they're madly greasy at all and the fatty taste goes so nice with the pork/bacon flavour of the scratchings. They are very, very meaty tasting and proper nice to eat, I know a lot of people turn their noses up at scratchings but even though they're probably one of the unhealthiest things to eat I think these are delish.

      If there's a choice of scratchings I'll always go for KVE over any other brand because I think they are the tastiest and most consistent out of all the scratchings available.


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