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Lightbody Power Rangers Celebration Cake

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Brand: Lightbody / Type: Bread Cake

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2009 19:02
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      See review.

      As I may have mentioned before it was my son's 4th birthday on the 15th of January. This year, due to the fact that he now attends a nursery that is attached to the school he will be starting in September I allowed him to have a birthday party.

      As this was to be his first official party with guests I decided to let him choose the majority of the stuff, he choose his own food, party favours for his party bags, his own guest list and finally his birthday cake.

      There is another rule in my house (gosh, so many to remember, I struggle sometimes even though they are mostly my rules!). Due to the fact that the parties my children have are not always on their actual birthdays, I allow them a cake for the party and one for there own tea party, attended by each other!

      The first of the two cakes is the one I will now review, this being - "Power Rangers celebration cake"

      The cake comes in a bog standard cake box with the entire thing being covered on pictures of the black, blue and red rangers in different fighting poses. (The red ranger is Connor's favourite, this was the selling point for him!)

      On the top of the box there is a clear plastic circle, through which the cake is visible.

      When you remove the cake you will see that the side that is advised to be opened first has some resecuring tabs, this makes it much easier if the cake is being transported to and from a party.

      The cake when removed from the box comes with it's own brightly coloured cake board, in this case it is blue.
      It is recommended that this cake will provide 12 servings. I think the parents of the children that came to Connor's party would have laughed at the size of the portions that I put into the party bags.
      I was under the impression that there were around 20 children coming to his party. Due to the fact that some of the children didn't bother to reply in the first place, there were closer to 40 kids turn up, not a problem space and food wise, but the poor cake was cut into slithers rather than portions!
      I'll give my mum her due though, she managed it!

      The cake itself is around 8 - 9" width ways across and completely covered in red icing.
      On the top of the cake, over the top of the red icing sheet is another circle of icing, centrally located. This bears the picture of all the afore mentioned Power Rangers in fighting pose. This sheet of icing is much drier in texture compared to the overall covering which is thick, soft and very malleable. This does mean though that when you are slicing the cake up there is more chance that the picture will simply snap rather than cut.

      The cake itself is a standard Victoria sandwich. For those who are not clued up on cakes this means that this is two light and in this particular case, sweet and light layers of sponge cake sandwiched together with a generous slather of raspberry jam, (minus the seedy bits, perfect!), and also another generous layer of butter cream, again tasting as it should and not synthetic like some cakes can do!

      As you may have gathered this cake was a triumph. I am not what I would deem a great baker, but I am more than capable of turning out a half decent sponge cake, these being the one cake I tend to make the most with my kids. This cake could not have been nicer, even if home made, so that should stand testament to how good this cake was.
      The cake had just enough crumbliness to it, anymore and I would have deemed it maybe a little on the dry side.
      The light sweet sponge was complimented beautifully by the soft icing sheet and the brittle edible decorations (the picture disc).
      This is of course going to be on veering to the sweet side, so any more than a small slice would be futile as it would be rather sickly, but as I said, a small slice with a cup of tea was delicious.

      The nutritional information is as follows -
      Per slice (12 in total)
      255 kcal
      1.3g protein
      42.5g carbohydrate
      35.7g of which sugars
      8.9g fat
      2.6g of which saturates

      There are some nutritional information warnings on this box, these being that the cake contains wheat, gluten, egg and milk.
      This product also states that even though this product doesn't contain nuts, it was made in a factory that does make products that contain nuts, so be aware.

      There is a multitude of information on the back of this box, this goes from the best way to slice the cake, which in fairness unless you are completely thick would be with a knife surely? Oh no wait, there was the time I used a spoon...... NOT!

      There is also some more useful information included, this being the best way to store the cake, this being in an air tight container, though cakes in my house never seem to last that long!

      With the two cakes I have purchased this year, I have noticed a new trend for providing almost free gifts with the cake, is it not enough that you get the cake for such a reasonable price, will get to that in a minute.

      The freebie with this particular cake is a red ranger mask, this is on the base of the cake box, this has full instructions on how to cut it out and attach it to elastic.

      For more information on this and other cakes available visit - www.lightbodycakes.co.uk

      This particular cake was purchased from Asda for around the £8.70 mark, a good price which is pretty much in line with other novelty cakes available.

      For more information on the range available visit - www.asda.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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