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Lotus Original Caramalised Biscuits

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Brand: Lotus / Type: Biscuits

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    2 Reviews
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      11.11.2013 14:31
      Very helpful



      By far my favourite biscuits

      I first tried these Lotus Original Caramelised Biscuits a couple of years ago. I was at a friend's house enjoying a film and a cup of tea when my friend offered me one. I didn't recognise the name or the packaging and when I read 'caramelised' I thought of caramel and assumed it wouldn't be to my taste. However, never one to turn down a biscuit I gave it a go. Within seconds of tasting the biscuit I declared it was the best biscuit I had ever tasted. Since then I have bought these biscuits regularly and my opinion of them hasn't changed.

      - The Packaging -
      The packet for these biscuits has a simple design of a white background with the red and white Lotus logo and a picture of the biscuits next to a hot drink, probably tea or coffee. The packet is easy enough to open despite not having the easy open design of many biscuit packets. You can't reseal the packet so you need to be careful not to allow the biscuits to get soft. The packet states that 'The Lotus Original, a delicious caramelised biscuit, has been giving pleasure to both young and old since 1932. The unique caramelised taste is created by a traditional baking process, using only the finest ingredients. A perfect accompaniment for tea or coffee, alternatively this delicious biscuit is a real family favourite to enjoy at any time of the day.'

      - The Brand -
      The Lotus brand originated in Belgium in 1932 as a small family business. Since then it has grown to a multi million pound company and their products are available to buy all over the world. The Lotus product range also includes a packet with 12 twin packs of biscuits which would be handy for taking out with you but doesn't work out as such good value for money. There is a Belgian chocolate covered version of the original biscuit. I haven't tried this yet but it sounds lovely. There is also a bite size version of the original biscuit. In addition to this Lotus has recently launched two spreads, smooth and crunchy. They apparently have the same taste as the lotus biscuit and are a great alternative to peanut butter or chocolate spread. I will definitely be looking out for these!

      - The Biscuit -
      The biscuit has a gorgeous caramel colour. It is quite a firm, crunchy biscuit which isn't particularly crumbly. This is definitely an advantage for me as I hate crumbs getting everywhere. The biscuit has a raised design with the Lotus brand name clearly displayed.

      - The Taste -
      I would describe the taste of the biscuit as sweet but not sickly. It has a burnt sugar/caramel flavour which is warm and luxurious. I think what makes this biscuit so special is the hint of spice provided by the cinnamon ingredient. I think it is a luxurious 'grown up' biscuit ideal alongside a cup of tea or coffee. Having said that it seems my toddler loves them too. I had hidden an open packet of these in my bed side table which were obviously not hidden well enough as my little boy discovered them while I was sorting the washing recently. He had been playing on our bed but I suddenly realised he was suspiciously quiet. When I checked what he was doing I found him with a mouth full of biscuit and eight more in his little hands. He had discarded the now empty packet onto the floor. He clearly shared my sentiment that one just isn't enough!

      - Nutritional Information -
      The ingredients are wheat flour, vegetable oil and fat, candy sugar syrup, raising agent, soya flour, salt and cinnamon. Each biscuit contains 36 calories, 2.8g of sugar, 1.4g of fat, 0.07g of salt. I think this is reasonable compared to some other biscuits but obviously being a sweet biscuit it isn't the healthiest snack.

      - Price and Availability -
      These biscuits are widely available in supermarkets and are usually priced at around 99p for 250g. I think this is very reasonable for what I would consider a luxury biscuit. In both Sainsbury's and Tesco I often receive a printed voucher at the till for money off these. They know me so well!

      - Would I recommend? -
      My description of these biscuits really can't do the flavour justice so I definitely recommend trying it for yourself!


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        12.10.2010 09:46
        Very helpful



        Grown up biscuits from Lotus

        Biscuits are one of my favourite snacks and there is rarely a day that goes by without me enjoying a nice cup of tea and a couple of biccies. A friend recommended these biscuits to me, and I found them easily on my grocery shopping trip so picked up a packet. I found them in Tesco's, where a 250g packet costs 70p. You also have the option of buying a 156g packet for 99p, and the reason this works out to be more expensive is because the biscuits are individually wrapped inside the main packet. I think this is a bit of a waste of extra pennies and unnecessary to have all the excess packaging.

        The biscuits come in a plain plastic wrapper, with a simple white design which allows the red Lotus logo and the photo image to stand out. There is no easy open tab but it's quick enough to get into the packet, although you then can't reseal it. The biscuits can go soft very quickly if left exposed in the open packet, so I would recommend transferring them to a biscuit tin or some similar sort of container.

        Lotus say: "The Lotus Original, a delicious caramelised biscuit, has been giving pleasure to both young and old since 1932. The unique caramelised taste is created by a traditional baking process, using only the finest ingredients. A perfect accompaniment for tea or coffee, alternatively this delicious biscuit is a real family favourite to enjoy at any time of the day."

        I've not heard of the Lotus brand before so these biscuits were completely new to me. The basic idea of a caramelised biscuit sounded lovely and I thought this would be a nice little treat. They are good value for money as you get a lot of biscuits per pack and although they are quite thin and small they are surprisingly satisfying. The biscuits have a dark golden brown colour and are the same sort of size and shape as a rich tea finger. They are thin and oval shaped with a raised design on each one stating the name "Lotus".

        The taste is very different to other biscuits that I have tried before, and they have a unique flavour. You get a rich flavour of warm spices and that gorgeous burned sugar caramel which is very overpowering. It is quite a sophisticated flavour and not sweet in the manufactured sugary way that my usual biscuits are. The small biscuits pack a big punch and they are packed with flavour. This usually means that I can easily manage to restrain myself to eating only a couple as my taste buds are satisfied that bit quicker.

        They are also an excellent accompaniment to a cup of tea, the biscuit softens up and literally melts in your mouth. Be quick though, as you can't dunk it for too long unless you want to lose the biscuit in your mug! My boyfriend assures me that these are the best biscuits to have with coffee as well, as the combination of sweet and bitter tastes complements each other nicely.

        Each biscuit contains 36 calories so they are relatively low in calories compared to similar items. I also noticed when looking at the ingredients list that there was nothing in the way of synthetic or chemical nasties included, it's quite nice and reassuring to see an ingredients list without any long chemical names or E numbers!

        These are a lovely original tasting biscuit that gives good value for money and are a lovely accompaniment to tea and coffee breaks. A grown up biscuit that I think is best suited to adults - keep them away from the kids and enjoy them yourself!

        Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil and Fat, Soy Flour, Candy Sugar Syrup, Raising Agent (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate), Salt, Spice (Cinnamon).

        Typical nutritional values per 7.5g biscuit:
        Energy 152KJ 36kcal
        Protein 0.4g
        Carbohydrate 5.4g -of which sugars 2.9g
        Fat 1.4g -of which saturates 0.6g
        Sodium 0.03g
        Fibre 0.1g


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