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Marks & Spencer Chinese Platter

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Brand: Marks & Spencer

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    2 Reviews
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      13.12.2011 18:33
      Very helpful



      Will not buy again

      I'm a fan of ready meals and bought this Marks and Spencer Chinese Platter a few weeks ago. It was near it's Use By date and so was reduced in M&S at half the usual price. I bought it for tea that same night.

      I heated it in the oven for the stated time but it wasn't a great platter of food in my honest opinion and I was very disappointed with it on the whole. It doesn't look nice when you remove the cardboard wrapping. The food looks all the same colour which is basically beige and this in itself put me right off.

      It has half a crispy duck (but when it ws cooked it wsn't so much crispy as very very greasy and sickly) and the fat had splatterd all over the oven door and the rest of the food it was heating. It has half a dozen pancakes, 4 spring rolls, hoisin sauce and 4 bits of sesame prawn toasts.

      I heated it for about 15 to 20 minutes as it recommended but it was pretty dire I have to say. I shared it with a friend who seemed to enjoy it a bit more than I did. It had no real flavour or spices at all and was bland with a capital B.

      I always thought Marks and Spencer food was top quality and I've bought their ready meals loads of times before but this wss majorly disappointig.

      Think it might have had something to do with the fact that it was near its use by date but I won't be buying it again full price to fine out.

      A rather depressing meal on the whole and wish I hadn't bothered.

      review also poste don Ciao as sorehead


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      04.06.2008 15:03
      Very helpful




      A couple of days ago I bought a Chinese platter from Marks & Spencer. I have had some really nice ready meals from there lately, but this time I was really disappointed.

      The platter contains a Quarter of crispy duck with 6 pancakes, hoisin sauce, fresh cucumber and shredded spring onions, 4 vegetable spring rolls and 4 sesame prawn toasts.

      The first disappointment was when I was taking everything out of the box. The Use by date was the 12th of May and I opened the box on the 11th. The cucumber and spring onions had gone bad, and they weren't just turning either. The cucumber was total mush and the onions had gone brown and slimy.

      Needless to say I was a bit surprised as Marks & Spencer usually make good quality food.

      The instructions say to take the toast, pancakes, sauce and vegetables out of the box, leaving just the duck and spring rolls. Well the veg was already in the bin so I removed everything else and put the tray of duck and spring rolls in the oven. Cook the duck and rolls for 15 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius (180 if it's a fan oven), then add the toast and cook for a further 10 minutes.

      If you buy this I would recommend putting the rolls and toast on a separate tray as the duck gives off a lot of fat which made a couple of the rolls and bits of toast go a bit soggy.

      The duck was ok but the skin didn't go very crisp and the flavour of the spices wasn't very string, plus it would have been better with the vegetables! The spring rolls were fairly tasteless and were mainly full of bean sprouts and the toast had more sesame seeds on then prawn. The whole platter was too greasy and didn't really taste of much, it was a real disappointment.

      On the plus side the set does contain enough for 2 good sized mixed starters!

      The platter comes in a foil tray covered by a thin cardboard sleeve. There is a picture of the duck pancakes, spring rolls and prawn toast on the top with Chinese Platter written in red.

      --- Nutritional info ---

      ½ a pack contains
      635 Cals
      35g of Fat
      5.3g Saturates
      2.93g of Salt
      No artificial colours, flavourings or preservative

      --- Allergy info ---

      The box says this is not suitable for nut allergy sufferers
      It contains cow's milk, eggs, shellfish, soya, wheat, barley, gluten and sesame products.

      --- Conclusion ---

      I really can't recommend this product, it was too greasy and didn't really taste of very much. It's such a shame as it would be so handy as a more unusual starter. Not one I will be buying again.


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