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Marks & Spencer Fresh Fruit Tartlets

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Cake

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    1 Review
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      31.08.2008 13:49
      Very helpful



      Very lovely mini fresh fruit tartlets.

      When my daughter was spending her M&S voucher on their new Food To Order site she decided to be frivolous and waste the entire £50 sampling their lovely buffet foods for my granddaughters birthday party, for the adults only of course as the younger guests had a multitude of food options most of which I have reviewed over the past week.

      She bought a box of 24 mini Fresh Fruit Tartlets which were absolutely delicious and cost just £10 for these freshly made lovely little cakes, I was quite astounded at the price when I first saw them because they really are tiny but after eating a couple I can say I was extremely impressed and they are worth every penny.

      Each tartlet has a lovely crumbly buttery pastry case and this is filled with a thick crème such as you would find adorning any tart of this description in a traditional French patisserie. This crème is then topped with slices of the freshest fruit you can imagine.

      These were a wonderful way to end the party for us grown up as the tartlets are very classy to eat, they are small enough to simply pop one in your mouth but I ate my two from a plate using a small fork because I wanted to savour them rather than munching the cakes and forgetting about them within minutes.

      I loved the buttery taste of the pastry because it tasted really fresh, the seasoning of the pastry was just right too as there is nothing worse than choosing a lovely looking cake only for the pastry to be too salty or too floury. There is really no problem here though, the pastry is as fine and tasty as you could imagine and it is a sturdy pastry despite the crumbliness so there is no leaking of the crème filling. Another thing I liked about these tartlets is that the base of the pastry case is thicker than the sides meaning that even though my daughter stored these cakes for a day or two before the party the bases were still of the same delicious texture as the sides and had not gone soggy or tasteless as can be the case with cheaper tartlets.

      The crème filling. Ahhh, the crème filling. Wonderful, there is simply no other word for it. The crème is rich and thick with a lovely creamy and sweet flavour. It has very much the same taste and consistency as a good quality egg custard, although it is a pure white crème filling used in these tartlets. It tastes subtly of vanilla and cream and it is truly delicious and as good as many patisserie crèmes I have tried over the years.

      The fresh fruit is of the highest possible quality. One of my tartlet was topped with half a strawberry and the other one and two small triangular slices of peach, both were delicious additions to the cakes and tasted extremely fresh. The other cakes on the platters were topped with kiwi, grapes, raspberries and pineapple chunks if my memory serves correctly although I obviously didn't sample each variety of tartlet as I'd eaten quite enough by then!

      Definitely worth the £10 for a special occasion, which is probably the only time you'll need to buy 24 of these little tartlets otherwise you might as well spend a fiver on a large fresh crème tart and cut it up. But these really are gorgeous.


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