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Marks & Spencer Rocky Road Bites

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Brand: Marks & Spencer / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      19.02.2010 14:54
      Very helpful



      Yummy Bites!

      I only suggested this as a product last night so Im amazed at how quickly Dooyoo have got around to accepting it! I hadnt eaten this product for absolutely ages until yesterday when my mom bought me home a big tub of them and I decided to see whether or not I couldnt review them. Im not going to pretend we do all our shopping and Marks & Spencers because that couldnt be further from the truth but occasionally when Im out shopping I do pop in there to see if anything catches my eye and a few months ago these Rocky Road Bites did. Ive never actually tasted proper rocky road cakes before, Ive always had them in an ice cream so I was really intregued to see what these tasted like. I was not disappointed at all.

      Now before I even start Ill say that no matter how hard Ive looked I cannot find the exact nutritional information for these "bites" but judging by the ingredients Im willing to guess that they arent very healthy. In fact they are probably pretty bad for you and I can advise dieters and weigth watchers to avoid these. Although if you only eat them once in a while as a treat I cant see the harm.

      These little cakes really do taste amazing. Each little bite isnt actually very big and you can probably only get two bites out of each but they taste so great that two bites simply isnt enough! These bites are a lot like cornflake cakes in taste and texture and they are obviously really sweet and the ultimate fix for a chocoholic like me. But the best thing about this product has to be the marshmallows that are contained in the bites! Now I must admit Ive never been a big fan of marshmallows, I find them to taste really dusty and dont have much tastes to them at all really. But these ones were totally different they were really sweet and chewy but best of all they had a really gooey texture which was gorgeous! The two textures of the hard, crunchy cornflakes and the gooey marshmallows worked really well together and before I knew it last night me and my brother had polished of a whole tub between us!

      Judging by the picture attached to this review these "bites" are on offer for two tubs for £4 at the moment which is excellent value for money. I think normally they are about £4 for one tuba dn you get about 25 little bites which is a little expensive but if you only have them as a treat the price shouldnt really matter.

      I highly recommend these to everyone if you manage to part with your cash. These do taste really nice and because of their size they are perfect for parties and other social gatherings because people really love them. Only problem is they dont last 5 minutes!

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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