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Mattessons Fridge Raiders Chicken Bites Barbeque

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3 Reviews

Brand: Mattessons / Type: Snack

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    3 Reviews
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      17.10.2013 16:49
      Very helpful



      Nice flavored chicken peices

      I've been using these Fridge raiders to use on our home made pizza's as me and my boyfriend like to eat healthily and buying shop bought pizza's are high in calories. We use wholemeal pitta bread as a base, pizza sauce, mushrooms,onions, delicious fridge raiders and half fat mozzarella. These fridge raiders go perfectly with our pizzas!

      ~Product description
      100% seasoned chicken breast (91% is chicken breast, 9% is the seasoning)
      134 calories per 60g bag
      No artificial flavors
      Retails at £1.09 at Tesco which are normally on offer usually 2 for £2

      The ones I buy in Tesco have a orange background, With the brand name Mattessons on top with Fridge raiders text in red and states "100% chicken breast" which overall is a nice and clear packaging with the nutritional info on the back of the back

      ~Nutritional information per 60g bag (which has quite a few bits of chicken)
      134 calories
      8g fat - 12% of GDA
      1.9g saturates - 10% of GDA
      0.8g salt - 12% of GDA
      3.9g Carbohydrates 12% of GDA
      2g Sugars
      GDA = Guideline Daily Amounts

      Chicken Breast (91%), Palm Oil, BBQ Seasoning, Rusk, Cornflour, Dextrose.
      BBQ Seasoning: Sugar, Salt, Cornflour, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Spices, Tomato Powder, Stabiliser: Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Smoke Flavour, Yeast Extract, Oregano, Natural Lime Flavour.

      ~My experience
      When easily opening these fridge raiders pack you can instantly smell the smokey BBQ flavor and look very tasty as they don't look overloaded with the BBQ seasoning. I'm not 100% sure on how many you get inside but it's roughly up to to 10 or 12 pieces which suits us fine for our home made pizza's! The chicken pieces aren't very big in size they're roughly about 2 inches (I find them so cute!) and have a wrinkly look to them. They taste very nice as well as their not loaded with BBQ seasoning and are slightly juicy so not dry and chewy. You can also get these in different flavors:
      Slow roasted chicken
      Southern fried chicken
      Piri piri
      Hot & spicy (my fave!)
      I've tried a couple of other flavors and the're all nice and we will carry on using them as there so tasty

      Over all I'd recommend these Fridge raiders if your looking for a quick snack,to use on a home made pizza or for anything else you can think using them for!


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      20.05.2010 12:43
      Very helpful




      I know where to find Fridge Raiders, but it's not something I tend to buy. They are nice enough, but there is just something that bit fake about them, although they are tasty enough. I think there is 4 different flavours in these and they are all tasty in an individual way.

      These are at the chiller section in the shops. Often near to the cooked slices of Cold Meat. The packs are 90g and cost around £1. I've seen these a few times on buy one get one free, and recently Asda had them half price for 49p which is probably why I ended up picking them up again.

      I don't know the concept behind these. I don't just pick up a bit of Meat and eat it on it's own, but this is a bit different than that I suppose. These are little lumps of Chicken which look a bit like little Mini Sausages i lenght and shape. The outer part of these look a bit wrinkled and feel a bit oily but not that much. When you bite into these you get a nice Chicken taste which tastes fresh, like it's got quite a bit of Water in it though, and the bbq taste which is smokey and a bit tangy. Not the most amazing taste, but a bit different taste to a bit of Chicken.

      These can be eaten just how they come, if you want to slice them up for to put into a Sandwich then you can but it would take quite a few sliced up to cover that amount, or eat in a salad and so on. Pretty versatile.

      Nice enough but nothing special.


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      19.04.2010 09:35
      Very helpful



      Nice Tasting Chicken Bites!

      I hadn't seen the bbq flavour Fridge Raiders before but when we was doing the shopping the other day my sister said her friends had been talking about them and could I buy her a pack. I've had the Mighty Bite Fridge Raiders this week and haven't been all that impressed with them but I thought I'd pay the £1.35 for them and treat her to a pack to try.

      They are like very fat matchsticks of chicken and are made special for kids I think because I don't know many adults who like ANY of the Fridge Raiders! It's better than giving them crisps and junk all the time but don't con yourself that these are a proper healthy option because they're majorly processed and probably aren't all that good for you.

      The chicken pieces are mega soft, they have got a yummy bbq flavour that isn't all that much like the bbq sauce you get in bottles but is more like when you have a ready meal that is cooked in a bbq sauce. It's quite a rich flavour and goes proper nice with the chicken taste.

      The chicken is VERY processed and hasn't got a chicken texture at all, the chicken pieces nearly melt in your mouth because of them being so soft but they are ALSO lovely to chew.

      What bugs me about Fridge Raiders is that you don't get many for your money, I didn't count these Barbeque ones but I reckon there was only about 10 or 12 pieces of chicken in the bag....... even though the bag is quite big and could have held a good few more!

      I recommend these Fridge Raiders for their yummy bbq flavour and because they are a bit healthier than crisps, they're not much good for a lunch box because they have to be kept in the fridge and you have to be very careful with chicken in this warm weather. It's a shame they can't go in my sisters packed lunch..... actually I'm glad they can't because it would cost a fortune! lol



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