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Mc Vitie's Krackawheat

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3 Reviews

Brand: Mc Vitie's / Type: Biscuit

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    3 Reviews
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      03.07.2011 20:59



      The old Krackawheat was ok and I liked it. Now, with the "Salt Police" doing their unholy job, the cracker has turned into a tasteless piece of cardboard. I could give the item a better description but I'm sure that it would offend some of your readers.The manufacturers are obviously aware of the changes that they have made to the product. I wish to tell them that the product that they sell today is greatly inferior to the product of yesteryear.Tastless and inferior cardboard rubbish!


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      29.01.2009 13:23
      Very helpful



      Nice for a snack, tasty and crunchy

      I am sure that most of us have a packet of crackers tucked away in our cupboards somewhere. They are always `useful`, if I could count the amount of useful things I have stored away it would run into the hundreds!!
      If you step back in time the only cracker that I can ever remember being marketed was a Jacobs cream cracker and if you ate those you were considered `posh` lol.
      In our house we have to reach a compromise, I enjoy the crisper crackers, Carrs Water Biscuits are one of my passions, the hard baked variety.
      If I see a new cracker sitting on the supermarket shelf then I rise to the challenge, but the Other Half likes the traditional crackers, Butter Puffs and Cornish Wafers.
      He is rather partial to a slice or three of good mature cheddar with a Mcvities Krackawheat though.

      McVities are part of United Biscuits and are without doubt market leaders. They produce an enormous range of products.
      Krackawheat have rather gaudy wrapping in my opinion, the plastic covering has a background of royal blue, a centre section of tangerine and a banana yellow flash sits at either end of the packet.
      Of course McVities have their name on the front of the packet and the name of the cracker appears in large and almost gimmicky white lettering.
      The small print lets you know that the packet contains crispy wheat and rye crackers.

      Open the packet and you will see the crackers sitting neatly on a piece of white corrugated cardboard. Each cracker is about the same size as a cream cracker but that is where the resemblance ends.
      Krackawheat have a delicious golden glow on the surface and if you study the cracker carefully you will notice that you can clearly pick out the changing colours of the grains.
      Often I open the packet to find one or two crackers have been broken in transit, this is probably unavoidable because they have quite a crispy feel to them.
      All of the guidelines for healthy eating say we must eat low fat spread, but my Anchor butter would curl up in its dish if I put spread on my crackers.
      As the cracker heads towards your taste buds take note of the `salty` taste, it is really appealing. I am not sure how McVities create this salty flavour as the crackers show that they are fairly low in salt.
      Although they are crisp they aren't hard, no sharp edges to make life uncomfortable.
      They have a decent `crunch` and are extremely tasty. Although they are savoury crackers I wouldn't hesitate to spread them with a bit of jam.

      200g of Krackawheat costs in the region of 89p, so they are not expensive.
      The wheat and rye crackers are a good source of fibre, they have no artificial colours or flavours and interestingly enough I have just noticed that the nutritional information states that they are now lower in salt.
      Each crackers contains 33 calories.
      They do contain milk and gluten and they have been produced in an environment where there are sesame seeds, soya and egg.
      Vegetarians are fine with these crackers.

      So all in all a pleasant lunchtime/supper snack cracker and I am sure that they would be fine for a packed lunch, as long as they were stored in a plastic box.


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      22.01.2008 13:13
      Very helpful



      A lovely biscuit to be eaten on its own or with cheese.

      As I said in an earlier review over Christmas I usually get in a few packs of biscuits to be eaten with cheese. It is something that I really enjoy eating but daren't keep these sorts of biscuits in the cupboard all year round as I would eat far too many of them and thus far too much cheese!!

      Anyway one of the packs of biscuits I got was a pack of Krackawheat at a cost of £1.24 for 200g.

      Krackawheat biscuits are made by McVitie's which form part of the United Biscuits group and, since they have been making a wide range of biscuits for a long time, we should be on to a winner here!

      The pack is smart and bright in orange and dark blue with the word Krackawheat in white across it, the words 'crispy wheat and rye crackers' written below and the McVitie's logo in the top left hand corner.

      There is also a yellow flash across the bottom of the packet where it is claimed that Krackawheat are a 'good source of fibre' and they contain 'no artificial colours or flavours'.

      The biscuits are a couple of inches square and are quite thin. They smell slightly of grains, which is logical enough I suppose given that they are made from wheat and rye.

      As with Cheddars these taste delicious just as they are but are even nicer with butter and or cheese. These are also very moreish so it is difficult to just eat one or two at a time. Any biscuits that are left in the packet when you have had enough can be stored in an airtight container to stop them going soft.

      The biscuits are crisp, slightly salty and taste, as they smell, of grains. Sorry that isn't very descriptive but it is the best that I can do! Unlike Cheddars there is no actual cheese in these biscuits so they would be fine for those who don't actually like cheese.

      They do contain milk and gluten so if you are intolerant to either of those things then these are obviously not for you!

      There are 446 calories in 100g of these biscuits which works out at 33 calories per cracker. Each cracker also contains 0.7g of protein, 4.4g of carbohydrate (of which just 0.2g is sugar), 1.4g of fat (half of which is saturated), 0.4g of fibre and 0.1g of sodium.

      The address of the manufacturer should you need it is:

      Consumer Services Department
      FREEPOST NAT 4520
      LE65 1NZ

      Sorry this review is so short but there really isn't anything else to say!


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