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McCoy's Mexican Chilli Crisps

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3 Reviews

Brand: McCoys / Type: Crisps

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    3 Reviews
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      19.08.2012 00:54



      love them

      my last review was for another flavour of McCoys sweet thai chicken which i bigged up to the max cos they are lovely basically lol !
      This time its the McCoys mexican chilli,,, (sings FEELING HOT HOT HOT !!!)

      The packaging is standard McCoys stuff with the front informing me its a McCoys product and the flavour is Mexican Chilli with the calorie, salt , fat content clearly visable on the back its an informative pack which also contains Mr McCoys contact details should you have a complaint.

      The Bad Boy Crisps:
      On opening the pack the spice smell attacks the nasal passages which to me was pure yummmyness. and i couldnt wait to munch on them , i knew just by the smell i would love these little babies,
      I only have one gripe with McCoys and i did mention this in the other review i did. is that you get rouge hard crisps that you risk breaking a tooth with, god knows how they cook them in the factory but every pack seems to have a crisp that could be a mouth hazzard with terrible painful consequences. i must warn people that only eat McCoys with strong healthy teeth because this can be quite a draw back of this brand.

      Me personally i love these crisps and eat them alot (with caution)


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      11.11.2011 11:56
      Very helpful
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      A great tasting crisp from McCoys!

      I really like McCoys Ridge Cut crisps. You can sometimes find them on special offer in supermarkets. The only thing is, the flavours that are on special offer always seem to be Salted, Salt and Malt Vinegar and Cheddar & Onion. My children are not keen on Cheese & onion flavour so sometimes, even though on special offer, I am still sort of wasting my money. I do not remember ever seeing this Mexican Chilli flavour on special offer.

      This flavour comes in a brown coloured packet and unfortunately if I really want this flavour I often have to buy it in a sweetshop where it costs about 60 price per packet, which I really begrudge paying!

      Onto the flavour....... If you like hot foods then I am pretty sure you will like this! It really does taste of chilli. It is spicy and fairly hot, but not too hot in my view. The ridge cut crisps are coated in this delicious flavour. Your mouth will probably be quite dry during and after eating these so I recommend you have a cold drink at the ready!


      Potatoes, Sunflower Oil, Mexican Chilli flavour (Salt, Spices, Flavour enhancers; monosodium glutomate, E635,; Dried Onion, Wheat Flour, Yeast Extract, Chilli powder, Acidity Regulator; Sodium diacetate, Sugar, Flavourings (Contains Dried Soya Sauce, Malt Extract), Dried Garlic. Dried Tomatoes, Dried Red Bell Pepper, Herbs, Spice Extracts; Colour; Paprika Extract, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Sweetener (Saccharin)


      Each 50g bag contains 257 kcals; so its quite fattening!

      Allergy Advice

      Contains Soya, Wheat, Barley, Gluten; May contain Milk & Mustard

      This is a great flavoured potato crisp from McCoys; worthy of 5 Dooyoo stars in my view.


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        09.04.2010 16:30
        Very helpful



        Try with caution!

        I don't eat crisps very often in general, but McCoys Cheddar & Onion are one of my favourite crisps. And despite what they say, though with their marketing they are aimed at men ("Man Crisps") they are equally enjoyed by females!!! I always get the same Cheddar & Onion flavour, but one day, I saw the Mexican Chilli version, and thought I'd branch out and give them a try.

        They come in a small shiny bag like the rest of the McCoys range, and the Mexican Chilli are in an orange and gold colour bag. They are ridge cut, so are quite thick and flavoursome types of crisps. They come in a bag of 50g weight, and have the following ingredients/nutritional levels (per pack):

        Ingredients: Potatoes, Sunflower Oil (27%), Mexican Chilli Flavour [Salt, Spices, Flavour Enhancers: Monosodium Glutamate, E635; Dried Onion, Wheat Flour, Yeast Extract, Chilli Powder, Acidity Regulator: Sodium Diacetate, Sugar, Flavourings (contains Dried Soya Sauce, Malt Extract), Dried Garlic, Dried Tomato, Dried Red Bell Pepper, Herbs, Spice Extracts, Colour: Paprika Extract, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Sweetener: Saccharin], Vegetable Oil (3%).

        Contains: Soya, Wheat, Barley, Gluten.

        Nutritional info: (adults)
        Energy (kJ) 687
        Energy (kcal) 164 8% of GDA
        Protein 2.2g 5% of GDA
        Carbohydrates 17.0g 7% of GDA of which sugars 0.4g <1% of GDA
        Fat 9.8g 14% of GDA of which saturates 1.2g 6% of GDA
        Fibre 1.4g 6% of GDA
        Sodium * 0.2g 8% of (*equivalent as salt 0.6g 10% of GDA)

        I was quite disappointed with the taste, as they were quite a bog-
        standard spicy flavour, probably a slight hint of Mexican in there, but if you'd sold them to me as an Indian style chilli flavour, I probably wouldn't have noticed any difference. They are spicier than I expected (although not 'hot' spicy), and I'll be honest, I threw half the packet away as I just didn't enjoy them. I expected them to have a meaty spicy flavour, and possibly a hint of kidney beans that you might expect from a dish of Mexican chilli, but didn't get this from these crisps. Plus there was just too much flavour in them for me, and they didn't go well with my lunch at all.

        McCoys crisps do taste quite salty in general, and they're probably not the healthiest crisps around, but they are generally tasty and you get a good portion in a bag (unlike some other brands who have become quite stingy with their portions over the years).

        I'd say they're okay if you like spicy style crisps, but I didn't think these were anything particularly special. McCoys in general are good, filling crisps, so I'll stick to my McCoys Cheddar & Onion in future!!


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