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McCoys Chilli Tortilla Chips

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Brand: McCoys / Type: Crisps

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    2 Reviews
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      30.07.2009 22:20
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      Not a hit for me

      I try not to eat crisps and similar savoury snacks too often and rarely have them at home because they would not last five minutes. However.... being poorly sick and knowing that I have days ahead of me filled with watching movies and dooyoo I needed something to snack on so put these on my online shop last night, which arrive this morning. I had not tried these before but have eaten Dorritos Chilli Heatwave before and thought these would be just as good and they are on offer for £1 for a 220g bag at Tesco at the moment.

      When I opened the bag at around lunch time this morning while watching a film a took a good strong sniff to ascertain the smell and was hit with a really fresh tortilla smell, very similar to fresh nachos from the cinema. I could not smell the chilli.

      The Tortillas are ridged (to give extra flavour and crunch) and triangular in shape. They are a pale yellow in colour with the chilli flavouring making them a little red in places.

      In all honestly, taste wise, I am not impressed with these. The Dorritos Chilli Heatwave are much nicer, with much more flavour. How McCoys can call these Hot Chilli I do not know. To me they taste like lightly flavoured ordinary tortillas. They would be more suited to 'plain tortillas' in my opinion. The Dorritos version make my eyes water and my nose stream with the heat from the chilli, but these McCoys have sadly fallen flat.

      The only bonus for me is that there is no way I would eat a whole bag which at 467kcal per 100g would add a whopper to my calorie intake.

      I am really disappointed.


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      12.12.2008 14:26
      Very helpful



      I never knew pre flavoured tortillas could taste so good

      I have developed a taste for tortilla crisps and will devour them on their own, dipped in some sauce (salsa, ketchup, BBQ or my personal favourite Reggae Reggae), or straight out of the oven covered in tomato salsa and melted cheese, i.e. as nachos.

      In my opinion, tortilla crisps should be 'plain' and the flavour should come from the dips, so I have never understood the concept of pre-flavoured tortillas until very recently.

      The other day my other half arrived home with a bag of McCoys hot chilli flavoured tortillas because they were on offer. Naturally I was a bit apprehensive but any concerns soon went away.


      The packet is attractive but very eye catching and the bright red colour scheme suggests that this product is going to contain some heat.

      In my opinion the McCoys marketing department have done a great job with this packet.

      ****Nutritional information****

      A 35g serving of these tortilla chips contains:

      i) 164 Kcal
      ii) 2.1g of protein
      iii) 20.4g of carbohydrates
      iv) 8.2g of fat (of which 2.3g are saturates)
      v) 2.5g of fibre
      vi) 0.2g of sodium

      Considering a 35g serving is the same serving size found in standard sized packets of crisps these tortilla chips are no worse than a bag of crisps.

      The high carbohydrate content, which is normal for this type of product, makes them unsuitable for followers of the Atkins diet or those following low carbohydrate diets.


      Amongst the standard ingredients of maize, starch, salt and the like these tortilla chips are made with hot chilli flavour, dried cheese, dried green bell pepper, dried spring onion, dried tomato, dried garlic, dried chilli pepper.

      There are some strong flavoured ingredients in this product and on the face of it I was a bit sceptical about whether they would work. However, the ingredients really do complement each other and result in a great tasting product.

      The packet has a warning that these tortilla chips contain milk and wheat and that they are produced on a line handling soya and gluten, so if you have an issue with any of these then this product is not for you.

      ****The Tortilla Chips****

      McCoys hot chilli flavour tortilla chips come in a 220g packet. The chips are triangular in shape, like all tortilla chips, but unlike other tortilla chips they are ridged and really thick. McCoys are famous for their thick, ridged crisps and this feature has been transferred over to these chips and the result is great.

      They are yellow in colour, like all other chips, but they do have a distinct green haze to them. At first I thought that they were off or we just had a dodgy pack, but after reading the ingredients I think the colour is achieved by using dried green peppers and dried spring onions.


      When the packet was opened there was not a strong smell, but then I don't think that this applies to any tortilla chips.

      These chips do have a smell but it is only noticeable if you stick your head in the packet and inhale deeply or if you bring the chips close to your nose. I could definitely smell the garlic and chilli though.


      The packet states that these tortillas are ridged for extra flavour and crunch. Whilst I agree that they are thicker and crunchier, which in my opinion is better than thinner varieties, I fail to see how the ridges can give extra taste. If any Dooyoo member could enlighten me I would be most grateful.

      As previously mentioned, the strong flavoured ingredients combine to create a great tasting tortilla chip, however, it is still possible to separately identify a lot of the ingredients, especially the chilli, cheese, garlic and green pepper.

      Personally I don't think that these tortilla chips need to be dipped in any sauce since they are fully flavoured on their own. As a test I did dip one in my normal dips and it ruined the taste of them. My favourite dips did not complement the chips at all, although I am sure that there will be some dips out there that do.

      ****Using these tortillas for nachos****

      I thought the thickness of these tortilla chips would make then ideal for using as nachos, however, I was wrong. The cooking process affected the flavouring and produced a putrid smell and a really weird burned taste. It is indescribable. Such a waste of tortilla chips.

      ****Would I recommend them?****

      I would definitely recommend these especially if you like McCoys thickness, tortilla chips and spicy flavours. They are so flavoursome that sauces and dips are not required. It is a pity that the cooking process renders them useless for nachos but then you can't have everything.

      These tortilla chips have made me see the light and I no longer think that tortillas should be plain.

      These tortilla chips are also available in nacho cheese, cool ranch (I have no idea what this could be) and BBQ chicken flavours.


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