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McVitie's Chocolate Hobnob Flapjacks

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Brand: Mc Vitie's / Type: Biscuit

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    3 Reviews
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      06.06.2009 19:11
      Very helpful



      Expensive if not on offer.....

      My children spend many of their weekends during the summer travelling to various dry and indoor ski slopes around the country for races. I, of course, act as long distance taxi driver.

      These weekends are costly enough as it is, and although barbecues are usually on the go, or cafe's form part of the various complexes, the cost of the food just adds to an already expensive day.....so I try to pack up a good amount of food - food that is not expensive, is slightly more exciting than their usual school pack ups, and is going to give them enough energy to stop them from flagging before it is time to go home.

      Today saw the turn of HobNob Flapjacks in the lunch bag.....they were on BOGOF in Tescos. There are 5 flapjacks in each pack, and so two packs for the price of one meant that they cost about 13p per flapjack. Not as cheap as I could make them at home, but I wasn't that organised this week, so for shop bought, I didn't think that was too bad.

      I love hobnobs, and I love chocolate, and so do my kids. I thought that the combination of oats for slow releasing energy, with the hobnob taste, and a lovely layer of chocolate would fit the bill nicely.

      The packet has gone through a bit of a makeover since the above picture was taken, and the packet is now largely orange in colour. It contains five individually wrapped bars, again clad in orange.

      The bars themselves are about an inch wide, and an inch deep, and about 2.5 inches long......not huge - about three bites. If I had made flapjacks at home, each one would have been about twice the size.

      The hobnob flapjack is sweet and oaty. It has slightly more flavour than my homemade version, and does definitely remind me of hobnob biscuits. It is not crunchy, although the packet describes it as "biscuit flapjack" but is nice and chewy. It isn't claggy in any way and doesn't stick to the roof of your mouth like some cheap shop bought flapjacks do, although the bits of oats are likely to get stuck in your teeth somewhere along the line! The taste and texture is good enough for me, and the children certainly didn't have any complaints.

      The chocolate layer - hmm, well that was a bit disappointing. Nice taste, granted, but it was pathetically thin! It was just as though someone had spread some chocolate spread on the top with a knife and left it to set. I demand more chocolate! I am sure that even "chocolate hobnobs" - you know, the sort you get in a normal pack of biscuits, have more chocolate per biscuit! I have been ripped off here by McVities, because the cost of these (especially at full price) deserves a thicker layer! Hmph!

      These are, however, a nice size to put in a packed lunch.....and at 160 calories and 3.3g of saturated fat, they won't damage a diet too much. They are suitable for vegetarians and don't have any hydrogenated vegetable oil or artifical colours or flavours.

      So.....plus points.

      1) Yummy
      2) Oats provide slow releasing energy
      3) They were on BOGOF
      4) No nasty hydrogenated stuff etc
      5) Individually wrapped and ideal for lunch boxes

      minus points.

      1) Small
      2) Not enough chocolate
      3) Expensive if not on BOGOF

      I would probably buy these again if on offer, but certainly not at full price. And I won't be buying them regularly because although they were nice, they weren't exceptional, and I can make far more at home for the money!


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        20.02.2009 18:54
        Very helpful



        Yummy treat every now and then

        This product is simply delicious!!! A combination of a thin layer of yummy milk chocolate, chewy moist flapjack, and the unmistakable oaty taste that comes only from McVities Hobnobs. Packaged and presented on our shelves in an unmissable bright blue wrapper with the immediately noticeable McVities logo on the front of the packaging, these melt in the mouth snacks are available in packs of five (with each flapjack individually wrapped), or singly. When sold singly these are very expensive - approximately 75p each. However if you purchase the pack of 5, they are available for £1.35 for the packet, and are currently on buy one get one free offer at a large supermarket chain.

        At 160 calories per bar, these are not that unhealthy, but are more of a treat than an everyday snack. They are suitable for lunchboxes, or an afternoon snack. They are a great source of fibre with 1.4g per bar. They contain no hydrogenated vegetable oil, artificial colours or flavours. However, they contain high levels of fat (7.5g per bar) and sugar (11.1g per bar)


        Rolled Oats (37%), Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Golden Syrup (Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup), Milk Chocolate (8%) [Sugar Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Dried Skimmed Milk, Dried Whey, Butter Oil, Vegetable Fat, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, E476), Natural Flavouring], Wholemeal, Butter, Emulsifier (E471), Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Ammonium Bicarbonate), Salt.

        Dietary Information

        Suitable for Vegetarians
        Contains Gluten
        Contains Milk
        Contains Soya\Soybeans
        Free From Artificial Colours
        Free From Artificial Flavours

        Warning: These flapjack bars are very moreish!!!


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          03.02.2009 19:01
          Very helpful



          a poor flapjack bar

          I went to get myself a treat from the supermarket at the weekend, and spied some flapjack bars on BOGOF. I chose the chocolate Hobnob variety as part of my choice because I love the biscuits so much as was intrigued to see how the flap jack bars would compare.
          Usually you get five bars for £1.35, but obviously I got two packs for this amount so I was pleased with my bargain as I would get a big chocolate fix.

          The Hobnob bars are individually packaged in a plastic wrapper, and sit in another large plastic wrapper with a cardboard base. The packaging is basic but not over done for the product. It's designed in a bright blue colour to match the packaging of the chocolate hobnob biscuits you can buy.
          You get a sneak preview of what a bar looks like on the front cover, and I was pleased to notice it did resemble the product.

          Each bar is smaller than I was hoping but they were a nice thickness, and the ingredients were compacted well to make a solid bar.
          I was expecting the bar to look oatier and like a flap jack than it did. I thought it looked more like a digestive biscuit base of a cheese cake.
          The layer of chocolate on the top was also very thin and almost wafer like. This was very disappointing as I like chocolate and was hoping for a thicker layer and thinner flapjack base.

          Taste wise, the bar is very solid and didn't taste anything like what I thought a flap jack should. I have eaten enough of them in the past to know this. If you can imagine eating a chocolate hob nob, then the taste is very similar, but with a much thicker biscuit base than you would normally get.
          The base is made out of hobnob biscuit and it looks like it's been mixed together with melted butter or some substance and compacted together, before being brushed with chocolate.

          Overall I was disappointed in the whole concept of the bar. It could have been made to look and taste so much better. I was so glad I bought these when they were on offer as whilst they tasted nice, they weren't up to par for what the product was described as.

          Nutritionally these bars will provide you with 159 calories and 7.5grams of fat per bar. This is hugely high for a small snack that is more biscuit than chocolate, and one that is gone within a couple of mouthfuls.
          I certainly won't be buying these again, and would prefer to buy a packet of the biscuits instead and know what I'm getting.


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        • Product Details

          Biscuit pieces with milk chocolate.

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