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McVitie's Dark Chocolate Digestives

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12 Reviews

Brand: Mc Vitie's / Type: Biscuit

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    12 Reviews
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      18.09.2011 19:44
      Very helpful



      A nice chocolate biscuit

      When I sit down to enjoy a cup of tea I always like to have a packet of biscuits by my side. I always used to favour Milk chocolate digestives up until about this time last year when my husband, fiancé at the time, bought a packet of Dark chocolate digestives as Tesco's had none of the Milk chocolate variety.

      I had been eating the milk chocolate variety for as long as I can remember and had never tasted the dark, or as Ciao refer to it plain, chocolate version before. I wasn't really sure what to expect but given my love for chocolate in any consistency and style I was more than willing to give them a try.

      The biscuits come in the standard chocolate digestive pack with a much darker backdrop mixed between the usual reds and blues. The darker colouring on the wrapper distinguishes between the dark and milk chocolate and makes it very easy to identify which one you are having. Each packet comes with 400g of biscuits in the packet, which equates to about 24 biscuits in each packet.

      On the pack the nutritional information can be quite depressing if you are on a diet, especially as each biscuit contains 84 calories. It means that this pack contains approximately 1948 calories, making it a large chunk of your daily intake if you eat too many in one sitting. On the packet it boasts about the biscuits being 45% wheat and wholemeal with no artificial flavours or colours and being a good source of fibre, however despite all these they are still heavily loaded with calories.

      As you open the packet using the tear strip around the top there is a very pleasant aroma of dark chocolate that wafts out of the open pack. It certainly isn't an overwhelming smell and one that makes the biscuit seem even more tempting.

      When you look at the biscuit it is a standard McVities digestive base with a layer of Dark chocolate added to the top. In comparison to the Milk chocolate version the colouring is a lot darker but that is by and large down to the fact they use good quality dark chocolate.

      As I pick it up to take my first bite the first thing I notice is how much thinner the digestive base on these is compared to how it used to be. It's an issue that is highlighted as you bite into the biscuit and the remainder of the biscuit splits into two. That aside though it does have a very pleasant smell as you bring it towards your mouth.

      The dark chocolate coating over the biscuit is just right and given the blend with digestive it doesn't overpower the senses. That first bite provides you with a glorious mixture of very tasty dark chocolate and the classic digestive taste. Neither of the flavours really engulfs the other and it makes for a very pleasant taste. The biscuit has a very satisfying crunch to it as you first bite a piece off and as you chew it. The chocolate melts in the mouth and provides a very nice taste in your mouth.

      I've too often had dark chocolate biscuits that are far too strong and mask the taste of the biscuit but McVities have been careful to get the mixture right. As i mentioned I like a biscuit with a cup of tea and that always means I end up dunking the biscuit and again the dark chocolate digestive stands up to the test. The biscuit it's self becomes a little moist but doesn't lose its shape, while the chocolate element melts a little and with a little bit of tea absorbed into the biscuit it makes the taste even nicer.

      Once you have finished eating the biscuit there is a very pleasant after taste of dark chocolate which just lingers in your mouth. Once again this is not an overwhelming taste and actually provides a very subtle and welcome finish to the biscuit.

      These are available from all good supermarkets, although we tend to buy ours from Tesco where they currently cost £1.54 or 2 for £2.50 for the 400g packet.

      Overall I really enjoy a Dark Chocolate digestive biscuit these days. They may still be my second choice after the milk chocolate ones but they are really nice as a change to the milk ones. The taste is really nice and pleasant and unlike a lot of dark chocolate biscuits it doesn't overwhelm you. All in all a very tasty treat.

      Per Biscuit
      Energy 84kCal
      Protein 1.0g
      Carbohydrate 10.7g
      of which sugars 4.7g
      Fat 4.2g
      of which saturates 2.2g
      Fibre 0.7g
      Sodium 0.1g
      Salt N/A


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      04.02.2011 17:08
      Very helpful



      Delicious biscuits that are a all time favourite.

      In Britain, If someone say to you, "Think of five biscuits that instantly spring to mind", One of the first you would undoubtedly think off would be the digestive. Along with Rich Tea, Bourbons, Custard Creams and Hob Nobs (No giggling at the back!), digestives are one of the most recognised biscuit names, and certainly one of the most widely consumed. Many different manufacturers produce digestive biscuits today, and most of them also provide a chocolate covered variety. Arguably the king pin of the chocolate digestives are British food producer McVities, so here are my thoughts on their Dark Chocolate covered digestive biscuits.

      --McVitie's - A Readers Digest--

      A brand name of United Biscuits, McVites are one of the most well known biscuit brand names in the UK, with many people knowing at least one of the products they produce. United biscuits headquarters are based in Hayes, Middlesex, and have other well known snack brands under their umbrella, such as The Real McCoy's crisps and Jacobs Cream Crackers. They were formed when Scottish biscuits companies McVitie & Price and Macfarlane, Lang & Co amalgamated in 1948 to become United Biscuits. They currently have many production plants over the UK, mostly taking over old confectionery factory's or bakeries. One of the ones I personally was very aware of is their Harlesden plant in West London, having worked in the area, smelling that sweet baking smell of a cold Monday morning, brought a cheery grin to my face.

      Although they commonly known to be credited with the original recipe for the digestive biscuit in 1892, there are records that refer to the digestive going back to 1876. Sometimes known by an alternative name as Sweetmeal Biscuit, It reportedly gets its Digestive name from a claim to it helping the digestive system of the body due to the high content of antacid ingredient sodium bicarbonate. The sugar content can differ from country to country, but in the UK it can be higher on average compared to that of digestive biscuits made in the USA. McVitie's only started selling the chocolate covered variety in 1925, and followed up with numerous different incarnations, such as a chocolate orange and mint flavour type, and the incredibly delicious caramel version. American Writer Bill Bryson once went on record describing the chocolate digestive as a British Masterpiece, a nice sentiment but a little overblown I feel with all things considered. After all, it's still just a biscuit.

      Due to its amazing popularity throughout the UK, the digestive has been adopted into recipes for desserts, most usually cheesecake bases, and also a mainstay on the selection tray in many hotels, restaurants and guest houses up and down Britain. It is also one of the most widely sold, with over 50 million packets sold in a single year, (all brands, all varieties), which in total equates to a value of £35 million. This breaks down to an average of 52 digestive biscuits eaten per second.

      --Price and Packaging--

      As with all standard biscuit packaging, what we get with these is the plastic wrapper, sealed at both ends in a cylindrical shape with the biscuits stacked up against one another. The 400 gram packet contains 24 biscuits, which unusally is not stated on the labelling. The seals are quite air-tight however, and keep the biscuits nice and fresh, but upon opening must be either placed in a cool and dry place such as a biscuit barrel or equivalent cupboard. The packet is just over seven and a half inches in length and two and a half inches in diameter. This is the 400 gram type, but you can buy a double pack (800 gram), which is two of these wrapped together in a similar wrapping. The average price you will expect to pay is around £1.55 for a 400 gram packet, and strangely in some supermarkets, the 800 gram 'double' pack can cost more than buying two 400 grams packs, but this isn't the case with all retailers.

      The outward design is instantly recognisable, with the McVities brand logo prominent on the label above the Digestive title in a unique white and yellow wording. The packet is coloured dark brown, with red and yellow details and a cutaway picture of one of the biscuits. The variety type of 'Dark Chocolate' is printed underneath this, but can be missed easily. This was demonstrated by my girlfriend, having accidentally brought the Milk chocolate variety instead. This design is repeated twice on the label, with the usual information printed in easy to read boxes. The whole design really can go unnoticed on the supermarket shelves, and tends to blend in with not only the other digestive varieties, but other biscuits as well, so you really should look closely in the aisles if you wish to find them.

      --Taste and Texture--

      The sweet fragrance upon opening the packet is a little bit nondescript. The sugar and wheat is certainly prevalent, but mostly you can smell the bitterness of the cocoa within the chocolate. This is pleasant albeit a little surprising, but is quite appetising to a chocolate lover, and gives you a certain anticipation in to tucking into your first biscuit.

      The biscuit is light to hold, and the chocolate doesn't instantly melt in your hands, giving you time to eat without messing up your fingers. You can also snap the biscuit in half with very little crumbs, the bake holding together nicely with the additional glue provided by the one millimetre chocolate coating. Upon biting, the biscuit crumbles quickly in your mouth, the wheat and sugar gains becoming obvious on the tongue. The chocolate melts in quick succession afterwards, and mixes together as your about to swallow. If you are particular to 'dunking' your baked sweet treats, be aware that digestives tend to fall apart rather quickly after being submerged in hot tea. So either eat very quickly or use a saucer to catch the falling sodden biscuit fragment.

      The sweetness combined with the lightness of the biscuit is a lovely taste, the wheat and sugar providing a nice balanced flavour, possibly with a ever-so-slight salty hint in the background. The chocolate takes a second seat at first, with just the smoothness coming through, but while the last of the sugar and flour dissolves away, the bitter dark chocolate after-taste comes to the forefront. Again, this is a nice taste, and lingers cheekily in the mouth, temping your taste buds for another. That's what I believe people love about these biscuits, you feel as if you can eat more very easily indeed, and it takes a degree of will power to not sit down and eat four or five in rapid succession.

      --Ingredients and Nutritional Information--

      There are lots of healthy eating tips written over the wrapper, mostly focusing on that they contain no artificial flavours or colours, and no hydrogenated vegetable oil, but does contain E476 and varies raising agents.

      Wheat Flour (39%), Plain Chocolate (29%); Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat, Butter Oil, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, E476), Natural Vanilla Flavouring.
      Vegetable Oil, Wholemeal (9%), Sugar, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Tartaric Acid, Malic Acid), Salt.

      Allergy Information: Contains Milk, Soya and Gluten.
      Quantity per Biscuit.
      Energy - 353 kj / 84 kcal
      Protein - 1.0g
      Fat in total - 4.2g
      Of Saturates - 2.2g
      Carbohydrate in total - 10.7g
      Of Sugars - 4.7g
      Fibre - 4.0g
      Sodium - 0.1g


      Some biscuits we buy just seem to have that effect on us. We habitually buy them to stock the cupboards, and they either get consumed within a few days or left for weeks, forgetting they were even purchased. Digestives are one of these mainstay, stalwart cupboard fillers, but the chocolate ones are normally snaffled up pretty quickly. Having been around for ages and well known, most people already know weather they like a digestive to accompany their afternoon tea, and if they are a biscuit lover, these McVities Dark Chocolate ones would be welcome on the tray any time.

      Reasonable priced, widely available, not all that bad for your waistline with sensible consumption and with the added forethought that you know what your going to get, it's not a surprise these are a big seller, and popular with many people. Great to eat with hot drinks, and also never look out of place on the tea-time table, McVities set the benchmark on these biscuits and rightly so for a recipe which has altered little in over 100 years.

      Commonly known and commonly loved, they are a pleasure for your taste-buds and stomach to digest. (Erm...)

      Thanks for Reading. © Novabug

      Also Posted on Ciao.co.uk


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        25.01.2011 19:30
        Very helpful



        One of the best biscuit ever


        In the event that the regular biscuit location has been savaged by either my son or my wife, I can sit back safe in the knowledge that there is a place not so far away where I can recoup my sanity and indulge until my hearts content.

        For it is in this place that I store my secret stash, well they really aren't so secret since my wife and I do do the weekly shop together so she is aware of the purchase. The location remains as yet undiscovered, but should fate not be on my side and it is suddenly not a secret anymore I can still rest quite safely since only my son likes dark chocolate apart from myself, who simply likes anything chocolate.


        The range of biscuits manufactured by McVities is totally awesome and none more so than the digestive. On it's own a digestive biscuit is both tasty, a little sweet and satisfying, what more could you ask for of a biscuit?

        Well McVitie asked the very same question and came up with a thin layer of chocolate....................masterful, simply masterful. An instant hit, just about every other biscuit manufacturer has copied the chocolate digestive, and rightly so it's a pure gem of a biscuit. Most chocoholics satisfied, McVitie did not rest or their laurels, they came up with a even more masterful masterstroke, they made them with dark chocolate so the true chocoholic could enter biscuit heaven.

        The simple formula of a digestive was totally changed when they place this layer of dark chocolate upon the digestive, it added that kick that little sparkle that turns a good biscuit into a great biscuit. A large packet of these is going to set you back around £1.48 in ASDA, but they are frequently on offer in all the major stores so shopping around is the best policy.

        When you take even a small bite of a dark chocolate digestive you know you are in for a treat from the start, even more so if you have tasted the milk chocolate variety. You can smell the chocolate and the bicuitiness of the digestive. Your anticipation isn't let down, and the interaction between the biscuit and the chocolate is a texture heaven. Smooth chocolate and crispy crunchy biscuit, sweet and bitter, tasty and delightful and bang your into overdrive and half the packet is gone.

        They are addictive, as of course are a lot of biscuits, and eating a good few in one sitting is not uncommon so don't feel you have let yourself down, you have simlpy indulged in a piece of biscuit magic and tasted one of the best offerings the biscuit industry has to offer, how could it possibly be your fault. If perchance you ( are and you most probably be ) also indulging in a cuppa of some kind then you may also have found it impossible not to dunk at least one of the biscuit, again there is no need to feel guilt this is the natural progression from taking small bites and enjoying to getting tore right in their my son.


        Well you may or may not like a biscuit with your cuppa, but if you do or indeed should you just feel a little peckish you can do a lot worse than have a few choccie digestives with it, and should you feel it too early in the morning for dark try the milk. Which ever you decide upon do not feel guilty in the least, in these days of cash strapping and penny pinching one needs to indulge every so often just to keep the insanity at bay, and what better way than a cuppa and a biscuit.


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          25.01.2011 18:17
          Very helpful



          Yummy biscuits perfect for dunking at a reasonable price tag

          I am a massive fan of plain digestive biscuits. Whilst at university I bought Tesco's own branded plain digestive biscuits but since being at home with the luxury of my dad paying for food, I pop in branded products. I am a fan of milk and dark digestive biscuits but not digestive biscuits without any form of chocolate on, they are too bland. So as not to confuse those not in the know about different types of chocolate, dark chocolate is also termed plain chocolate. They are the same. I am not normally a fan of dark chocolate but when covered on digestive biscuits which I dunk into my cup of tea the chocolate tastes completely different. To be honest the dark chocolate is in some ways nicer to the milk chocolate because it tastes not so sweet. However, I know that it is the wrong way to explain it since dark chocolate still contains sugar just less milk or no milk, but it tastes less sweet.


          They are McVities ever so popular regular, circular digestive biscuits covered in a thin layer of plain/dark chocolate. McVitie were the first producers of regular digestive biscuits. They later produced milk chocolate covered digestive biscuits followed by plain digestive biscuits. They have the savoury, rough and crunchy taste of the digestive biscuit yet the smooth thin layer of dark chocolate. They have what I would call a regular chocolate biscuit smell, nothing specifically out of the ordinary.

          *** WHAT DO THEY TASTE LIKE? ***

          Well I only ever have them dipped into my cup of tea, so with my first bite I taste the delicious smooth, melted dark chocolate with some slightly soggy digestive biscuit... Mmm heaven! As I am sure you can guess the next bite tastes just like the first as well as the consecutive biscuits after that. By themselves (without being dunked into a cup of tea) I do not enjoy them half as much which gives my reasoning for only having them dunked into the tea. They are quite dry despite the layer of dark chocolate - my advice only buy them if they are for dunking!

          *** PACKAGING ***

          The packaging consists of the well known blue and red wrapper however, the right hand side of the packaging is dark brown to distinguish the packaging to show it has the dark/plain chocolate added to it. There is the small 'McVities' logo in small font at the top of the wrapper with 'Digestives' written in large font across the middle of the packaging.

          *** INGREDIENTS ***

          Wheat Flour (39%),Plain Chocolate (29%),Vegetable Oil ,Wholemeal Wheat Flour (9%) ,Sugar ,Glucose-Fructose Syrup ,Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Tartaric Acid, Malic Acid, Ammonium Bicarbonate) ,Salt.

          So 48% contains Wheat and Wholemeal which is quite amazing and 29% Plain Chocolate leaving 23% for other ingredients. So overall these biscuits could contain worse ingredients and seeing the ingredients makes me feel better about the number of them that I eat with one cup of tea!

          Per biscuit there are 84 calories and approximately 4g of fat, 10g carbohydrates and 1g of protein.

          *** PRICE ***

          Tesco price these at £1.54 for 400g or 2 packets for £2.50 saving £0.58 but this offer is only valid for another week and a half. However, McVities do regularly do deals like this so it is always worth stocking up! You are sure to go through a packet much quicker than you anticipated. Tesco also stock the McVities so called 'Big Value Pack' of the dark chocolate digestives with 800g altogether but this costs £3.25 which is really silly because it costs more than buying two 400g packs separately.

          *** AVAILABILITY ***

          These are available in majority of regular to large sized supermarkets. I unfortunately could not purchase them in my local Cooperative but it is probably because it is a rather small store but I did manage to get them in our large Tesco.

          *** LIKEABILITY ***

          Well the last week and a half we have had builders working in and out of the house so each morning and afternoon if I have been in the house I have done a round of cups of tea for them. I also pop out the biscuit tin too which they are all extremely grateful for. Today I put out the McVities dark chocolate digestives and despite dark chocolate usually being an acquired taste the tin was virtually empty when it was returned to me. This either tells me that the builders were hungry enough to eat anything, or a couple of the builders were greedy and ate for everybody or everybody genuinely liked the biscuits. My belief is that they all genuinely liked the biscuits because as I previously said I am not usually a dark chocolate fan however, these I do particularly like possibly because it is just a thin layer and I sometimes find the milk chocolate covered digestives too sweet.


          As I previously said at the beginning of my review at university I had Tesco own brand of these then converted to the McVities ones when I was home. I have to say that there is an incredible difference between them taste-wise but I think this reflects the price. The Tesco value plain chocolate digestive biscuits are £0.46 for 300g. Despite there being less in a pack this is a big price difference. I think the problem with the Tesco value ones were that the digestive biscuit rather than the plain chocolate was not as nice. They are thinner biscuits but have very little taste to them compared with the McVities version.

          *** OVERALL ***

          For me these are biscuits for dunking into a cup of tea, they are not biscuits to have by themselves but that is just my opinion. I think all types of digestive biscuits even if covered with different types of chocolate are too dry without a hot drink. I do not tend to have any biscuits without a cup of tea beside them. These are particularly yummy biscuits and if you have not tried them because of thought of dark chocolate I suggest you try them because like me you may hate dark chocolate but love these.
          Devilishly good biscuits for an everyday gorge!


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            09.06.2010 08:51
            Very helpful




            I would say that Milk Chocolate is always my faouvrite
            Chocolate, but White Chocolate is nice and the odd Dark
            Chocolate Biscuit makes a nice change as well. It really
            depends on the Biscuit I would say as to weather it tastes
            that good, and I think these McVitie dark Chocolate
            Digestives are the nicest ones out there. There is a
            good bit of difference between the brand named and cheaper
            ones. I would say it is worth spending that bit more on
            these Biscuits as they taste a lot better quality.

            These come in a 300g pack and cost around £1.40. Perhaps a
            good bit more expensive than the Supermarket own brand,
            but worth it. You get about 14 Biscuits in the pack. The
            Biscuits are quite thick, but not as thick as Hob Nobs but
            that will probably be down to the smoothness of the
            Digestive part. The Digestive is crumbly, and a nice
            more savoury taste. They taste Malty and salty like how all
            Digestives taste and the Dark Chocolate although isn't
            as sweet as the Milk Chocolate ones and is that bit more
            bitter, then it is a sort of sweetness compared to the
            Biscuit part.

            I wouldn't eat these all the time as I couldn't eat them
            that much. They aren't that sickly, but I could on;y have
            about a quarter of these before I didn't want anymore at the

            A nice change and a Biscuit we tend to have quite a lot
            in the house


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            04.04.2010 20:39
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            I have a craving for them now

            I much prefer milk chocolate but i don't mind these at all. In fact, i've found that these satisfy my chocolate craving more than their milk chocolate counter-parts which i think has something to do with the cocoa content. Dark chocolate seems to satisfy cravings a lot more quicker than milk chocolate, therefore this means you eat less, thus consume less calories - win!

            At around 80 caloires each, you don't want to be eating the whole pack. But if you're like me, one inevitably leads to another.

            A pack of 400g usually costs between £1.30-£1.40, but i've seen them on offer for a £1 in some places or for buy one get one free.
            Of course as a branded biscuit this explains the slightly higer price than a basic digestive biscuit (e.g. smart price for about 40p!) but in my opinion you can taste the difference.

            They are a "sweet-meal" biscuit which means they are not bitter in taste.

            Can't really go wrong :)


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              18.02.2010 09:24
              Very helpful



              A different take on the chocolate biscuit!

              As much as I do try to eat healthily, you may notice I review a lot of healthy or low fat food, I am a biscuit lover. In fact I could quite easily work my way through a packet of biscuits while having a cup of tea, something I have to literally stop myself from doing.

              I do really love digestive biscuits and in particular milk chocolate covered ones. I have to admit though I had not had the plain chocolate ones in quite a long time. That was until one kind lady at work brought them in and placed them near my desk where they sat looking at me all morning until I had to give in and eat one.

              No matter what the supermarkets try to tell you, Mcvities make the superior digestive biscuit. They may be more expensive but they are far tastier and firmer than any cheaper brands.

              Its hard to describe what the digestive biscuit tastes like, I'm sure you all know though. It is not as sweet or sugary as other biscuits and are instead...well digestivey! They are made of wholemeal which gives them their darker colour and digestivey taste. They are quick thick and solid bisuits which makes them absolutely great for dunking.

              The milk chocolate covered digestives are lovely, but can often get quite sickly. That is why these plain chocolate ones are so so nice. I'm not even a particular fan of dark chocolate but I find the mix of the bitter dark chocolate and the sweeter biscuit really compliment each other. It is only a thin layer of chocolate so not too heavy and as I have said the biscuit is not too sweet at all, meaning you wont feel as sick afterwards.

              I find digestives in general more substantial than other biscuits so I don't eat as many as other types. I also find though that the plain chocolate, as it is not so sweet does actually mean you don't get that addiction you would normally to the sugary rush.

              They are a nice biscuity treat that for once I can actually enjoy but still restrain myself!!


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              29.01.2010 00:19
              Very helpful



              So yummy! But so bad for you...

              These are most definately my favourite biscuits to eat. Dipped in a nice cup of tea... Mmm, heavenly.

              I've been eating these biscuits for years, and usually when I eat the same thing for a long period of time, they get boring and I stop. However, I think I've been eating these for a good number of years, and they have failed to bore me.

              I'm a bit strange you see, and love to eat these for breakfast (I know, I know... It's bad) therefore I require a constant supply of these. Not only that, but I love to snack on them during the day, or late at night with a cup of tea before I go to sleep.

              I've tried a few other dark chocolate biscuits, but there are none that even closely match up to these. A lot of other brands have a very unsatisfying and cheap-tasting layer of dark chocolate on them, but McVities actually tastes like the usual high-quality dark chocolate you would expect.

              Of course, they aren't particularly healthy, and contain 10.8% of your daily saturates PER BISCUIT. Which really isn't good news for me, since I'm snacking on these on a daily basis. They also contain 84 calories per biscuit and 5% of your daily sugar intake.

              Aside from the obvious unhealthiness of them, they taste great. They're so wrong, they're right!


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              05.12.2009 23:49
              Very helpful



              Do It!

              Okay, I am confessing that I am a biscuit monster and it is all the fault of Dooyoo. I rarely used to eat biscuits but now I am discovering new lovely ones all the time. However, these are not new to me as I have used them in my recipe for Chocolate Banoffee Pie a few times.

              I last paid £1.39 for a 400g packet of these from my local shop but there are available at Tesco for around £1.24 and are currently on 2 for £2.00 offer.

              The nutritional information on the packet tells me that each wheatmeal biscuit half coated in Dark Chocolate contains:

              84 calories
              4.2g fat
              4.7g of sugars

              These are quite high levels but when I am using them in such a high calorie recipe I don't worry about that too much. However, when they are for dunking in a cuppa 1 quickly leads to 2, which often leads to 4 so that can be quite dangerous.

              The biscuit base is deliciously crunchy and crumbly and the wheatmeal a mixture of sweet and savoury. The Dark chocolate is wonderfully smooth with no bitterness for me. I really enjoy munching these, but they are so bad to have in the biscuit tin.

              ****My Chocolate Banoffee Pie Recipe****

              300g of Plain/Dark Choc Digestive Biscuits
              200g block of Plain/Dark Chocolate
              397g tin of Carnation Caramel Condensed Milk
              1-2 bananas
              300ml tub whipping cream

              For the Base
              Melt 100g of Plain choc and mix with 300g of crushed plain choc digestives. Flatten down into a pie dish / cake tin.

              For the Middle Bit
              Melt 100g of Plain choc and mix thoroughly with the 397g tin of Carnation Caramel. Slice enough banana to layer the biscuit base. Pour on the choc and caramel mixture.

              For the Topping
              Whip the whipping cream and layer over the top of the caramel-choc mix. Add a few more bits of sliced banana and some shavings of plain chocolate. Chill for 2-3 hours before serving.

              Yum - Everyone should try this. I don't know where I acquired this recipe from but its one of my favourites!


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              15.11.2009 20:54
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Delish Biscuits That I Could Eat All Day Long!

              These are the best biscuits going I reckon, I love all McVities Digestives except for the caramel ones but these are deffo the best of the lot.

              They are wholemeal biscuits with dark chocolate on the top, sometimes we have the supermarket own brand of dark chocolate disgestives but then when we have these it makes me think I don't want any other brand but these! lol

              The biscuit is wickedly crumbly but the chocolate holds it together a lot better than the plain digestives. I love the sweet and wheaty taste of the biscuit and also how buttery and delish it tastes.

              The chocolate is brill quality, it's a proper rich dark chocolate that tastes sooooo yummy. It's sweet and a bit bitter at the same time and melts wicked in my mouth. The flavours of the chocolate and biscuit go proper good together and they're not sickly at all, even if you're like me and can eat half a packet all in one go! lol

              These biscuits are gorgeous dunked in coffee because the chocolate melts into a lovely smooth paste that covers the biscuit. The biscuit goes soft in the hot coffee and that goes good with the chocolate, I have sugar in my coffee and the sweetness of the drink changes the flavour of the biscuit a bit because it soaks up the sugary coffee.

              A packet costs about £1.19 and that's a mega bargain for such a delish packet of biscuits.


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                02.11.2009 12:04
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Pass me the pack.

                McVitie's dark chocolate digestives are surely standard fare in almost any household, so without further ado, let's crack on and discuss these yummy biscuits.

                The biscuits come in a distinctive cylindrical blue, yellow and brown pack with the McVitie's logo and a tempting picture of the biscuit itself. The pack also explains that you need to eat healthily (there's a handy URL for a website about exercise and a balanced diet), and the ingredients list, which tells us the biscuits are wheatmeal and covered in plain chocolate. These biscuits are suitable for vegetarians, but I wouldn't recommend them for dieters - each biscuit is 4.2% of your recommended daily calorie intake! Whoops.

                The biscuits themselves are circular discs of wholemeal biscuit, imprinted with 'McVitie's original' and a wheat sheaf picture on one side. The other side of the biscuit is coated in dark chocolate. Yum.

                ~The Taste Test~
                So, no point wasting any time; I set to eating. I have to confess to two methods of eating chocolate digestives. First is the slightly more normal grown-up method of taking a big bite and enjoying the delicious combination of crunchy yet crumbly biscuit and solid chocolate. Unfortunately, with this method I somehow seem to end up getting through a large number of biscuits in next to no time, without even noticing. The second, rather more childish method, therefore, is to lick off all the chocolate and only then eat the now-bare biscuit; this technique elites looks of bemusement from my husband as I am actually 30, not 5, but at least means the pack lasts longer than 10 minutes - and you end up delightfully messy, with chocolate all over your hands and face, which is much more fun. Either way the biscuit has a tasty non-squishy texture that crunches as you bite, and the chocolate is top-quality and thoroughly delicious. The biscuits are satisfyingly filling, but moreish enough for you to want to finish the whole pack off in one sitting - always a danger for the more calorie-conscious among us.

                One thing I want to mention: do not, under any circumstances, leave your digestives in any heat. The chocolate melts and the whole pack turns into one giant solid biscuit, which sounds great but somehow isn't. Sadly, therefore, they're not much good for picnics.

                ~Overall Verdict~
                McVitie's Digestives are my favourite biscuit. Nothing comes near them on taste and satisfaction, and, for me (strangely as I only eat milk chocolate chocolate-bars), digestives have to be the dark chocolate variety. Although some of the supermarket own-brands are good, unfortunately, in my opinion, they don't stand up to the McVitie's class and I'm happy to pay the premium to get my trusted brand. McVitie's dark chocolate digestives are a must-have for my week - perfect after a hard day's work, accompanied by an equally satisfying cup of tea. Thoroughly recommended.


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                  21.10.2009 20:08
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                  These are a really fab snack, perfect to have a few of these with a nice hot beverage!!

                  Eyecatching plastic wrapping with an easy opening bit at the end which means you don't have to fight to get to what you're really after!! Ingredients and calorific content are naturally also present should you wish to look :/

                  Lovely and dark on one side then paler on the non chocolate side, they look as good as they taste.

                  Chocolate bit=
                  They have got this just right, not a stingy amount but also not too thick either which I think can sometimes be really off putting in a biscuit. The chocolate itself is a lovely colour and taste wise it really is perfect, not at all bitter like you can get with some dark chocolate items. Great tasting.

                  Biscuity bit=
                  Again very good, great consistency and crunchy, slightly sweet but not too sweet, nice depth too, the size is just right to have 2 or 3 with a cuppa although they are not sickly at all so one can get carried away with munching on them. One word of advice, keep them locked up or hidden cos once you start it really is very hard to stop.

                  Biscuit tea test=
                  I'm not much for putting biscuits in tea but I do occasionally with these ones, they do stand the test rather well actually. Melts the chocolate somewhat and keeps a firm biscuit. What more do you need!!

                  Where to buy=
                  Stocked at most supermarkets and also discount places like B and M and Home and Bargains, I bought mine from B and M for I think 69p whereas in Tesco I reckon they are over a quid normally. So if you can get them cheaper then that is even better!! CURRENTLY HALF PRICE AT TESCO THOUGH MAKING THEM 64p for 400g........

                  Wheat Flour (39%), Plaiin Chocolate (29%) [Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fat, Butter Oil, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, E476), Natural Vanilla Flavouring], Vegetable Oil, Wholemeal (9%), Sugar, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Raising Agents (Sodium Bicarbonate, Tartaric Acid, Malic Acid), Salt

                  Company information=
                  McVitie's biscuits have been enjoyed by generations for over 100 years. The first ever digestive biscuit was created by a new young employee, Alexander Grant. The name Digestive was derived from its high content of baking soda as an aid to food digestion. Over one hundred years later the McVitie's Digestive remains a firm favourite and is the highest selling brand in the everyday biscuit segment.

                  McVitie's Careline:
                  0500 011 710 (UK)
                  1800 409 317 (ROI)

                  Made in the UK by
                  PO Box 7249
                  LE65 2ZH


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