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McVities Go Ahead Hazelnut & Pistachio

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Brand: McVities / Cereals bars

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    1 Review
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      26.11.2007 11:54
      Very helpful



      a healthier alternative to a chocolate bar

      I am always on the look out for a healthier alternative when I'm in the supermarket. It's always a struggle to try and do this as well as providing tasty lunch box and snack ideas at the same time.
      This product obviously isn't suitable for the lunch box at kids schools because of the nut content, but it does however make a nice alternative for a snack when I'm hungry.

      Go Ahead are part of the Mcvities group and have been around for a few years now. The Go Ahead range promote themselves as a healthy alternative to other products on the market. Their labelling makes it easy to see the fat and calorie content of each bar/ product without searching through all the small print.

      I find they are compete fairly averagely to other similar products from rival companies. One example of this being a Harvest Tracker bar containing chocolate chips. The Harvest bar weighs less at 22g as opposed to the 30g bar here, and comes in at 95 cals and 3.5g fat as opposed to the Go Ahead's 119cals and 3.4g fat

      I've never been a huge fan of cereal bars as I find they never fill me up for very long, and however healthy they might be I'll always find myself reaching for something else a short while later.
      This bar isn't a lot different to be honest, but whilst it doesn't satisfy hunger for too long, it does taste nice and has a chewy factor which I personally like in a cereal bar.

      Upon opening the box which contains six bars you find each bar individually wrapped in foil wrapper for freshness. This is designed in a simple pale blue wrapper with two rippable ends. The bars aren't difficult to get into like some packets can be.
      The wrapper however does seem to shout information at you. At least half the wrapper is devoted to giving you information about ingredients and calorific information etc. This is too much for me and I don't even waste the time reading it. If that was the manufacturers aim then it didn't work on me.

      The bar itself contain hazelnuts and pistachios along with the other oats that make up the bar. What makes this bar more appealing for me is the chocolate layer that you find when opening the bar. The bottom is covered in a thin layer of chocolate and it creeps up the sides of the bar, giving each mouth full a nice chocolate explosion.
      The chocolate does take over the taste of the nutty flavour so if you're not a big fan of chocolate this bar may not be for you.
      I can easily see the different nuts when i look at this bar and it doesn't appear that McVities scrimp on the nut content here, but I don't get an overly strong flavour of either nut.

      The texture of the bar is quite thick in the sense that the syrup binding the ingredients together does a good job and each bite is quite tough. We're not talking toffee breaking your teeth tough here but it's not a flap jack consistency either where it can drop off easily.

      I'm not going to list all the ingredients here as you can find them on the Go Ahead website is you so wish, but I will add that that bar does contain gluten, nuts, milk and soya so if there are any allergies then these bars are not for you.

      These bars are fairly pricey at £1.65 for a box, however they do compare again fairly averagely to other healthy alternatives on the market. It does get on my nerves that these cost nearly two pounds and I can buy a very unhealthy pack of six chocolate bars for around 70p if I chose the supermarket own brand.

      If you enjoy nuts and chocolate I would highly recommend giving these a go. They do tend to be a staple product in my trolley each week.


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    • Product Details

      Hazelnut & Pistachio bar blended with oats & crispies & dipped in milk chocolate.

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