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McVities Go Ahead Thai Sweet Chilli & Lime Flavour Crinkly Crisps

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Brand: McVities / Type:Snacks

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    1 Review
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      19.07.2010 17:05
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      I've bought these a few times now and in several flavours - but I've just noticed that they are actually made in Thailand.

      The cream cracker people have brought us lovely, yummy, crisps that aren't, at less than 10 per cent fat. What more can I ask? I buy mine at Safeway at the moment, because they have an offer on at 29p per pack, but would (and have) happily paid more. 45p or thereabouts, I think.

      Packaged like crisps, Thai bites come in 25g bags. The design is light and fresh looking, with a lot of white and a touch of oriental in the lettering. The Jacobs logo is clear on the top left hand corner and the flavour (mine are "sweet herb") bannered and colour coded along the bottom. The target market is the crisp-eater (me) who is looking for something a bit different (me again) and although the lower fat content is not emblazoned on the pack it does say "light and crispy, baked not fried" and therefor appeals to the consumer trying to lose a few pounds (guess who?).

      I won't bore you by listing all of the ingredients, suffice to say that the main ingredients is rice. Vegetable oil and sugar are way up there on the list too, so it's safe to assume that they are not entirely calorie free. (Bums). In fact each pack will provide you with 93 of the pesky little beasts. There are also several E numbers for those who are on the look out for additives in their food. Those of us with allergies should be aware that they contain milk, soya and wheat and that they are "produced on a line handling almond, hazelnut, sesame, shrimp and in a factory handling egg but on a different line". And all of those words fit on the packet.

      I find them really difficult to open. You may need to employ someone very strong for this job. If he/she is fairly attractive, you may want them to feed you your Thai bites while they're hanging around waiting to be paid. But that's your choice. They smell slightly of oriental five-spice, but aren't overpowering. The crisps/crackers themselves are round, bite sized and about 1mm thick. No I didn't measure them, there are limits to what I will do for Ciao. Really.

      They do taste light, with not a hint of greasiness - my main problem with ordinary potato crisps. The most satisfying way to eat them is to lick off the slightly powdery flavouring then crunch the cracker. The sweet herb flavour is difficult to describe without saying "sweet and herby", but the sweet taste is the dominant one. There's a hint of pepper and they are quite salty. The closest I can get is a sort of oriental barbecue tang. I've decided that this is my favourite flavour. Although there don't seem to be that many in a pack, they do take longer to eat than potato crisps, which makes me happy.

      In my opinion, these are far too good for the kids, so I would hide them somewhere really high and leave the children to the Wotsits. Should you have any complaints, the relevant info is as follows
      The Jacob's Bakery Ltd
      PO Box 14
      L9 7JX
      Freephone 08081 449454

      Any complaints about the review of course, would be better referred to me. Must go now, as I need a long drink of water. (They do make you thirsty


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    • Product Details

      Delicious thai sweet chilli & lime flavour crinkly crisps

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