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McVities Light Hobnobs Biscuits

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Brand: Mc Vitie's / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      08.09.2009 21:52
      Very helpful



      A dull biscuit that I will not be buying again.

      I must admit to being a real biscuit lover, I love a nice cup of tea with a couple of biscuits to dunk, I am really very easy to please!

      Whilst doing my weekly shop I was searching the biscuit aisle when I spotted these biscuits. It was the word "Lights" clearly across the front of the pack that first drew my attention. I am actually quite an intelligent woman but I do like to pretend to myself that a biscuit can really be low in fat and good for you, I really should know better. However, having been grasped by that lovely word I popped a packet in to my trolley.

      When I got home I read the pack a little more carefully. Each biscuit contains:
      61 calories
      2.1g Fat--0.4g saturated
      9.4g Carbohydrate
      0.9g fibre

      This didn't seem too bad if I ignored the fact that it was nearly 15% fat! This is stated to be 30% less fat than the original Hobnobs. The ingredient list doesn't sound particularly appetising but the main ingredient (43%) is rolled oats followed by Wholemeal wheat flour so its not all bad. They also do not contain any hydrogenated vegetable oil. A bit of fibre as well had me convincing myself that I should not feel guilty about eating these.

      For allergy sufferers these do contain Soya and Gluten.

      However the most important thing about a biscuit is its taste followed by its "dunkability" factor. Obviously, purely for research, I opened the packet to try them.

      The biscuits are an attractive golden colour and not overly dark, I am not fond of well-done biscuits. The surface texture is quite bobbly and they looked very tasty. On biting into the biscuit I was marginally disappointed, they taste quite dry and definately lack the richness of the full-fat version. They did taste quite oaty and were not too sweet. The biscuits are incredibly crumbly and the children made a real mess when eating them. I knew the texture was certainly not going to lend itself to a bit of tea-dunking but I did try. If I was very quick the result was actually quite nice and certainly improved the texture but speed was definately needed.

      One week on and there are still a couple left in the biscuit tin. That tells me all I need to know about how well they have gone down with my family. If I put a packet of Garibaldi biscuits in there they are lucky to last 24 hrs so a week is probably a family record! These are not horrible biscuits but they just don't seem to be what anyone fancies as a snack. They are not particularly satisfying when you feel like a treat.

      Looking back I can say that obviously the "light" label has certainly decreased my fat and calorie intake as I just haven't been eating them unless I am desperate so maybe I should buy them again!


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