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McVities Moments Orange & Viennese Melt

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Brand: Mc Vitie's / Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2008 12:44
      Very helpful




      Being a student, it is a definite fact that I love to eat snacks instead of cook as I am kind of lazy. I do like to look for offers on biscuits and crisps so that I get to try a lot of new ones and the one that I most recently picked up were on McVities Moments. A while back I had tried these but the flavour I got this time was Chocolate & Orange Viennese Melt which sounded really good and I am a fan of anything that is chocolate orange. They look unusual on the box bur I will try anything chocolate and decided to buy these and see what they were like.

      McVities are run under a company called United Biscuits. They were founded in 1948 when two biscuit companies, McVitie being one of them merged together. As they went on they gained some more biscuit companies under their wing, expanding the company. McVities have been around now for over a hundred years. They started off with the creation of a Digestive biscuit and then chocolate Digestive. In 2006 McVitie's moment s were launched but they also sell a range of cookies and biscuits and are well known.

      The packaging for McVitie's moments is quite sophisticated. It is a navy blue rectangular shaped box. In gold text is the word Moments written in a diagonal way. The usual McVitie's logo is above this in a bold white text. In the background of blue there are wheat symbols fading into the colour which is a nice touch. An orange line underlines the Moments text to fit in with the flavour theme being Chocolate Orange and there is a picture of the actual biscuit to the right which is also surrounding by a faint orange glow.

      On the back, it says that the biscuits are covered in smooth Belgian chocolate. Not only is there just this flavour in the Moments range but they also do Chocolate Viennese Melt, Plain Chocolate Espresso Shortcake, Chocolate Toffee Crunch and Chocolate Fruit & Nut Caramel Shortcake.

      So, as for the actual biscuit appearance, all are kept on a black tray wrapped in cellophane but once unwrapped you see the circular disc shaped biscuits. I'm sure the box contains about 9. They are light brown coloured biscuits and on each side you have them dipped in chocolate for a half coated look. You can smell a faint hint of orange when unwrapping the biscuits but not too overpowering which is nice.

      The biscuit seems quite crunchy but in a light way it is a soft biscuit and so it is nice. You can instantly taste the orange but it is quite light through out and inside the biscuits are little pieces of range I'm sure to give the flavour. These are quite nice but the parts covered in chocolate are the nicest as the chocolate is lovely. The chocolate does melt quite quickly I feel but they are not too filling just a nice snack.

      I did like these biscuits but I prefer something with a stronger flavour. The chocolate was ok but I have tried others in the range and they all seem to be lacking something. Maybe, it's just me and I do like things with a bit more chocolate and flavour. They are still nice if you don't want anything too heavy though but I'm not sure if I'd consider them a favourite. I much prefer a McVities Chocolate Digestive over these. If you like a normal Digestive you might like these as they are a similar idea and they try to have a chocolate flavour throughout the biscuit but I think this is what ruins it.

      If you do like the sounds of these biscuits then they can be bought at all supermarkets. They are £1.39 for a 150g box which is the only size available which I suppose is ok but still a bit more expensive than most biscuits. I think these are meant to have a rich theme to them hence the price. If you want more information on McVitie's and their products then go to http://www.unitedbiscuits.com


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