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McVities Victoria Luxury Biscuits

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8 Reviews

Brand: McVities / Type: Biscuits

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    8 Reviews
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      21.01.2012 22:36
      Very helpful



      For chocolate lovers, a taste of luxury at a reasonable price.

      I'm not someone who normally buys biscuits on a regular basis, apart from the ginger nuts and chocolate digestives so loved - and consumed - by my men folk. For myself I really prefer something homemade. There are times, though, when having a large tin of biscuits available is a distinct advantage. This happened for us recently, as my husband was responsible for hosting a training event with an expected attendance of 30 or so. Naturally there would be refreshment breaks as it was a four hour event. Unfortunately, although he is an organised person on many levels, this was one aspect that was left until the last minute and there was a hint of panic in the air.

      I had a moment of inspiration when I remembered having seen a stack of biscuit tins in Aldi, which is our nearest store by some distance. I went to check them out and was agreeably surprised to see that they were McVities Victoria, in a decent sized tin which looked ideal as there were ten varieties contained - surely there would be something for everyone, unless they were watching their weight! Even better was the fact that they were on special offer at £4.49 for a 725g tin, a reduction of 50p on the full price, as there was no budget for refreshments and we were footing the bill ourselves! Needless to say I bought one straight away in case they sold out before I could return.

      Presentation and Appearance
      What I had bought was contained in a royal blue coloured tin, some 29 cm in length, 21cm wide and 8cm high. There is a small McVities logo, and a larger, gold coloured 'Victoria'. The description of 'an indulgent selection of smooth milk, dark and white chocolate biscuits to make every occasion special' is supported - or maybe it should be vice versa - by a vivid colourful photographic portrayal of seven of the ten varieties. The lid also carries the information that there are 56 biscuits inside. Much of this information is repeated around the tin itself. The nutritional information is to be found underneath, which sometimes seems a bit odd to me, as tipping up the tin to read it is surely likely to increase the risk of breakage.

      When you open the tin, which is strong, not at all flimsy, your eye is drawn to a layer of biscuits in various shapes and sizes, all containing chocolate in some form. One is wrapped in red foil, one in gold foil. The sole white chocolate offering, which is a wafer, stands out quite attractively. The plain chocolate option contains coconut. There don't appear to be any other unusual ingredients. I won't go into any further description, as I don't think it would add much to the review, except to say that there is a piece of that cushioned type of paper that you get in chocolate boxes [I'm sorry, I really can't think how better to describe it] under the lid listing all the varieties, with a photo and saying what they are, such as 'fully coated Milk Chocolate Digestive'. I don't think they could have done more to make the options clear.

      The biscuits are held in a thin brown plastic tray which has shapes to indicate where each one fits. There are two layers, and I note that the second has a piece of white cushioning paper, plain this time.

      The Tastes and Textures
      Due to the nature of the event these biscuits were purchased for, I admit I haven't tried them all! Some had gone before I had opportunity, which must be a good sign. I tried the white chocolate wafer and found it creamy, not too sweet, and no sign of sogginess. I also tried the milk chocolate finger cookie. Again I found the quality of chocolate to be very good, and the biscuit itself was crisp. I guess I was concerned about this factor in case the special offer had been to sell off biscuits that were on the verge of going out of date. I don't have a particularly sweet tooth, but I didn't find these too sweet. There were no complaints from the delegates, and in fact several commented on the quality of the refreshments overall. There were not many left!

      Ingredients, Allergy Information and All That!
      Finally, on turning the tin over [before it was opened and offered to our guests!] I found that the Best Before Date was 30/9/2012, so no worries there. The contents are apparently suitable for vegetarians and the tin is made of recyclable steel. There are lots of quality guarantee details, including how to contact the manufacturers by telephone or email. The website is www.unitedbiscuits.com Our attention is drawn to the contents containing milk, egg, soya, gluten and may contain nuts. The list of ingredients is lengthy and I'm not sure there's a lot of purpose in giving them all here.

      What I couldn't find anywhere, on the tin or inside it, was any nutritional information. I found this surprising in some ways, although I suppose it might vary from one biscuit to another. Perhaps there's an assumption that everyone would know that biscuits of this type are likely to be high in calories, sugars and fats. I don't think you can assume that. A pack of Tesco's Finest Shortbread Fingers in my cupboard, for instance, gives all of this with traffic light ratings. In our context it didn't really matter, but I do feel it should have been included - hence the four stars.

      Would I buy these again? For a similar occasion. definitely yes.

      Thank you for reading my review!
      It may be posted on Ciao; my name on there is Viborg.


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        30.01.2011 12:36
        Very helpful



        A delicious selection of choccie biscuits


        The nice blue one-foot wide and four inches high box that I'd just been given was a most welcome gift. I had received it under pressure for doing a favour, I had no intentions of taking any payment for my services in giving someone a lift, albeit that it was a significant lift from their home to visit a relative in hospital, I was simply doing a friend a favour and a very grateful one as it turned out.


        The blue box had large white lettering across it's front with the word Victoria spelled out in a nice fancy font, but it wasn't until I saw the flag type McVities logo in the corner that I realised what in actual fact I'd been given. A box of chocolate biscuit assortment, and for those of you who are familiar with my reviews it will be blatantly obvious how high my joy was elevated to.

        It is a very pretty box and it almost seems like sacrilege to open it, but to get to the delicious biscuits hidden inside open it I must. On the top of the two layers of biscuits there is a corrugated paper leaf, which covers the whole top, and this has some nice pictures of the contents and a description thereof.

        There is a nice selection of plain, white, and milk chocolate biscuits some old favourites some completely new so further investigation and a cup of nice coffee was the order of the evening.

        It was indeed a dilemma to choose the first of the 10 different varieties which where facing me so I decided to start with what can best be described as the simplest looking offering, the milk chocolate finger cookie. At approx a fingers length and one quarter of a inch thick, it isn't exactly impressive to look at, but I suppose that could be a fair assessment of about 40% of this box of delights. The crumbly cookie biscuit was sweet but not overly so and as it intertwined with the thin layer of milk chocolate I thought if this is the worst then the last one is going to blow my mind. A deliciously simple yet exquisite biscuit masterfully crafted and executed.

        The next biscuit I wasn't going to choose I decided just to travel round the pictured inlay in a clockwise direction, but perhaps leave the two foil wrapped choices until last. This meant that my next invitee was the chocolate chip cookie dipped in milk chocolate, hell I was already in heaven and I was only on the second option. The choc chip cookie was similar to the first choice in terms of texture, but there was the odd extra little nodule of chocolate hidden in the biscuit, which heightened the chocolate hit, and indeed the pleasure.

        The next choice was a choice, which I have loved for years, but this time instead of just being covered on the top it was totally dipped in chocolate. I'd call it humble, but we all know the majestic state to which the chocolate digestive has risen, and a description here would only serve to lower the high regard to which it is deservingly stands. So this leads to the first of the white chocolate offerings, the white chocolate cream wafer. This is a drastically understated little number, which exudes class in every way. Long and thin, draped in slithers of milk chocolate to highlight its virgin appearance. It isn't until she succumbs her outer shell that you get to sample the crisp clean wafer which is bound to other wafer with the most delicate of creams, yet the most divine of tastes. Had she not had this outer shell of white sweetness she might still have been as enticing, but perhaps not quite as sweet and beautiful.

        Another old favourite was the next option being as it was the milk chocolate finger, very similar to the Cadbury version but crumblier and slightly more sweet, another excellent biscuit in it's own right. It was however the next choice which intrigued me most, the plain chocolate covered coconut flavoured square. At about two and a half inches on each side of its perfect square, and rippled with the darkest chocolate, I was really looking forward to this one. I was not to be disappointed, the crisp crumbly biscuit was coconut flavoured as described, just a hint not too much, and as the dark bitter chocolate met with the coconut my taste buds danced with glee.

        The first option had come round again it seemed, but this time instead of milk it had dark chocolate as it's thin top layer and was perhaps just slightly better than its milk counterpart, but then I'm biased toward the darker side. One final biscuit to go, before the two hidden under gold and red foil. This is the chocolate wheel and has milk chocolate as it's covering. This again is a simple yet delicious biscuit. A pretty basic biscuit interior covered in chocolate. Not as large as some of the others, so nice for a quick nibble with a cuppa.

        The red foil hid the contents of the milk chocolate cream crumble, which was way thicker than any other offering in the blue box. A thick crumbly chocolate flavoured biscuit, with a thick chocolate cream and covered it chocolate how more chocolatey can a chocolate biscuit be......................................none methinks.

        The gold foil beckoned and it was hiding another quite simple biscuit in the milk chocolate shortcake, I don't quite get why this was chosen to be wrapped in the gold foil, it is definitely not the best biscuit in the box. It is without doubt a lovely biscuit, but I just feel it is not as good as some of the others which warrant the gold foil more, or maybe I'm just simply putting too much emphasise on the foil colour.


        The biscuits arrive in the tin as described, but they are also encased in two layers each with individual spaces for the biscuits, and each containing at least two of each choice depending on the thickness of the biscuit. The foil ones only contains two of each on each layer. The fingers four, and the rest three or four. So there is a lot of biscuit and a lot of chocolate.

        Having received them as a gift I had to check the net for prices and apparently they cost around £13 a box, which does seem quite expensive, but the quality, diversity and probably quantity might in fact justify this price tag. It is along time since I enjoyed such sweet and chocolatey clockwise trip, and being that there are still numerous choices left and yet another layer it is a trip I shall be taking again for least four occasions. Further journeys will of course involve a reduction due to there only being four or each of the foil biscuits, but I can live with that.

        I really really enjoyed this selection from Mcvities, whom I regard as experts in the biscuit world and now even more so. A diverse and quality selection of delicious biscuit all with chocolate, what more can a sweet-toothed old guy want from life..............another box perhaps.


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          20.01.2011 17:14
          Very helpful



          Not as nice as I expected them to be

          Mistaking me for a Greedy Fat Pig, a relative bought me a packet of these for Christmas. I wouldn't ordinarily buy these biscuits, but have made a good effort at eating them, without much help from my stick thin wife. She is stick thin because she doesn't eat 800g tins of chocolate biscuits and all the other rubbish I tip down my throat.

          The biscuits I have are contained within a pretty hexagonal blue tin with rounded corners and the whole item looks rather attractive. In side the box there are two identical layers of assorted chocolate biscuits - milk, plain and white chocolate. It's described as an indulgent selection, so taking my lead from this description, I have been indulging to moderate excess and I am now well into the second layer.

          The selection contains:
          Milk Chocolate Finger Cookies
          Chocolate Chip Cookies dipped in Milk Chocolate
          Milk Chocolate Shortcakes (Gold Foil)
          Fully Coated Milk Chocolate Digestives
          White Chocolate Cream Wafers
          Milk Chocolate Crispy Biscuit Fingers
          Plain Chocolate Coated Coconut Flavour Squares
          Milk Chocolate Cream Crumbles (Red Foil)
          Milk Chocolate Wheels
          Plain Chocolate Finger Cookies

          Do I like them? - No, not really
          Why Not? - They are too sweet and sickly
          What's your favourite one? - The foil wrapped ones
          Will you buy them? - No, not even on special offer
          Will you finish them off? - Yes, even though there are children starving all over the world
          Could you have been given a better present when it comes to boxed luxury biscuits? - Yes, I don't find McVities very pleasant on the taste buds. I'm a Fox's man myself.
          Are you a Greedy Fat Pig? - Yes, I suffer from uncontrollable greed at times and need to avoid foods like this.
          Would you recommend these to other dooyooers? - No, they will make you fat and feel sick.

          I couldn't help but smile when I noticed that the spell check function didn't recognise McVities - it suggested 'cavities', which is entirely possible if these constitute a regular part of your diet.

          Don't eat these! Have a nice crunchy carrot instead - like Jasper Carrot's kids, whom he named Nora and Henrietta!


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            06.01.2011 00:11
            Very helpful



            I prefer Foxs

            We recently received a box of these Victoria biscuits at work for Diwali, I commented on how nice they were so my dad went and got a box at home, then someone gave us a box for Christmas. Therefore, I have had three of these boxes to nibble on over the last couple of months so am definitely ready to write a review.

            Boxes of biscuits are the sort of gift where you can't go wrong. It's rare that you find someone who says 'I hate biscuits'. They are also readily available at supermarkets, grocery stores and newsagent so an easy, if mundane or boring gift.

            These are more expensive than the Fox Selection boxes, though they do come in an actual tin. This Victoria range comes in a navy blue hexagonal tin in which there are two layers, which I almost forgot and threw away when the first layer was finished.

            It comes with a guide to each biscuit so you know what you are picking. The options are

            * Milk chocolate finder cookie
            * Chocolate chip cookie dipped in milk chocolate
            * Milk chocolate shortcake
            * Fully coated milk chocolate digestive
            * White chocolate cream wafer
            * Milk chocolate crispy biscuit finger
            * Plain chocolate coated coconut flavour square
            * Milk chocolate cream crumble
            * Milk chocolate wheel
            * Plain chocolate finger cookie

            As you can see, the guise of this selection, is biscuit mixed with chocolate in various forms and in different shapes. Of the ten varieties on offer, I would say about 7 are much the same and I can find these a bit repetitive after picking out a few. My favourite is the red foiled cream crumble which is less dry due to the layer of chocolate cream inside. I thought the coconut one might be quite nice, but the taste of the dark chocolate overwhelms the coconut sadly.

            These boxes are £5. I don't think I would get it given that price but it makes a nice gift. I actually prefer the traditional boxes of McVities or the Fox one.


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            07.03.2009 18:00
            Very helpful



            Would make a lovely gift

            Review of McVities Victoria Luxury Chocolate Biscuit assortment

            McVities are a well know biscuit and snack manufacturer in the UK. The Victoria Luxury range certainly lives up to the name as they are a truly luxurious selection of chocolate coated biscuits.

            Product and Packaging

            The biscuit assortment is presented in a beautiful royal blue, rectangular shaped tin. Dooyoo have depicted a brown tin which the biscuits did indeed come in until fairly recently! The tin is sealed with a sellotape strip for freshness and once this is torn open the biscuits themselves are covered with a padded paper shield which also acts as the description for each biscuit. The tin contains 800g in weight, the biscuits are well protected in a plastic inner tray.

            The tin contains twelve different biscuits, all either half or fully coated in milk, plain or white chocolate. There are approx four to six biscuits in each of the varieties, spread over two layers of biscuits. The variety is very good, cookies, wafers, digestives and shortcake style biscuits are all included in the selection. The biscuits contained include chocolate chip cookies dipped in milk chocolate, white chocolate coated cream filled wafers, Milk chocolate cream crumbles and plain chocolate coated coconut squares. My personal favourite is the Milk chocolate wheel, a crispy shortcake wheel shaped biscuit with covered in milk chocolate. The chocolate is very good although I felt that it could be thicker on some of the biscuits. The white chocolate was very sweet, almost to the point of being sickly, but perhaps it is that my personal taste preference is for dark or milk chocolate.
            The biscuits do smell chocolatey and look delicious. Each biscuit has it's own merits and as long as you like chocolate, it is fair to say that there is something for everyone! The product is usually only available around Christmas time and is perfect for giving or sharing. No, stop! Let's be honest here, they are perfect for hiding away from friends and family in order to gobble up yourself!

            We received our tin as a Christmas gift and due to it being a present, I am not 100% certain where it was purchased or at what price. A quick web search has shown an average cost of £7.99 for the biscuits, however I am sure that in the pre-Christmas period supermarkets would offer this style of product on a special promotion, of the 2 for £10 or buy one get one free type!

            I will not bore readers with a long list of ingredients, suffice to say that these biscuits are calorie, fat and sugar laden, as you would expect, from chocolate biscuits! McVities Victoria Luxury biscuits are suitable for vegetarians, but caution should be exercised by nut allergy sufferers as the product is produced in a factory which also manufactures products using nut recipes.

            McVities Company info
            McVities are part of the United Biscuits group who are responsible for popular brands such as Hula Hoops, Go Ahead, Penguin, McCoys and KP. The name McVities has been associated with biscuits for over 100 years.
            The United Biscuit website has little snippets of information such as the number of McVitie's Digestive biscuits baked during one year would go round the world four times and over 71 million packets of McVitie's Chocolate Digestives are eaten in the UK each year which equates to 52 biscuits per second!

            For further information the web address is:-
            Postal Address

            United Biscuits
            Hayes Park
            Hayes End Road
            Middlesex UB4 8EE
            United Kingdom
            Tel. 020 8234 5000


            A lovely biscuit collection which my family and I thoroughly enjoyed. The biscuits were a splendid selection of chocolatey treats and the tin will come in useful now empty too!
            In all honesty, I would not actually purchase these for myself, but as a gift for another, they are ideal. To sum up, I have to say quite expensive, but a lovely treat!

            Thank you for reading.
            © Brittle1906 March 2009
            This review also published under same pen name on Ciao.co.uk


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              03.03.2009 22:34
              Very helpful



              Not great.

              We recieved a tin of these biscuits for Christmas just gone, and surprisingly only just got round to eating them, which is a shock, as usually anything sweet or chocolate covered in this house, usually goes in a matter of minutes. We've had plenty of McVities products before and they've always been nice, and I think McVities is a decent brand, however I do feel with this certain product that they aren't as good as other McVities products, but more on that later, as I have the VERY tough task that nobody wants to do....eating and describing the biscuits...yum....well for some of them anyway.

              *THE TIN*
              The tin that the biscuits come in, is a bit different to the picture shown, it is a darkish royal blue colour, it's quite large in height, width and depth, but is very attractive looking, as far as a tin goes anyway. On the lid of the tin is the name, McVities and then in big gold writing 'Victoria', it then says 'A selection of luxurious milk, white and dark chocolate biscuits to make every occasion special'. Also on the lid are pictures of some of the biscuits inside.
              Around the tin is pretty much the same as the lid, the name and pictures of the biscuits. The tin itself is very appealing as it gives you a taster of whats to come inside, as to look at the biscuits look delicious, which for some is quite decieving.

              *SIZE AND QUANTITY*
              The tin size is 800g, which is a vast amount. There are 12 different varities of milk, white and dark chocolate biscuits to choose from, with each of the varities having around 3 biscuits per layer, and there are 2 layers, so if I do the maths correctly, making on average about 6 biscuits per variety....now for the trying task of taste testing them, oh how I loathe this part......*drool*...ish.

              **Plain Chocolate Orange Cream Crumble**:
              This biscuit is covered in gold foil. The whole biscuit is covered in plain chocolate with two round biscuit sandwiched together by orange cream. The overall taste of the biscuit is non-surprisingly orange, as orange is a powerful flavour, but in this biscuit, it's not OVER-powering, it's just a nice subtle but scrummy orange flavour. The cream is delicious, and blends so well with the plain chocolate biscuits. Overall 9/10
              ***However with this biscuit being strong flavoured orange, it gives all the other biscuits a slight taste of orange which is off putting, so all the biscuits below taste slightly of orange. (saves me keep having to say and being repetative every time I desrcibe the different biscuit)
              **Milk Chocolate Cream Crumble**:
              This biscuit in wrapped in red foil, when the wrapper is opened it reveals a round milk chocolate covered biscuit. It's pretty much the same concept as the plain chocolate cream crumble, apart from its dark choc as opposed to milk, and isn't orange flavoured. Inside the biscuit are two round chocolate crumble biscuits sandwiched together with chocolate cream. The overall taste is of the chocolate cream, which is nice and not sickly. The cream added with the crumble gives a pleasant mix of flavours, each adding to one another. The chocolate covering adds to the overall flavour and makes one hell of a creamy chocolate biscuit. Overall 9/10

              **White Chocolate Crispy Biscuit Finger**:
              This biscuit is pretty much the same as Cadburys Fingers, apart from it's not half as good, taste wise, as them. The biscuit is the same shape as Fingers, but slightly longer and thicker, and is covered in white chocolate, drizzled with milk chocolate. The white chocolate is quite nice, but I can't help comparing the taste of the biscuit finger to that of the Cadburys. With Cadburys Fingers I can't help going back for more and more, but with this biscuit I think I could happily stop at one. The biscuit seems rather bland and tasteless, that I found myself not sucking the chocolate off first as I usually do. just to get a nicer flavour eating the biscuit whole to mask the blandness of the biscuit. Overall 5/10
              **Milk Chocolate Finger Cookie**:
              This biscuit is just rather an average biscuit, sort of the ones you'll find left over from the whole tin. The biscuit is quite small, with a a crumble style biscuit, and a very thin layer of chocolate. The overall taste of the biscuit is niceish, if it wasn't for the chocolate, then it probably wouldn't be worth eating. This wouldn't be my first choice out of the whole tin, and is nothing to write home about. Overall 5/10

              **Milk Chocolate Wheel**:
              This one is quite nice. The biscuit is quite crunchy when you bite into it, but then is soft and quite crumbly inside. It tastes slightly like Cadburys Fingers. A sort of creamy taste, then topped off with a plesant tasting milk chocolate, and leaves a nice after-taste in the mouth. Probably the nicest of the 'unflavoured' biscuits. Overall 8/10
              **Chocolate Chip Cookie dipped in Milk Chocolate**:
              This biscuit reminded me of the Maryland cookies, but tasted nothing like them, in comparison this one wasn't half as tasty. When first bit into, there wasn't an overwhelming melt in the mouth chocolate sensation like you get from the Maryland cookies, it was rather bland and just tasted like half decent chocolate. The biscuit didn't have a great texture and was rather disapointing as I usually love cookies, especially ones dipped in chocolate. Overall the taste wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great, I expected alot from this one, but was thoroughly dissapointed. Overall 5/10

              **Plain Chocolate Coated Coconut Square**:
              This biscuit is nice apart from it doesn't taste like coconut at all. The main flavour is the plain chocolate, and thats all I really taste, apart from obviously the biscuit. I don't know if it's just this batch that i've got or if it's them all, but I can't taste coconut whatsoever. However still a nice biscuit none the less, as i'm not a massive fan of coconut anyway. Overall 7/10
              **Milk Chocolate Clover**:
              This biscuit is obviously shaped like a clover. It's milk chocolate covered, with dark choc drizzle. A pleasant taste of the actual biscuit and chocolate mixed together, although once again the chocolate is thin. The texture is quite crunchy and hard, but it makes a nice biscuit. Overall 7/10

              **MIlk Chocolate Raspberry Triangle**:
              Like with the milk chocolate coconut square, this tastes nothing like raspberry. It's a ok taste, but I was really looking forward to having a nice raspberry and chocolate biscuit. I imagined it being like sort of the strawberry creams from Roses or Quality Streets, but how wrong was I. The biscuit was rather dry and bland, just tasted like chocolate really. Overall 6/10
              **Milk Chocolate Digestive**:
              I love my digestive biscuits, dipped in a nice cuppa tea, until theyre nice and soggy, and I especially like chocolate digestives. These biscuits to my upmost glee are TOTALLY covered in chocolate, not half covered like you usually find, so I was happy. When first bit into the biscuit was crunchy and had a nice snap to it. The taste was nice, but not the nicest of chocolate digestives i've ever had. The biscuit had a nice flavour, quite creamyish, and with the chocolate being milk, it added to the overall creamy flavour of the biscuit. Overall 7/10

              **White Chocolate Cream Wafer**:
              Whenever the word wafer is mentioned to me, I always, always, always think of them lovely pink wafer biscuits which I LOVE. So when we got this tin, this was the first biscuit I eat, and as with all my high expectations of some of these biscuits, my dreams were shattered. Obviously I knew these weren't going to taste nothing like pink wafers as they're completely different biscuits, but i'm going on the wafer texture and overall taste. The wafer was quite chewy which I didn't like, I'm used to the wafer being quite crunchy, but not overly hard. The white chocolate was pleasant and made the biscuit alot more than it would of been without it. The wafer had a ok taste, but the chewyness and softness let the biscuit down. Overall 6/10
              **Plain Chocolate Finger Cookie**:
              This one was identical to the milk chocolate finger cookie, but obviously has plain chocolate instead of milk. Out of the two I prefer this one more as with it having plain chocolate has a stronger flavour, and leaves a nicer aroma on the pallete. Whereas the milk chocolate is pleasant, but not great. Overall 6/10

              The biscuits contain milk, egg, soya and gluten, and are produced on a line handling nuts and sesame seeds.

              *GOOD POINTS*
              There aren't aload of good points to these really. SOME of the biscuits are really nice, if that counts.

              The packaging is quite attractive, and the tin can be re-used for bits and bobs.
              There is a decent amount of biscuits inside.

              *BAD POINTS*
              The problem for me with these biscuits, is that although there are 12 varities to choose from, they all pretty much taste the same, the only difference being the shape of the actual biscuit. Take for instance the milk chocolate wheel and the milk chocolate clover, they taste pretty much identical, but when I bite into them they feel different as they are different shape therefore have different textures.

              The second problem is with the fact the plain chocolate orange cream crumble makes all the other biscuits taste slightly of orange, and that really puts me off. If ever I have strong smelling or flavoured biscuits, I always make a point of not putting them near or mixing them in with other plain biscuits as 99% of the time, the other biscuits take in the flavour of the strong ones and end up ruining the taste of the biscuit.
              Thirdly, the chocolate on ALL of the biscuits is really thin, although it's enough to give you a taste, it could of done with being a little bit thicker to give a better overall chocolate sensation.

              And lastly, the price. Although we didn't buy these ourselves, I've seen how much they cost around Christmas time and think to be honest these particular biscuits aren't worth the money, whatsoever. There's plenty of other varities on biscuits for the same sort of price and are alot nicer than these.


              Overall the McVities Victoria Selection is an OK product, nothing special about it. There are 3 biscuits that I could say I really liked, and would eat again out of the 12. The biscuits are pretty much all the same although they have different shapes, so the variety isn't great. The biscuits are quite expensive to buy, i'm not sure exactly how much but i'd say at least a fiver, and from what I've tasted i'd much rather spend an eighth of that amount on just an ordinary packet of decent biscuits and enjoy them thoroughly.
              McVities are a decent brand, but I think these biscuits are their weakest product of the lot. The chocolate is thin, the packaging is attractive but isn't great, as it traps the orange flavour inside and makes all the other biscuits taste of orange, and basically some of the biscuits are just plain bland. Personally I wouldn't buy these biscuits for myself, but if i recieved them as a present I would happily re-wrap them and send them off as a thoughtful gift to someone else.
              Thanks for reading.


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              25.02.2009 01:27
              Very helpful



              Great buy.

              MCVITIES VICTORIA.....

              A lovely selection of Luxurious Milk, White and Dark chocolate bisuits great for all taste and selection.

              SPECIAL OFFER

              Currently on offer in my local Co-Op Store for five pounds a tin, stating half price....

              Date on botton of tin is 31 January 2010, so would be able to buy now keep for Christmas 2009, if you can resist openning them.

              Weighs 800 grams, but that includes the tin, which incidentally can be used afterwards as has a handily replaced lid.

              Two layers inside.

              Contains two layers of chocolate biscuits, some rapped in foil Red or Gold.
              Others just covered in chocolate three biscuits in each section. Twelve sections in each layer.

              Milk Chocolate Cream Crumble... Red Foil.

              Milk Chocolate Finger Cookie.

              Chocolate Chip Cookie dipped in Milk Chocolate.

              Milk Chocolate Clover.

              Milk Chocolate Digestive.

              White Chocolate Cream Wafer.

              White Chocolate Crispy Biscuit Finger.

              Milk Chocolate wheel.

              Plain Chocolate Coconut Square.

              Milk Chocolate Raspberry Triangle.

              Plain Chocolate Orange Cream Crumble (Gold Foil).

              Plain Chocolate Finger Cookie.

              When I openned mine, the first thing i noticed was the smells if you love chocolate, the mixture of the plain, milk and white chocolate hits you. But even more i could smell the coconut, strawberry and much more.

              I think that they are good value for money, only as on the Special Offer, i definitely was only interested because they were on it.

              I was thinking that as i have the grandchildren over, my children and friends a lot they would make a nice change to the regular biscuits i offer with a cuppa.

              I used my last biscuit tin to store my sewing stuff in, cottons, needles etc. But this tin is much bigger so will use it to store kitchen ingredients in, currently replacing a shabby box i have with my mixture of glass jars of herbs etc.

              Yes i did get tempted to try a few with my evening cuppa and they were delicious.


              Great buy. and Good sized tin to store stuff in (wont take long for my family to work their way through these im sure.

              Thanks for reading my review and rating it, take care

              Jan x


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                01.08.2008 14:43
                Very helpful



                Some nice biscuits in a nice large tin.

                We bought a box of these for Christmas and for some reason you don't really see them around at other times of the year, or is it just me...? Of course, the biscuits have been long finished, but we've kept the tin box for storing odd bits.

                This large tin contains 12 varieties of biscuits covered in milk, plain chocolate and crèmes. Generally, there are about 3-4 of each of the varieties all placed in their own compartment try. There are two trays, so in essence it's almost like having two packets of biscuits.

                Milk Chocolate Cream Crumble - 8/10
                This thick round biscuit comes with chocolate crème filling, there are two chocolate biscuit layers that sandwich the chocolate crème filling and the whole of this thick biscuit is entirely covered in milk chocolate and wrapped in a shiny red foil sheet. I really like this one, will obviously be a favourite for those who love chocolate.

                Plain Chocolate Finger cookie - 8/10
                A thin rectangular shaped cookie covered in milk chocolate. Personally, I feel it is a very 'thin' layer of chocolate on there, though still a nice little crisp cookie.

                Double Chocolate Cookie dipped in Milk chocolate - 9/10
                This is another one loaded with chocolate, possibly my favourite out of all of them. There are thicker chunks of chocolate in this, you almost forget about the biscuit part...

                Milk Chocolate clover - 7/10
                This is a clover shaped basic biscuit covered in milk chocolate and drizzles with a small amount of the plain chocolate. Very similar to a digestive biscuit.

                Milk Chocolate Digestive - 8/10
                This is exactly what it is - a plain digestive biscuit with a thin layer of milk chocolate. McVities actually sell these by the packet separately! A little out of place here, but still very tasty!

                White Chocolate Cream Wafer - 10/10
                This is a small finger sized triple-layered wafer covered in white chocolate. Gives a different edge to all the other biscuits, very soft and light - though very sweet!

                White Chocolate Crispy Biscuit Finger - 8/10
                This is almost exactly like Cadbury's chocolate fingers but covered with white and drizzled with a little milk chocolate. I think these are far nicer.

                Coconut Cookie - 6/10
                My least favourite. Probably because there's no chocolate! Being slightly biased, I also find this quite dry and it's also very crumbly in texture.

                Chocolate Coated Coconut Square - 7/10
                Perhaps it's just the coconut flavour that I don't like, but I'm not really too keen on this either. It's a thin square shaped biscuit covered in plain milk chocolate with coconut flavouring. There appears to be some minty flavour to it as well...

                Milk Chocolate raspberry Triangle - 9/10
                Back to a nicer one - this biscuit is covered in thick milk chocolate and in between there is a lovely helping of soft raspberry crème in its centre.

                Milk Chocolate Finger Cookie - 8/10
                This is exactly the same as No.2 but obviously with milk chocolate.

                Plain Chocolate Orange Crumble - 10/10
                This posh looking one is wrapped in shiny gold foil. It's quite a thick biscuit and with a good decent helping of orange crème sandwiched in between. All of this drenched in milk chocolate. I nearly gave it just a '9' because this one is probably the one with most sugar in. There is only two in each compartment, probably for a valid reason - and they are so sweet, I wouldn't be surprised to feel queasy after eating more than one.

                These cost around £7.99 for 800g - the stated weight is pretty misleading, because it is actually a very large tin with well over 50+ biscuits. Normally, I see these around at Tesco's on a 'Buy One, get One Free' situation - so, very good value for money.

                A nice large box of 'luxury' biscuits, though I do think it's a little over-rated - mainly because of the packaging. Many of the biscuits, though nice, can normally be bought in packs with plainer packaging - I'm sure others will have noticed the especially familiar digestive biscuit and the chocolate fingers that McVities normally do.

                Although, it's a really nice box of biscuits - it may be one to avoid for those who are not big fans of sugar or chocolate.

                Thanks for reading :) xx

                ©Leighsady 2008


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