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Mission Piadinas

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Brand: Mission / Type: Italian Flat Bread

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2010 18:04
      Very helpful



      your new lunch box friend

      One of the banes of my life is the daily "what can I put in the lunch box today?" dilemma. When, as in the case of this product I find something that we all like that livens things up a little I do get a little over excited; as soon as I bought this new Mission flatbread it was added to our list of things we buy every week.

      Piadinas are, as the packet informs me from the Romagna region of Italy. I've been buying Mission wraps for longer than I can remember, which is why I tried this new item when I saw it. They cost £1.29 for 4 in Morrisons - I've yet to see them in Sainsbury's or Tesco, but as I like them so much I hope they will be rolled out to all stores. The bread itself is a bit smaller than a wrap, about 20cm, and thicker than a wrap too - it's a wheat based bread product which can be eaten in lots of different ways, all of which we seem to have tried! The wraps are pretty flexible and make me think of a cross between a wrap and a pitta. They are white (as opposed to brown) and have a slight browned pattern on them as if they have been cooked on a stone.

      I was a bit horrified to see they come in at 386 cals each, but one is more than sufficient for an adult lunch and I find that the children probably are satisfied with half of one each.

      We find that, as the packet suggests that the flatbreads do taste nicest warm. You can heat them up in the microwave, in the oven or for 10-15 seconds in a frying pan. We've found that the tastiest way to eat them is to add meat (chicken or ham) and any cheese we have to hand to the flat breads which we fold in half. They don't seem to break when folded and you can get plenty of filling in them. When the cheese has melted we tend to add salad to the sandwich before serving. I've also used them as a pizza base too for a quick snack, as a snack for the children, and for cold sandwiches on picnics too. There are plenty of recipes for Piadina available on the internet - I've not eaten Piadina in Italy so I can't comment on how authentic this bread is, but it tastes pretty good to me!

      Taste wise these tend to seem very fresh because of the way they are packaged and as you are heating them, they are not dry at all, and just the right thickness for a satisfying sandwich. They taste more like a pitta then a wrap - I don't find them too salty and because they have vegetable oil in them they are suitable for my friend's children (who can't eat dairy), as they are also for vegetarians. They are *just* bread in another form at the end of the day, but they do make a change and they are very handy to have in the freezer for those days when I've forgotten to buy or make bread.

      It's a shame the packet isn't resealable as I do find that once opened these can go dry pretty quickly if you don't pop them in the bread bin - in theory they are supposed to last 3 days once opened, though ours haven't lasted that long thus far! If you are bored by the same old sandwiches every day then I really recommend that you give this product a try - highly recommended from a family of food lovers!


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