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Morrisons Eat Smart Roasted Red Pepper Houmous

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Dip

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    1 Review
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      07.04.2010 17:47
      Very helpful



      Scrummy Houmous with a twist

      I decided around Christmas time that I need to lose a little weight and as a result I started looking at diet books and what not (all of which have been ignored I'm ashamed to say!) and I kept reading about Houmous. I'd never tried it and all of a sudden it was jumping out at me from all angles, claiming to be some kind of wonder snack. I asked around and I was assured that it was lovely so I psyched myself up (I'm a fussy eater so it really did take some good psyching up!) and popped down to Morrisons to buy a pot of Eat Smart Houmous with Roasted Red Peppers.

      I chose this particular one because I am naturally inclined to go for things that claim to be better for you and the 'Eat Smart' label and claim of 40% less fat drew me in. There was also an offer on- 2 tubs for £1.30. There are other options available, you can choose to have it with lemon or coriander also but I like red peppers and thought that sounded like a nice combination.

      This is packaged like any other tub of houmous, in a clear plastic tub with a cardboard sleeve around it. The sleeve is dark blue with the Eat Smart logo on the front and a picture of the houmous.

      A few days later I was actually brave enough to try some on a crispbake... and Yum is all I can say! Now, I can't compare this to 'regular' houmous as it was my first try of houmous and I haven't tried any other kind since, but it is lovely.

      For those who aren't sure what houmous is, like me a few weeks ago, it is a Greek dip made with chickpeas and other nice things, the one that I'm reviewing has roasted red peppers, sesame seed paste, lemon juice and garlic in it. It is a relatively smooth dip with little chunks of pepper in. The taste is very light and flavoursome, you can taste all of the individual flavours but none are over powering.

      The great thing about this is that it is a lower calorie snack. In half a tub there is:
      172 Calories
      1.6g of sugar
      11.7g of fat
      1.2g of saturates
      0.8g of salt

      I only have about a fifth of a tub at a time so that's only about 69 calories, taking into account the 2 Morrisons Eat Smart Crispbakes I use as 'dippers' (29 kcal each) that's a yummy, filling snack for 127 calories- winner!

      The tub holds 170g and it is recommended that you eat it all within 2 days of opening. I can't say that I stick to those rules and will still be eating it 3 or 4 days after opening it and it still tastes fine.

      This is suitable for vegetarians but not suitable for anyone with a sesame allergy.

      All in all, I'm converted. I like my new healthier snack and my fiancé thinks it looks 'gross' so I don't have to worry about him stealing it!


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