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Morrisons Medium Sliced White Loaf

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Bread

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    2 Reviews
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      17.02.2010 20:32
      Very helpful
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      Not for me!

      I found myself in Morrisons needing bread for packed lunches and breakfast - but they had none of my usual Kingsmill or Warburtons loaves. I took this as the perfect opportunity to try the Morrisons own brand bread - at 75p it's a shadow of the price of your average £1.30 Warburtons, but sadly.... You can tell.

      I used it initially to make sandwiches - the bread has no light and fluffy
      texture... in fact, it is rather thick and doughy. Its very difficult to butter because as soon as you start to spread it the bread tears so you have to be really careful. And eating it isn't a pleasant experience because its far too heavy and stodgy. It totally drowns out the taste of any filling.

      I made toast with it this morning - and it was rock hard! The bread just
      goes really crisp and firm (which is great if that's how you like your
      toast - but I like it very lightly toasted so the bread is quite soft and
      chewy. This was brittle to bite and made crumbs that look like you've
      toasted several loaves.

      By the time I'd made everybody's lunches and made breakfast the loaf was practically gone - but If it hadn't had been I would have thrown the rest away. None of us particularly enjoyed our food that day - and I would rather pay the extra money for the branded bread.


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        09.10.2009 20:36
        Very helpful



        Grab a loaf whilst it's on offer!

        When it comes to bread in my home we get through an awful lot of it. To be honest though this is my fault because me, well I can easily consume 10 pieces a day due to being a bread bin and cos I love the stuff! (This is why I work out put the gym so much lol).

        My Mum got sick a couple of weeks ago of going to the supermarket and paying the huge prices for premium and branded bread such as Warburtons and decided to get Morrisons own bread which was on offer at the time for 35p a loaf (limited time only) usually priced at about 70p a loaf. Now me..... I don't usually care what bread I eat, even economy so I wasn't in the slightest bit phased by the loss of the higher priced loaf!

        The Packaging:

        The bag is mainly see-through plastic and on the top of the bag there is a blue section of colour and on that I'm told it is Morrisons 'Own Brand' Medium Sliced White Bread, there is a nutritional chart on there, I'm told it's freezable, is a good source of folic acid, is suitable for Vegetarians and is 800g in weight. On the back of the bag other information given includes being given a list of ingredients, allergy advice is listed (Contains: Gluten and Soya and it is produced in a factory that uses milk and sesame ingredients), a full nutritional chart is listed, I'm told how to store it and contact details for Morrisons are given. it's a nice enough looking bag and it's informative enough too.

        The Bread:

        Well it's white and there's about 20-22 slices in there. It's a standard loaf anyway and this is the only size this comes in as far as I'm aware of. There is a crust to each end which is quite thick for a medium loaf size but the rest of the slices are square, brilliant white in colour with lovely light golden crusts to the edges which aren't too thick and the slices themselves in my opinion are medium and are not to thick or too thin.

        The bread itself is nice, it has a moist an bouncy feel to it and lasts if stored in a bread bin a good few days and of course this is freezable. It's tasty bread, has a nice fresh bread smell to it and is perfect for sandwiches, toasting anything really. This to me is a premium bread with a low price tag and me, I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I like the fresh taste and the way it is so versatile! Lovely Morrisons, top marks!

        Nutritional Information Per Slice:

        Calories: 79
        Sugar: 1g
        Fat: 0.3g
        Saturates: Trace
        Salt: 0.3g

        Only available in Morrisons stores.


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