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Morrisons The Best Toffee Cake

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Brand: Morrisons / Type: Cakes

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2009 16:22
      Very helpful



      I hope there's a birthday soon so I have an excuse to eat some more! Yummy! :o)

      I bought one of these for my father's birthday last month as I wanted something yummy that wasn't too big as there would only be 3 of us. I came across this in Morrisons, and it definitely looked tempting, and a good price at a little over £3.

      This comes in a dark green box and is labelled as being produced by Morrisons within their 'The Best' range. Unlike a basic, supermarket value label, 'The Best' has more of a quality feel to it, so I trusted that it should taste as good as it looked.

      The text on the box describes this cake as being a 'Moist toffee cake with fudge pieces, filled & topped with toffee buttercream, decorated with honeycomb pieces & caramel choc curls and finished with a drizzle of caramel sauce'. Sounds good, yes? You can get a sneak peak at the cake too with the clear plastic on the front of the box, and from first appearances, it looks professional.

      Getting the cake out of the box wasn't as easy as I had hoped because there's no cake tray. Usually, there would be a cardboard bottom so you can easily remove the cake and it looks presentable without a plate if you're using it as a birthday/celebration cake. I think this is the only little niggle I have with the product, though.

      Looking at the cake, it's round shape is well-formed and of good depth. The consistency is firm enough so that the cake all stays in one piece when transferring it from the box, through the hallway whilst digging a few candles into it, and dangling precariously in front of someone's face whilst they blow the candles out.

      When comparing the size of this cake to others, it's a fairly small size. The nutrional guidelines show each serving as being 1/6, so if you take relatively thin slices then it can serve 6. I only wanted something to go between 3 people, and we all managed two slices each, which was just right for everybody.

      The smell is a delicious blend of chocolate and caramel, and looking at, it's quite a neat cake. It looks like care has been taken over it, and you wouldn't think by looking at it that it's at all cheap or tacky. It's a supermarket brand, but a higher quality one, and I personally think it rivals some of the better-known brands.

      The cake is soft when you cut into it, exposing the toffee buttercream. If you're lucky, you'll get some fudge, honeycomb, caramel sauce and chocolatey curls on the top too, which are relatively evenly spread out over the cake.

      The texture is just right; moist and soft, fresh and delicate. It tastes delicious, with a rich blend of chocolate and toffee that is sweet without being sickly. There's no funny aftertaste either, which I have found with some cakes in the past, so this definitely seems like a good quality choice.

      Each 1/6 contains 281 calories and 4.8g of fat, so it's quite high in terms of calories. That said, it's a cake that is meant for enjoying and indulging in, so it's best to skip over the numbers! For those who are vegetarians, you'll be glad to know it's veggie friendly!

      All in all, this cake is a great buy at a little over £3. It looks presentable, although it lacks a base, smells temping, and tastes delicious. Definitely recommended :o)


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