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Morrisons White Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Brand: Morrison's / Type: Cookies / biscuits

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    1 Review
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      07.03.2011 15:28
      Very helpful



      A great tasting cookie that I would highly recommend.

      These cookies are from the fresh bakery section of any Morrisons supermarket and they in a paper bag that contains 5 of the white chocolate chip cookies for £1.

      The bag they come in is brown in colour and is 16cm tall, so it is quite noticeable on the shelves. On the front of the pack there is a clear panel that covers most of the front. This lets you see the big cookies that are inside the bag. Stuck over part of this is a white label that has the product name and price,this label continues over the top of the bag and sticks down the top of the bag.

      To open the bag you simply tear the label and the top of the bag folds up and opens up. The cookies have a distinct smell that reminds me of ones made in a bakery where I used to live. The cookies are lightly golden in colour and spread through-out them are large white chocolate bits. Each cookies is about 10cm in diameter and 1cm thick making them a lot bigger than the mass produced cookies you will find in the biscuit aisles.

      On biting the cookie, they have a distinct firm but soft texture to them. The outside is slightly firm but once you are through that it is much softer. I like this a lot as it makes them chewy and taste a lot fresher. The cookie itself has a slightly sweet taste that is quite hard to describe but it is very nice. The mix of the hard outer and soft inner makes chewing them very pleasurable. The big part of these that I like is the white chocolate bits. They seem to be like giant chocolate drops and in each cookie there are quite a few spread through-out. The chocolate bits aren't too hard which makes them easy to eat and when you bite through one, it releases a really sweet taste through your mouth. These cookies are really easy to eat and I think they are great to tear apart and dunk in a cup of tea.

      As they are a lot fresher than the the likes or Maryland cookies, they don't last too long once the bag is opened. To me this seems like a good sign as it must mean that there aren't too many preservatives in each cookie. I've been a fan of these for quite a while and have tried one from different supermarkets and they all taste pretty similar. They also do milk chocolate chip cookies and double chocolate chip cookies. I lie the milk chocolate ones, but not the double chocolate ones as I find them a bit too chocolaty and a little sickly.

      Overall, I am going to give these 4/5 as they are a great price for a nice treat but I suspect they aren't too healthy. I would recommend these to anyone as they are very nice.

      Thanks for reading.

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