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Mr Kipling Caramel Oatibakes

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Brand: Mr. Kipling / Type: Breads/Cakes

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    3 Reviews
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      04.05.2010 17:37
      Very helpful



      A sweet caramel cake bar with oats added for the sake of adding oats.

      In Iceland yesterday buying a few bits, I spotted these Mr Kipling Caramel Oatibakes at the side of the checkout and picked them up to have a look. When I realised that they didn't have chocolate in or on, and were caramel flavour, and, as I like oats, (not in porridge, but in cookies and things), I popped a pack in the basket as for £1 they looked quite nice.

      The packaging for these is a little over the top. First you have a cardboard box, then inside that is a plastic tray. Inside that, each oatibake is individually wrapped in it's own plastic wrapper. I guess they're done this way so that they can be put in lunchboxes easily, but I don't really understand why we need a box AND a tray AND individual wrapping you know. It does seem rather a waste.

      I have to say these look very nice. The plastic wrapper is mostly clear letting you see the bake inside. It looks kind of like bakewell sponge topping with a layer of caramel in the middle and more of the spongy stuff underneath.

      When you open the packaging the smell is really nice, very caramelly and sweet smelling, and from the first bite the taste doesn't disappoint either. Like a bakewell these are quite crumbly though, so you do sort of want to hold your hand under your chin as you bite, otherwise you could find yourself losing large chunks to the floor. These are quite small, 7.5cm long x 3 x 2 roughly. Not a huge cake, but to be honest, the sweetness of these really means you wouldn't want more. In fact, the second mouthful was ok but the third (and final one), left me feeling slightly sickly. The oats are there, but they're not really part of the mixture properly like they are in a cookie or something, it's more like it's a bakewell sponge mixture with some oats thrown in just near the end so that they could jump on the bandwagon and 'do' oats you know. The cake is really nice and moist though unlike some cake bars that you can get, so that was good.

      I have to say I did feel rather as if this cake bar had been created just purely to jump on a bandwagon it was almost like they'd designed the cake bar, and then oats became fashionable and so at the last minute they decided to add them for the hell of it. They just don't really work so well in this is all. Oats need to bind with other ingredients like butter, syrup, flour, brown sugar and raisins to work well I think. In a cake like this they just sit there being well individual oats.

      The other thing is, although I expect cakes to be bad for me, people do often tend to think of things with oats in as being healthier - well don't be deceived, these are definitely not healthy! Each oatibake only weighs about 43g and yet it contains a massive 9 grams of fat, and 12g of sugar! About the only semi healthy thing about it is that it doesn't contain any artificial colours or flavours.

      I know Mr Kipling is renowned for making 'exceedingly good cakes' but I have to say I think he's let himself down here as these are certainly not exceedingly good. They're exceedingly sweet, and exceedingly crumbly, and even exceedingly unhealthy, but that's about it I'm afraid. Not one I'll be recommending to anyone I don't think, and certainly something I won't bother buying again.


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        29.04.2010 13:54
        Very helpful



        Mr Kipling Caramel Oatibakes - oaty sponge, with toffee centre.

        I am always on the look out for something new to snack on, so when I saw these new Mr Kipling Caramel Oatibakes, I had to give them a go. This new variety has the choice of three flavours: blackcurrant, strawberry and caramel, as I love caramel, I opted for these ones first.

        Mr Kipling Caramel Oatibakes come in cardboard packaging. The colouring of the packaging suits the flavour and comes in shades of warm creamy brown and soft orange, with a close-up shot of an oatibake and the main ingredients used. Inside, each cake is individually wrapped in clear plastic, which keeps them fresh and prevents them from drying out.

        I was actually quite excited when I opened up my oatibake, as it did look gorgeous. The sponge is a lovely golden brown colour and there is a thick spreading of soft brown toffee in the middle of the cake slice. The sponge felt moist and I was really looking forward to the first bite.

        Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy this at all, which was very disappointing. The sponge was perfectly cooked, but I didn't think the texture of the chewy oats went at all well with the moist, slightly sticky sponge. I would rather have had the sponge without the oats, but then it would not have been an oatibake! I also found the toffee middle far too sweet and sickly and found it difficult to finish off the cake slice. I actually had to pass the other four on to the rest of my family, who did in fact enjoy them.

        There is no doubt in my mind that this is a well made product, It just didn't do anything for my taste buds at all! The rest were eaten very happily buy my husband and 3 kids and were thoroughly enjoyed by them.

        *Nutritional Value Per Oatibake*

        Energy - 173 kcal
        Sugar - 12g
        Fat - 9g
        Saturates - 3g
        Salt - 0.2g

        This product contains gluten, oats, wheat, eggs, milk. It may also contain nuts.

        It is free from artificial colours and flavours and is suitable for vegetarians.

        Mr Kipling Caramel Oatibakes are available from Tesco in a pack of 5 for £1.30. They are on special offer until 4th May at 2 for £2.30

        I won't be buying these oatibakes again and won't bother trying the other flavours as I dislike the sponge. I have no doubt that they will become popular because they are well baked, but I find the combination of ingredients unappetising.

        Unfortunately, not one to add to my shopping list.


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          20.04.2010 07:47
          Very helpful



          Another Tasty Little Treat From Mr. Kipling

          Having tried and enjoyed the Blackcurrant Oatibakes I decided to see what the caramel ones were like.


          The slices comes are packed in a plastic tray which, in turn is packed in an outer paper carton. The carton is recyclable & is predominantly orangey-brown in colour. The "Mr. Kipling" logo is on the front, along with the name & a picture of an oatibake, some oats and some chunks of caramel. The back of the carton lists the ingredients, allergy advice, nutritional information & the Mr. Kipling's quality guarantee. There are also pictures of Mr. Kipling's Blackcurrant Oatibakes and Strawberry Oatibakes.

          The website address is:- www.mrkipling.co.uk

          and the product is described as:- "Moist caramel flavour sponge baked with oats (22%), golden syrup (21%) and a layer of toffee sauce (15%)"

          Ingredients: Oats, Golden Syrup (Partially Inverted Refiners Syrup) , Toffee Sauce [Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Butter, Dextrose, Fructose, Salt, Gelling Agent (Pectin), Flavouring], Vegetable Oil, Reconstituted Egg White, Wheat Flour, Butter, Glucose Syrup, Humectant (Vegetable Glycerine), Invert Sugar Syrup, Raising Agents (Disodium Diphosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Flavouring.

          Nutritional Information per cake {per 100g in brackets}

          Energy kJ: 724kJ {1748kJ}
          Calories: 173 kcal {418 kcal}
          Protein: 2.0g {4.8g}
          Carbohydrate: 21.3g {51.4g}
          of which sugars: 12.3g {29.6g}
          Fat: 8.9g {21.4g}
          of which saturates: 2.7g {6.6g}
          Fibre: 0.9g {2.3g}
          Sodium: 0.07g {0.17g}
          - equivalent as salt: 0.18g {0.43g}

          Dietary & Allergy Information

          Contains gluten (wheat, oats), egg & milk.
          May contain nut traces

          These slices are suitable for vegetarians. They contain no artificial colour or flavours and no hydrogenated fat.

          The oatibakes:

          Like the Blackcurrant Oatibakes these Caramel Oatibakes are individually wrapped in plastic film so there's no issue with the air getting to the the second oatibakes like there can be with the products that are packed in pairs. The outer box informs us that we should check local recycling details to find out whether the plastic film in which the oatibakes and wrapped and the plastic tray which holds them are able to be recycled.

          I paid the sum of £1p for two boxes these in my local corner shop. Asda currently have a 3 for £3 offer on them.

          Taste and Opinion:

          These look pretty much identical to the Blackcurrant Oatibakes. They're just over 7cms long by 3 cms thick and around 2cm in depth. The ends, top and bottom of each oatibakes looks an appetising golden brown whilst the sides are just a shade lighter. You can see a layer of toffee sauce running unevenly through the oatibake and this is the only really difference in appearance between the two products, the toffee sauce being a yellowey brown colour as opposed to the reddy-purple colour of the blackcurrant jam.

          The oatibake is soft and moist but feels slightly stickier to the touch than the blackcurrant oatibake does. In terms of stickiness it's got a similar sort of feel to ginger cake so you may want to wash your hands after eating this, particularly if you're reading a book or handling paper of some sort.

          As with the blackcurrant oatibake it's the toffee sauce and the golden syrup which help to bind the whole thing together as well as creating a sweet taste and moist texture to the oatibake. These do taste very more-ish although I think whether ot not you'll enjoy them more than the blackcurrant oatibakes depends on your feelings about toffee sauce compared to blackcurrant jam as the consistency of the oatibakes, the taste of the oates and the moistness of the product is fairly similar between both products. The main difference is between the toffee sauce and blackcurrant jam flavours. But, as nice as these are, I'm nailing my colours firmly to the mast of the blakcurrant oatibakes as I like the jam filling just a little more than the toffee sauce that is used here. If you're looking for something that's not dry and doesn't have any sort of icing on it then look no further that these as they're very tasty.

          Sizewise these are a very handy size to pop into a lunchbox and the fact that they're individually packed means that you're not forced to leave one exposed to the air if you only want to eat one oatibake, in the same way that you are with the Mr. Kipling products that are packed in pairs.

          The sugar & fat content with these isn't brilliant, but then it's pretty similar to lots of cake type products that are available, particularly those made by Mr. Kipling. One oatibake will provide you with 12.3g of sugar (RDA for adults is 90g) and 8.9g of fat (RDA for adults is 70%). That means that they're slightly better on the sugar front than the blackcurrant oatibakes and slightly worse in terms of fat.

          If you haven't tried these yet but have tried the blackcurrant oatibakes or something like Kellogg's Nutrigrain bars and you like those then I think you'd like these as well. A recommended purchase from me.


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