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Mr Kipling Manor House Cake

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Brand: Mr Kipling / Type: Cakes

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    6 Reviews
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      10.08.2013 12:55
      Very helpful



      A good fruit cake.

      If time is not an issue, I usually prefer to make my own cakes. I would say that nine times out of ten homemade cakes taste better than bought. Mr Kipling Manor House cake is an exception to this rule. It is delicious, fruity and moist - and has a 'homemade' quality about it that most other processed cakes don't possess.

      Currently(10/08/13) Mr Kipling Manor House cake 400g is £1.49 at Asda/Tesco/Sainsburys.

      Ingredients:Sultanas, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Water, Pork Fat, Vegetable Oil, Soya Flour, Free Range Dried Egg, Whey Powder, Demerara Sugar, Raising Agents (Disodium Diphosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Free Range Dried Egg White, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Milk Protein, Emulsifiers (Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids, Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids).

      As far as dietary requirements go a 1/6th portion of cake contains Calories 268 13%, Sugars 23.8g 26%, Fat 13.1g 19%, Saturates 4.3g 22%, Salt 0.20g 3% of an adult's guideline daily amount. So, it is a 'treat' product for occasional eating if you are watching your waistline.

      It is not suitable for milk/nut/wheat/gluten allergy sufferers. It is free from artificial colours.

      Manufacturer: Mr Kipling Cakes, Premier Foods Group Ltd, PO Box 66093, London, W4 9EX.

      The product: the cake comes in a recyclable cardboard box and is wrapped in a plastic film. It is circular and approximately 13cm across. It is golden brown in colour and has a sprinkling of Demerara sugar on the top. It isn't the most exciting cake in appearance - it has a sort of 'fourth prize at the local harvest festival' look. But what this homely cake lacks in looks it makes up for in taste.

      Cutting into this cake, it is firm as a decent fruit cake should be and has plenty of sultanas in it. When you bite into it you get the crunch of the Demerara topping and the sweetness of the sponge mixed with all that fruit. Lovely - especially with a good strong cup of tea.

      After opening I store the cake in an airtight tin.

      This cake has a touch of nostalgia about it for me as it was my gran's favourite Mr Kipling product. Gran was right about this one, I think. It's a nice bit of fruit cake. Would recommend.


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        25.03.2012 19:28
        Very helpful



        An ok cake but I've had an awful lot better!

        Not very often to I get a cake in but knowing my parents were coming to visit and spotting this in Asda costing only £1.00 (on offer) I decided to get it in for them to go with a cuppa!

        The Packaging:

        The cake comes in a mainly ornage coloured box with photos of slices of the cake on the front of it and we are told of course that it is Mr Kipling 'Exceedingly Good' Manor House 'Delicious, lightly fruited cake' and that it is made with a 100% natural flavours and baked with free range eggs and there is an at a glance nutritional chart listed there too. On the back if the box other information lsited includes ingredients and allergy adivice stated, there is a full nutritional chart listed and contact details for Mr Kipling Cakes are given. Inside the cake comes in a see-through plastic wrapper that is easy enough to remove.

        The Cake Itself:

        Well the cake is baked looking with a small dusting of demerara sugar spinkled all over the top of it. This is a round, brown coloured and rather thick cake and of course is a fruit cake and within the spongy but firm mix there are sultanas in it and thats pretty much it fruit wise. There is pork fat within it as well according to the listed ingredients mind (I'm so glad I didn't know that at the time of eating almost the entire cake after my parents left it barely touched lol).

        Forget the pork fat though, that aside this is a moist and slighty crumbly cake. I like the fact the sultanas are juicy and plump and that the entire cake isn't too sweet though I could swear years ago when I ate this cake it was sprinkled in alot more sugar...which I prefer on the outside of the cake.

        All in all though I like it well enough, its just a bit plain for me and you do need to eat it pretty much as you open it as I left mine out for an hour or so and it went dry on my cake stand so if you want to keep it fresh and moist then you do need to keep it in an airtight container or it goes a bit hard on the outside and a bit drierdup on the in!

        Not a bad cake but there is alot more exciting cakes than this one out there!

        Nutritional Information Per 1/6th Of A Cake Contains:

        Calories: 268
        Sugars: 23.8g
        Fat: 13.1g
        Saturates: 4.3g
        Salt: 0.20g

        Available in all good supermarkets etc and if not on offer like I bought mine for this cost closer to £1.50 per cake and you get 4 decent slices of it in my opinion!


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          29.03.2011 16:14
          Very helpful




          Mr Kipling is a well-known brand producing a wide range of confectionary including cakes, tarts and various pies and slices. The brand has been with us now since 1976 and is in my opinion one of the highest quality.

          I'm not really a big fan of cakes and deserts, especially not fruit cake, but Manor House cake has been a firm favourite of mine since childhood and one I have always found very palletable. Although this is essentially a fruit cake, it isn't what you might typically expect. I usually find fruit cake quite dense and rich with a strong flavour from the dried fruit within the cake.

          Manor House cake is in a league of it's own. The 400g cake is round in shape and is sold sealed in a transparent plastic wrapping within a cardboard box. The packaging is typical of the Mr. Kipling brand with the use of reds and creams and a traditional font, giving the impression that this is a well-established tradition brand of good quality.

          Baked to absolute perfection, the round cake is golden brown on top and quite crispy to the touch due to the fact that it has been sprinkled with demerara sugar giving a sweet, caramelised surface.

          The body of the cake is much lighter in appearance, and is packed with sultanas. I think it is the balance of the sultanas and spong which makes this cake extra special. A lot of the time with cakes of this nature, there a minimal amount of fruit or too much, making the cake either too dry or too heavy. The texture of the sponge is quite light and quite crumbly, but still moist thanks to the sultanas which seem to do a good job also of holding the cake together. The sultanas are succulent quite sweet but not overly sweet, giving this cake a lovely, natural sweetness and taste.

          Unfortunately as is usually the case, things that taste this good aren't the best for you. The cake has a massive sugar content and 1/6th of the cake contains 267 calories and over 13 grams of fat. It isn't the biggest cake, so dividing the cake into six would make for quite small portions. However, given how tasty and scruptious this cake is, I am willing to overlook the nutritional information and indulge in a piece on occasion.

          ===You may also want to know..===

          --Nutritional Information--

          per 100g per 1/6th

          Cal 400k Cal 267kCal
          Fat 19.7g 13.1g
          Sat Fat 6.4g 4.3g
          Sugar 35.7g 23.8g
          Salt 0.3g 0.2g


          Sultanas, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Pork Fat, Reconstituted Egg, Vegetable Oil, Soya Flour, Reconstituted Egg White, Whey Powder, Demerara Sugar, Raising Agents (Disodium Diphosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Milk Protein, Emulsifiers (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids)

          Overall, this is a lovely tasting cake which I would be happy to recommend and is absolutely lovely with a nice cup of tea. It can be purchased from most supermarkets for the cost of £1.30.

          **Also on Ciao under the same username**


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          05.08.2009 17:11
          Very helpful



          Mr Kipling does it again

          Okay, I admit it; Even though I am generally a perfectly competent housemum, I cannot make a decent cake even if my life depends on it, so when my sons come home from school stating the immortal words "We're having a cake sale" I get a chill down my spine - or at least I used to until I discovered Mr Kipling Manor house cake.

          Frantically scouring the cake aisle late on a Thursday night (ready for the Friday sale) I came across this little delight. It was only £1.69 which I think I very reasonable, as opposed to over £5 for most of the other "full sized" cakes, so I threw three in my trolley; one to test and two for the sale. The cake comes in a relatively small box - about 15cm square, and the box is immediately noticeable as the Mr Kipling brand, with its slightly old fashioned yet classic design.

          When you open the box and take the cake out of the inner plastic wrapper, you are immediately met with the comforting smell of home cooking. The cake is golden brown, with a sprinkling of brown sugar on the top, which gives it an attractive and homemade appearance.

          Cutting into the cake was easy, and although it felt deliciously soft, the cake holds its shape well and does not crumble too much and fall apart. Once you have cut a slice out, you can see plump sultanas dotted evenly throughout the light brown cake which I think is a feat in itself as mine always sink to the bottom!

          I really cannot fault the taste or the texture of the cake. It is light and melts in your mouth and is not at all stodgy, even though it is very moist. The sultanas are juicy and sweet, and the sugar on the top adds a crunchy texture. It has a lovely simple flavour, that isn't too heavy or rich, but it is a lot sweeter than a normal sponge. A small slice of this washed down with a cup of tea is perfect for an afternoon treat.

          The whole cake weighs 400g, and it is recommended that it can serve six, although I would say that this is a small cake and so it is possibly a bit stingy! Per sixth of the cake there are 267 calories and 13.1g of fat so this is a nice treat, but only once in a while - but that goes for all cake, this product is nothing different. This cake is not suitable for vegetarians as it contains pork fat, and it may contain traces of nuts. There are no artificial colours or flavours and this cake has no hydrogenated fat. The best before date on the pack is for three weeks from when I bought it,.

          I happily sent my sons off to school with this cake, and even though I did take them out of the box and wrapping, and put them in my own plastic containers, at no point did I try to pass this product off as my own....... I can't be held accountable for peoples assumptions!


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            28.04.2009 15:26
            Very helpful
            1 Comment




            There are certain times in a girls life when she feels she needs to indulge. Whether it be ice-cream, chocolate or cake (or all three), the craving must be satisfied!

            My usual craving is this cake. On a day to day basis i'm not really that interested in cake generally. I can go into Greggs and not even look at the cake counter and if i'm given a slice of birthday cake it more often than not ends up going in the bin when I get home. Mr Kipling Manor House cake is an exception to the rule and is the cake item that hits the spot for me.

            It is described on the box as a "A moist sponge cake, baked with juicy sultanas and topped with a generous sprinkling of demerara sugar. Wholly delicious!". The sultanas make up 22% of the cake, and although that doesn't sound like very much, they are large and juicy and well distributed throughout, so that there is some in every mouthful. The top of the cake is crusted with demorara sugar, which gives a slightly crisp and sweet contrast to the softness of the cake itself.

            Although it is stated as being a light sponge, I would still refer to this as a fruit cake. To me the texture of the cake itself is a cross between the lightness of a sponge, and the "crumbliness" of a fruitcake (just not as rich), and I think this is why I like it so much as I tend to find traditional fruitcake quite hard going.

            There are no hydrogenated fats, artificial colours or flavours in this cake, but it does contain the following:

            Contains Gluten
            Contains Wheat
            Contains Eggs
            Contains Milk
            May Contain Nuts
            Contains Soya\Soybeans

            The nutional information on the box states that one sixth of this cake (which I would say is a small to medium slice) is 267 calories. There is 13.1g of fat of which 4.3 are saturates.

            All in all, a really tasty cake.


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              27.04.2009 16:41
              Very helpful



              One of mr Kiplings finest.

              Fruit cake, the food of the Gods. It was sometime during the 1400's that Great Britain developed a taste for the fruit cake, all kinds of dried fruit had started to come into our country from the Mediterranean countries and they needed to be utilised. During the 18th century Continental Europe frowned upon the fruit cake, it was considered `sinfully rich`.
              But then toward the latter part of the 18th century no Victorian teatime was complete without the customary rich fruit cake and it enjoyed great popularity.

              So, here we are many years later and there are masses of bakers, large and small all making their own version of the fruit cake. I am sure that many of us have an old family recipe that has remained a firm favourite through the generations. I have a recipe that has been tried, tested and proves highly successful but the temptation of buying a ready made fruit cake is sometimes too great.

              We all know and love Mr Kipling's cakes, they are iconic and the packaging stands out in a crowd.
              Although we all love to have a little moan about the size of the cakes, some being no more than a mouthful they are a tasty morsel that is hard to bypass.
              I am sure that most of us are given to letting a small groan slip between our lips as we let yet another packet of relatively expensive and exceedingly good Kipling cakes into our shopping trolley. But if we are pushed for time or inclination then they are the perfect solution to bridge a gap.

              The Manor house fruit cake is in the Kipling colours, a deep cherry red and cream light cardboard box. The title of the cake is splashed over the front of the box in a traditional style font and as expected there are a couple of hefty slices of fruit cake that have been positioned on the front of the box for us to admire.

              Inside of the box the cake sits in a clear plastic cover which is simple to open. Both box and plastic can be recycled.
              I have a strong feeling that over the years the Manor House cake has shrunk, it seems to be a mere shadow of its former self. It may have lost a substantial amount of weight but it still remains a hearty fruit cake.
              I love looking at the top crust, the golden baked crust has been sprinkled heavily with demerara sugar and the crystals of light brown sugar sit and sparkle on top of the cake.
              In fact the Manor House cake contains just one dried fruit, sultanas.
              Mr kipling himself describes the cake as a wholly delicious and lightly fruited sponge cake, I would never have though of labelling it as a sponge cake, the whole consistency of the cake is far heavier, more moist and far more filling than an ordinary sponge cake.
              There have been no artificial flavours or colours used in the production of the cake and there is no evidence of any hydrogenated fat.
              The Manor House cake does contain wheat, gluten, milk and eggs.
              The cake slices well, as you remove a slice and put it onto the teaplate the cake holds shape. Often one of those juicy sultanas remains clinging to the blade of the knife, 22% of the entire cake is made up of plump sultanas.
              The cake would appeal to anyone who prefers fruit cake without that rich heavy sweet touch, as you start to enjoy the slice of cake you soon realise that the mixture is moist and the texture is close.

              A slice equalling one sixth of the cake contains 267 calories, 3.5 protein, a whacking 33.7g carbohydrates of which 23.8g are sugar, 13.1g of fat of which 4.3g are saturates, 1.0g of fibre and0.12g of sodium.

              As long as the cake is stored in an airtight tin then it will stay fresh for a good few days.
              I always enjoy the Manor House cake and would be willing to recommend it to anyone, it may not be the largest cake of the bunch but it has quality.


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