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Mr Kipling Rum & Raisin Slices

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Brand: Mr Kipling / Type: Cake Bars

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    2 Reviews
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      22.11.2010 08:17
      Very helpful



      One of Mr. Kipling's nicer products

      I spotted these on a display in Morrisons at the weekend and, as I hadn't tried them before, thought I'd see what they were like.


      The slices comes are packed in a plastic tray which, in turn is packed in an outer paper carton. The carton is recyclable & is predominantly red and a pinky-purple in colour. It would appear that the design has changed since Dooyoo added the picture. The "Mr. Kipling" logo is on the front, along with the name & a picture of one of the slices and a snowy Christmas scene to make things look a bit more festive. The back of the carton lists the ingredients, allergy advice, nutritional information & the Mr. Kipling's quality guarantee. There is also a picture of Mr. Kipling's Angel Slices.

      The website address is:- www.mrkipling.co.uk

      and the product is described as:- "Raisin (21%) and rum (2%) sponge layered with caramel (22%) and topped with a chocolate flavoured coating (11%).

      Ingredients: Raisins, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Margarine (Vegetable Oil, Salt), Chocolate Flavoured Coating (Sugar, Vegetable Fat, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Powder, Whey Powder, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Flavouring), Glucose Syrup, Reconstituted Egg, Brown Sugar, Invert Sugar Syrup, Humectant (Vegetable Glycerine), Salted Butter, Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk, Dark Rum (contains colour: Plain Caramel), Alcohol, Caramelised Sugar Syrup, Flavouring, Emulsifiers (Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids), Raising Agents (Disodium Diphosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Preservatives (Potassium Sorbate, Sulphur Dioxide), Flavouring (contains Milk), Stabiliser (Xanthan Gum), Salt.

      Nutritional Information per slice {per 100g in brackets}

      Energy kJ: 625kJ {1632kJ}
      Calories: 149 kcal {388 kcal}
      Protein: 1.1g {2.8g}
      Carbohydrate: 22.7g {59.2g}
      of which sugars: 17.9g {46.7g}
      Fat: 6.0g {15.6g}
      of which saturates: 3.1g {8.1g}
      Fibre: 0.3g {0.9g}
      Sodium: 0.09g {0.22g}
      - equivalent as salt: 0.23g {0.55g}

      Dietary & Allergy Information

      Contains: gluten (wheat), egg, milk, soya and sulphites.
      May contain nut traces.

      These slices are suitable for vegetarians. They contain no artificial colour or flavours and no hydrogenated fat.

      The Slices:

      Like many other Mr. Kipling's product these Rum & Raisin Slices are wrapped in pairs in a little tray which is covered in plastic film. So, there's still an issue with the air getting to the second slice once you've removed the plastic film. The outer box informs us that we should check local recycling details to find out whether the plastic film in which the slices and wrapped and the plastic tray which holds them are able to be recycled.

      Morrisons were charging £1.99 for a box of these, but, at time of purchase, they has a 2 for £3 offer on many Mr. Kipling's products.

      Taste and Opinion:

      These are fairly similar in size and shape as the other Mr Kipling products. They're around 7cms long by 3 cms thick and around 2 and a half cms in depth. The majority of the slice, is, of course taken up by the sponge, which looks to have a decent number of raisins nestling in it. Atop that is a thin layer of caramel which is, in turn, topped by the chocolate layer which is darker in colour than the caramel.

      The sponge is nice and soft and has a very good consistency. It's neither too dry nor too wet and claggy which is a major plus point. The raisins are plentiful and are a nice counterpoint to the sponge as they're much more chewy than the sponge is. The caramel layer is slightly sticky and the chocolate layer is firm so, overall there are four different elements all working together to create a pleasing slice.

      Overall, I'd say that Mr. Kipling has got these just about right. The amount of rum used is enough to ensure that you know that it's there but not enough to overpower the rest of the product nor to put your off eating them. I've had ice-creams that have a stronger taste of rum than these slices do so don't let the thought that these taste really strongly of rum put you off trying them. I would have preferred perhaps a little more caramel to be used in these, but that's just a minor quibble from me.

      Sizewise these are a very handy size to pop into a lunchbox although the fact that they're packed in pairs means that you're forced to leave one exposed to the air if you only want to eat one slice.

      The sugar & fat content with these isn't brilliant, but then it's pretty similar to lots of cake type products that are available, particularly those made by Mr. Kipling. One slice will provide you with 17.9g of sugar (RDA for adults is 90g) and 6.0g of fat (RDA for adults is 70g), so these aren't the sort of thing you should be eating if you're on a diet or are trying to watch your weight.

      As a snacky treat though, I'd say that they're rather good and definitely better than a number of other Mr. Kipling products although once you open that plastic sleeve there's the temptation to eat the other slice.


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        23.01.2010 12:23
        Very helpful



        see review

        I don't mind the odd Mr Kipling product, I mean his cherry bakewells are just moreish, but recently his newer offerings have disappointed me slightly.
        Having seen these Rum & Raisin slices in Morrisons over Christmas I liked the look and sound of these so popped some into my overflowing trolley of festive food and headed for the till.

        As I bought so much food for my 'Christmas food shop', these little treats got put in the cupboard and dare I say; forgot about, until a few days ago.

        I took the box from the cupboard and thought they deserved to be eaten, so cup of tea at the ready I opened the box to sample these festive slices..

        Price and packaging~
        I bought these as stated from Morrisons and they cost £1.19 for 6 slices. The packaging was what caught my eye actually as the slices come in a rectangle shape cardboard box, similar to what other Mr Kipling products come in, and has two delicious looking cake bars on the front with little stars and tinsel surrounding them. This gives the impression that these are merely just a limited edition designed for the holiday season.

        The colours of the box are warm reds and browns and it did stand out on the shelf so well done to the marketing department on that.

        The taste test~
        The box describes these as 'raisin and rum sponge layered with caramel and topped with chocolate coating'.

        Certainly sounds convincing, but what did I think?
        I have been slightly let down with some of the other Mr Kipling slices I have tried recently finding them to be on the dry, crumbly side when promised to be moist cake so I was hoping this wouldn't be the case as I had high hopes for these.

        On removing the slices from the box I found they came in packs - two slices in a plastic tray encased with a see through plastic wrapper. This has good points as well as bad as they do keep fresher for longer, but on opening the pack you feel obliged to eat both instead of one..or is that just me?

        The slices have a fruit cake appearance - a rich brown sponge bursting with raisins whilst having a thick layer of chocolate on the top. So far so good.

        The rum is evident as the second you open the plastic wrapper it greets you!

        On taking a bite through that hard chocolate layer through to the sponge my tastebuds had such a treat. The cake is not dry in any way shape or form and has a moistness to it added by the rum soaked raisins.

        One word to describe these is heaven!

        There are plenty of raisins in these slices too and the rum doesn't taste as strong as it smells which is good as I thought it might overpower the overall taste.

        *167 calories per slice

        *Suitable for vegetarians

        *No artificial colours or flavours

        *Allergy alert - May contain nut traces.
        Contains Gluten,Egg,Milk,Soya and sulphates.

        Would I recommend these?~
        Yes Yes Yes!!!


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