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Mr Kipling Viennese Chocolate Whirls (Limited Edition)

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Brand: Mr Kipling / Type: Cake

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    6 Reviews
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      07.12.2009 11:02
      Very helpful



      Even Worse Than The Normal Boring Viennese Whirls!

      I've never been mad keen on the Viennese Whirls that Mr Kipling makes because I think they're mega dry and the cream in them is too sweet. Mr Kipling has brought out a limited edition one for Xmas though and they're pure chocolate so I thought I might like these a bit better.

      I still think they're mega boring though and wasn't mad keen on the taste or texture of the cakes. They're only small but are so sweet that even eating one little cake made me feel a bit sick and there was no way I could have eaten 2 like I usually do with Mr Kipling cakes.

      The pastry is quite buttery and has got a strong cocoa flavour, usually I'd love that but the taste is quite powdery and not very nice. I know this sounds mad but I also think the taste of the pastry is a bit salty, that's not a flavour but the aftertaste and the cake made me feel thirsty too.

      The cream holding the 2 circles of pastry together is also chocolate, I thought it was quite rich but it doesn't taste like proper chocolate and even though it's got a creamy texture the cream tasted mega cheap. The cream is also very sweet and sugary, I licked a bit off to taste it on it's own and it's like a softer version of the cream inside a bourbon biscuit.

      I don't know whether to think about these as biscuits or cakes but whatever they are I'm not mad keen. We got these on special offer in Tesco, I'm not exactly sure how much we paid but it was one of those 2 boxes for £x.xx deals. I've seen them in the little shop by me for £1.99 and I'm glad I never paid that for them because they're not very nice and don't have the same high quality as most of the other Mr Kipling cakes.


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      07.12.2009 08:09
      Very helpful



      One To Avoid From Mr. Kipling

      Generally speaking Viennese Whirls are not my Mr. Kipling product of choice. They are other lines in the range that I'd much rather buy. However, when I saw these Chocolate Whirls in Morrisons whilst shopping with Grandma I decided to see what they were like.


      The whirls come in a plastic tray which, (in a bit of a change from some Mr. Kipling products) isn't protected by a film covering. The carton is recyclable & is predominantly purple in colour. The "Mr. Kipling" logo is on the front, along with the name & a picture of a couple of the Chocolate Whirls. The back of the carton lists the ingredients, allergy advice, nutritional information & the Mr. Kipling's quality guarantee. There are also pictures of Mr. Kipling's Cherry Bakewells and Mr. Kipling Victoria Mini Slices. Are you tempted to try some it asks.

      The website address is:- www.mrkipling.co.uk

      and the product is described as:- " Rich shortcake fancies filled with a chocolate flavour buttercream (18%) and chocolate sauce (9%) finished with a dusting of icing sugar"

      Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Butter, Vegetable Oil, Chocolate Sauce {Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Sugar, Humectant: Vegetable Glycerine, Sugar Syrup, Sugar, Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk, Whole Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Maize Starch, Butter, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Gelling Agent: Pectin, Milk Fat, Emulsifier: Soya Lechithin, Caramel}, Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder, Invert Sugar Syrup, Salt, Raising Agents: Disodium Diphosphate / Sodium Bicarbonate, Humectant: Vegetable Glycerine, Flavouring: Emulsifiers: Polyglycerol Esters of Fatty Acids, Mono-and-Diglycerides of Fatty Acids.

      Nutritional Information per whirl {per 100g in brackets}

      Energy kJ: 586 kJ {2116 kJ}
      Calories: 140 kcal {507 kcal}
      Protein: 1.3g {4.7g}
      Carbohydrate: 14.4g {52.1g}
      of which sugars: 6.7g {24.1g}
      Fat: 8.6g {31.1g}
      of which saturates: 4.4g {15.7g}
      Fibre: 0.6g {2.2g}
      Sodium: 0.07g {0.24g}
      - equivalent as salt: 0.18g {0.60g}

      Dietary & Allergy Information

      Contains gluten (wheat), milk and soya
      May contain nut traces

      These Chocolate Whirls are suitable for vegetarians and contain no artificial colour or flavours and no hydrogenated fat.

      The Chocolate Whirls:
      Six of these nestle in the black plastic tray.. They're just over 5cm wide at the longest point and are around 2cm in depth. For anyone who hasn't seen one before they look like two brown bits of pastry which chocolate sauce between them.

      At the time of purchase Morrisons were selling two boxes of Chocolate or Toffee Whirls for £1.00

      Taste and Opinion:

      As I said at the start, Viennese Whirls are not one of the first Mr. Kipling products that I'd pop into my shopping trolley. Personally I find the outer "shells" a little too dry and dull for my own personal taste. However, I was willing to give this new chocolate flavour a try and hoped that even if I didn't like them much Boyfriend, with his love of all things chocolate, would finish them off.

      So, how did these compare to the "original" Viennese Whirls?

      The shortcake biscuits look exactly the same aside from the fact that they're brown rather than the usual pale yellow colour. For some reason they seemed to be a little crumblier but also not as dry as the original Viennese Whirls. I was pleased with the fact that they weren't as dry ~ I usually have to have something to drink if I'm eating a Viennese Whirl or two ~ but not very impressed at all with the fact that they seemed to be crumblier than their counterparts.

      The chocolate sauce and chocolate flavour buttercream looked to be rather meagrely spread between the two "biscuits", and whilst it provided a contrast to them in terms of taste it seemed a bit cheap and artificial rather "exceedingly good", "rich" or any of the other adjectives used on the box. These Chocolate Whirls are described as a "winning combination", but, in actuality, they taste more like something from the cheap budget range rather than a Mr. Kiplings product.

      The sugar & fat content for one whirl is not particularly that high when compared with some other Mr. Kipling product. One of these Chocolate Whirls will provide you with 6.7g of sugar and 8.6g of fat which isn't too bad when you compare them to something like the Toffee Apple Bakewells which provide you with 16.5 g of sugar and 8.9g of fat. However, on the taste front, these really aren't worth the bother.

      As with the crisps I've now included a table for fat content (plus sugar as well) for Mr. Kipling products.

      Mr. Kipling Products ranked in order of Sugar Content. First figure is % per 100g {figure in brackets relates to sugar content per pie / slice etc)

      01) Orange Slice: 47.2% {13.3g}
      02) Country Slices: 41.6% {12.7g}
      03) Angel Slices: 41.5% {14.0g}
      04) Cappuccino Slices: 39.1% {11.5g}
      05) Cherry Bakewells: 39.0% {18.1g}

      06) Toffee Bakewells: 36.2% {16.5g}
      07) Chocolate Cake Bars: 33.2% {10.6g}
      08) Jam Tarts: 32.6% {11.6g}
      09) Apple & Blackcurrant Pies: 29.4% {19.5g}
      10) Chocolate Whirls: 24.1% {6.7g}

      Mr. Kipling Products ranked in order of Fat Content. First figure is % per 100g {figure in brackets relates to fat content per pie / slice etc)

      01) Chocolate Whirls: 31.1% {8.6g}
      02) Chocolate Cake Bars: 26.3% {8.4g}
      03) Toffee Bakewells 19.4% {8.9g}
      04) Angel Slice 18.5% {6.2g}
      05) Cherry Bakewells: 18.4% {8.5g}

      06) Cappuccino Slices: 18.1% {5.3g}
      07) Orange Slices: 16.8% {4.7g}
      08) Country Slices: 15.3% {4.7g}
      09) Jam Tarts: 12.8% {4.6g}
      10) Apple & Blackcurrant Pies: 12.7% {8.4g}


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        12.11.2009 20:41
        Very helpful



        Not exceedingly good

        On the way home from the school run the other day, I had to nip into Morrisons for some milk. Juggling a 6-pinter and a wriggly toddler, I was pleased to discover that those lovely people at Morrisons had seen fit to leave a selection of Mr Kipling's Chocolate Whirls within easy reach of the checkout. Even more attractive was the 'Buy One Get One Free' sign above the display, meaning that two packs found their way home with us for just £1.35.

        Each pack contains six tempting chocolate whirls and I was looking forward to tucking into one with a nice hot cuppa. I love Mr Kipling's original Viennese Whirls with their combination of cream and jam and crisp yet crumbly shortbread so I had high hopes for a chocolate version. If appearances were anything to go by, things looked promising as the whirls were a generous size with a thick chocolately filling peeking out of the middle. We all know that Mr Kipling makes 'exceedingly good cakes' so I tucked in eagerly...

        Sadly, Mr Kipling may indeed make exceedingly good cakes but he does not make exceedingly good chocolate whirls. Whilst I don't want to give anybody the impression that these shortbread biscuits are particularly awful or inedible - all 12 biscuits were devoured within 2 days in my household - they are certainly nothing better than mediocre. The chocolate flavour was pretty tasteless and indistinctive. I doubt whether anybody would be able to detect the 'chocolate' if these were eaten blindfolded. The shortbread was pretty dry and very crumbly and certainly inferior to the shortbread in the original version - or maybe it's the filling that makes those taste so much better? The filling in these was pretty uninspiring, in spite of appearances.

        My two year old managed to make quite a mess with his biscuit before handing his half-eaten squishy mess over to me to finish off (which says it all really!) Mine was vaguely palatable when eaten with a fresh cup of tea but eaten alone it was very dry, leaving an unpleasant aftertaste, which is probably why my youngest couldn't finish his. As I said, the other biscuits did get eaten over the course of the next two days but that says more about the human locusts that live in the house than the biscuits themselves!

        These are suitable for vegetarians, contain no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat but, sadly, not much in the way of taste either! There are doubtless much worse biscuits out there but I do expect better from the likes of Mr Kipling and for biscuits or cakes in this sort of price bracket. I wouldn't recommend them!


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          02.08.2009 18:10
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Pick something else

          I have never been a huge fan of Viennese whirls, however, when I saw these by Mr Kipling, whose items normally impress me, and I saw that not only were they chocolate, which is a bonus, but that they were on a BOGOF offer at £1.55 in Tesco, I thought well why not.

          The packaging is quite attractive. Mine looks different to what is in the above picture though. It is a mixture of purple and white with the words Special Edition on it. Chocolate Whirls is written in dark brown swirly writing. Each cake has 140 calories. There is a picture of them on the front and they do look nice. Inside is a black plasic tray.

          They are two soft shortcake biscuits in an almost circular shape with a dusting of cocoa powder on top. So far, so true. However, the big contrast is between the buttercream and chocolate sauce filling which looks thick and plentiful in the picture but in reality is a thin barely visible line. I find this really irrritating in the same way that you never see a burger look the same as in the picture above the counter.

          In terms of taste, it doesn't get much better. I found the shortcake incredibly dry and bland and it just fell apart as I bit into it, probably because it was so dry. It didn't taste all that chocolatey either, more like cocoa powder. And the bit that I thought would be best, the buttercream was barely noticeable because there was so little of it and it was overwhelmed by the shortcake.

          I certainly wouldn't buy these again. They were just too bland and boring. Had I not known they were Mr Kipling I would have assumed that they were simply a supermarket budget range clone. I would not even get these again on the BOGOF offer. Avoid!


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            13.07.2009 20:23
            Very helpful




            I think that Viennese Whirls are lovely Biscuits. I am fond of the original Mr Kipling ones, and have now tried the Tesco version of them - and these are good as well. Since these have the taste of the normal Viennese teamed with Chocolate, surely they would be the best Biscuit ever? Well no, and I gave my box away.

            You get 6 in the pack and these were selling for £1.40 in Tesco. The week after I had saw these they ended up on offer for £1 so even more reason to buy them.

            Packaging was alright for these. The Whirls sit in a plastic tray and they are held deep in the tray with their individual slots. The Biscuits are covered with a wrapper and they are in the standard type box, which is kind of rectangular and thin cardboard. The box is eye catching enough and is a nice light purple colour with the Mr Kipling branding in Red largly across the front. There is a few pictures of the product and they look lovely and Chocolatey. Yum Yum I thought.

            When you open the box you get the scent of Crumby Biscuit mixed with the scent of Cocoa. I thought you would smell nice Milky CHocolate, but this is a kind of drinking CHocolate scent.

            When I bit into these it was then that I decided I couldn't eat another on of them. So what was wrong? It has all the normal taste of the Viennese Whirl that I love such as the nice Biscuit part, the Creaminess of the filling and just the flour-y way that it breaks up when you try to eat these. I know it is annoying that these break up and you end up overed in crumbs but that adds to the appeal of these. This tasted like Flowers for some reason and far too powdery. Although they didn't look dusty, you just got a yukky taste in your mouth that felt like you had been eating spoonfuls of Cheap Drinking Chocolate. My hubby felt the same and we gave them to my parents in case it appealed to their tastes, but they didn't say if they liked them or not.

            These just tasted so artificial and had none of the appeal of the real normal ones. Lets hope since they are limited edition that they go away soon and never come back.

            Not recommended by me!


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              23.04.2009 16:05
              Very helpful



              I prefer the vanilla but then you may prefer the chocolate!

              Ah, something new to try and even better still it is chocolate flavoured!
              At Tesco the Mr Kipling chocolate flavoured Viennese whirls are on offer at £1 for a packet of six until the end of May, so there is plenty of time to have a sampling session.
              The vanilla jam and cream Viennese whirls are good and these chocolate whirls are a limited edition so they should be extra special.
              I can only think of one small thing that bugs me about the vanilla variety and that is the size of them, each small soft crumbly whirl is just about gone in two mouthfuls.

              At just over 16p a cake the chocolate whirls can't be deemed as a dear do and they are made by our very own Mr Kipling, so I expect nothing less than perfection!
              The chocolate whirls have had their portrait painted on the front of the box and it does seem that the portrait could have been digitally enhanced, unless the Kipling make-up department has airbrushed each whirl.
              All of kiplings cakes are well shielded from the elements, the medium weight recyclable cardboard box contains a delightful inner pink plastic tray, which incidentally appears to be non- recyclable, which acts as a body guard for the delicate whirls.
              Mr Kipling has pointed it out clearly, these chocolate whirls are a limited edition, I presume that means if they don't become international stars within a week they will be axed from the supermarket shelves forthwith.

              Ha-Ha, as I thought! The gremlins have been at work and I seem to be lifting a smaller whirl out of the box than I was led to believe.
              The Viennese whirl smells good though, very chocolatey come cocoa. The whirl is a good looker too and the make up department have been at work because the cake is wearing a fine layer of white powder.
              I spy...with my little eye...chocolate buttercream and a dark chocolate sauce sandwiching the two swirls of soft biscuit come cake together.
              Although my taste buds are longing to set to work on the whirl I am holding back, I want to admire it from all angles first.

              Not wanting to dirty a tea-plate I grab a bit of kitchen roll and stick it under the whirl that I am just about to sink my teeth into. Instantly the soft Viennese mixture gives way and crumbles into my mouth. The Viennese shell that was so expertly piped and lovingly guarded by that pink plastic packaging lays on the top of my tongue being savoured.
              The cake has that subtle hint of chocolate and that leads me to believe that the key part of the chocolate taste must lay in the filling. Though the chocolate buttercream is soft the chocolate sauce is patently keeping the two whirls sandwiched together securely, so much so it is pretty `chewy`.

              Crumbs! That whirl has gone already! The first whirl I sampled allowed me to be sufficiently in the know to pass on an accurate opinion concerning the texture of the whirl.
              After I have partaken of whirl number two then I shall form an opinion on the filling.
              Opinion as follows: the chocolate buttercream is sweet, rich and has a good chocolatey taste, the chocolate sauce however is a little to chewy and rich for my taste.
              Where the chocolate sauce is so rich it has almost become bitter, the same taste that you encounter when you eat a piece of dark chocolate.

              To buy or not to buy, that is the question.
              To be brutally honest I adore the vanilla Viennese whirls even though at £1.32 for six they seem a little expensive. The vanilla whirls have everything going for them, they are soft, sweet and the jam and cream filling is nigh in perfect.
              But the chocolate whirls have a filling that is far to rich for my taste, if you love the slightly bitter plain chocolate then there is every chance that you will adore these.
              Each whirl contains 140 calories, 6.7g sugar, 8.6g fat, 4.4g saturated fat and 0.2g salt.
              That seems to be a lot of fat in one small cake!
              The cakes have no artificial flavours or colours and contain no hydrogenated fats.
              But they do contain milk and gluten and there is a slight chance that they may contains nuts.


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