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Mrs Fields Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Type: Biscuits

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    1 Review
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      18.10.2008 14:17
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      An easy way to have freshly baked cookies in your own home

      Mrs Fields cookies are something of an institution in the USA where you can buy a whole range of products online, in stores and from Mrs Fields counters in shopping malls. The range in Mexico is more limited, but they still have lots of lovely things to choose from, and I came across these cookies in my local Superama supermarket recently.

      Each box contains 8 cookies, individually wrapped. They are all the same flavour - chocolate chip - though other varieties are available in different packs, such as Oatmeal Raisin and White Chunk Macadamia. These ones are the basic ones, or to put it more appealingly, the originals, and the best. Simple chocolate chip cookies.

      I like to bake cookies but I am appallingly bad at them, even when they come from a tube and you just have to roll them out. However I do love the taste of freshly baked cookies which presents me with something of a problem - either I live off Tesco's Finest ones from the in store bakery, or go to Millies more often than is polite, or I try, and fail, to recreate the taste at home, or I go without. That was, of course, until I discovered these. Mrs Fields cookies in those mall stands tend to be served warm, so they've taken the same approach to the at-home variety, and created these cookies which you can warm in a microwave, or eat cold if you prefer (though I never do).

      The cookies are so easy to make it's unreal - they're already perfectly formed in the little individual plastic packets, so you don't have to do anything except open them up, pop them on some kitchen roll or a paper serviette, and nuke them for 10 seconds. You do have to stand and watch them though (unless you have a very accurate microwave timer) since they over cook very easily, and if you let them go for as little as 20 seconds the chocolate starts to burn and the cookies themselves go hard. If you overcook them you're also liable to burn your mouth unless you leave them to cool. Grab them out after 10 seconds though and you'll have a hot, fluffy cookie that is just perfect, and you can eat immediately without the risk of injury.

      I like these cookies because they taste home-made and not synthetic, even though they are mass-produced. You cannot taste grains of sugar as you can in some other varieties, and there is a generous helping of chocolate chips which are all lovely and gooey when you take them out of the microwave. You wouldn't imagine it possible in the short time, but 10 seconds is also all the time you need to fill a kitchen with the smell of freshly baked cookies which I just love, and of course it makes me feel all domestic goddess-like too. These cookies melt in your mouth, they are so delicious. They are soft and moist, but not crumbly so quite easy to eat in the home of a clean freak (aka my loony landlord at the moment). If you eat them cold they are ok, but aren't as soft and taste more like a regular biscuit rather than a proper soft cookie.

      My favourite thing about these cookies after the mmm-mmm taste is their nutritional value. Each cookie has only 155 calories, and since they're so satisfying you don't need to eat two or three the way you might with some biscuits. 155 calories is really not bad for a treat, when you consider most chocolate bars have 200 calories or more, and a tiny two-finger Kit-Kat is not much less than one of these.

      There is no cleaning up with these cookies, no scraping burnt bits of baking trays, or washing mixing bowls, or wiping flour off the worksurface. As side from the timing there is absoultely no way you can mess these up either, so they really are perfect every time.

      I like that they're individually wrapped (so again no need to eat them all at once before they go stale) and I love the price - here an individual cookie costs almost £1, but buying 8 in a box costs about £1.75, money saving that even those who failed maths at school can appreciate. You can buy these in the UK from places like the Selfridges food hall, but I imagine they will soon follow the example of Oreos and make a proper UK debut, so keep your eyes peeled. Amazon UK also sells a Mrs Fields cookbook if you would prefer to make her recipes yourself at home.

      My only one niggle with these is that all the multi-packs are single favours, so you have to buy 8 of the same, you can't mix it up, but it's a small price to pay for paying such a small price, and if I do want to try one of a different flavour, I can go to my local mall to try it before investing in 8 of the same. Otherwise, I think these are a perfect cookie treat. Highly recommended.


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      Chewy delicious bits.

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