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Nairn's Mixed Berries Oat Biscuits

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Brand: Nairn's / Biscuits

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    8 Reviews
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      06.06.2010 15:23
      Very helpful



      Great biscuits, I just wish they would go easy on the packaging.

      These are yummy - and healthy! They have no hydrogenated hats and are suitable for vegans, they are also wheat free (but obviously not gluten free), and they are the nicest flavour of Nairn's oat biscuits I have tried.

      The mixed berries are really lovely - they go very well with the oats and give the biscuits a nice, exciting flavour. The biscuits themselves are quite small and thin, but surprisingly filling. They are slightly addictive - I really could eat them all day - but that's not altogether a bad thing. As biscuits go, they are very healthy, so why not eat a lot of them?

      When I saw palm oil in the list of ingredients I did get slightly worried - but then saw a little note on the packet saying that their source of palm oil is sustainable. So there are no environmental worries associated with the ingredients list!

      The one thing I don't like about these biscuits is that the packaging seems quite wasteful. Inside the box, they are all wrapped again in pairs, using a lot of plastic packaging unnecessarily.

      However, everything else about them is great. They are a very handy snack to bring with you when travelling, or just to eat at home! I only ever eat them on their own, but I imagine they would be quite nice with fresh fruit.

      A four star rating from me - I am taking off one star for the unnecessary packaging, but otherwise these are top-notch biscuits!


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      25.02.2010 21:43
      Very helpful
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      If you are looking for a healthier snack alternative, then these biscuits are well worth trying.

      Nairn's Mixed Berries Oat Biscuits could be just what you are looking for if you want a healthier sweet treat or biscuit.

      Nairn's make a variety of different oat biscuits and I have been using the fine milled ones for quite some time as an alternative to the sweet things that are available at break times at work. But sometimes you really need something sweet to give you a bit of a boost as a snack. I had been struggling to find something appropriate until I found these biscuits on special offer in a health food shop. I saw the wholegrain oats bit and thought they would help to stop me from feeling hungry for a while. And they do work!

      These biscuits are categorised as medium GI which means that they contain more slow release carbohydrates and don't give you the sugar rush and subsequent dip as much as pure sugary items do. Because they are made from oats they are also perfect for keeping you full for longer.

      These biscuits are available in a variety of flavours (I have tried stem ginger and fruit and spice varieties), but the mixed berries one is definitely my favourite. They are packaged into smaller packs of 5 biscuits and a box contains four of these packets.

      Nutritional information:
      These are wheat free, but do contain gluten.
      Each biscuit contains 43 cal so a packet of 5 is 215 calories. If you don't want to consume that many calories for a snack, then you could always split the packets and put the rest in an airtight box ready for another day.


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        22.02.2010 22:00
        Very helpful



        Nice alternative to biscuits

        One thing I really really do like is a biscuit (or 10) dunked in my tea. Unfortunately, my waistline really really does not like the net result of this. What is a girl to do??!

        Nairns Oat Biscuits Mixed Berries do offer a bit of a solution to this...

        ***Nutrition Facts (per biscuit)***
        I'm getting the dull bit over with first, just in case you can decide early on if they are healthy enough for you if that's what you like, or too healthy!

        Energy: 43 cal
        Protein: 0.7g
        Carbs: 6.5g
        Carbs of which sugars: 1.6g
        Fat of which saturates: 0.6g
        Fibre: 0.7g
        Salt: 0.03g
        Sodium: 0.03g

        Now, this doesn't mean that much until you consider that a McVities Digestive has 71 cals and 3.1g fat, so you could eat 1 1/2 Nairns for every digestive. This makes me VERY happy.

        They are useful though for people with special dietary requirements though as they have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, no hydrogenated fat, are high fibre, have no GM ingredients and are suitable for vegans! They are not gluten free and not guaranteed nut free though.

        Nairns come in the attractive box pictured in the dooyoo catalogue. Each box has 200g worth of biscuits inside. The biscuits are packaged in sets of 5, in 4 clear plastic wrappers, so I think they're ideal for a handbag or to stash in a drawer in work. My only criticism is that I wish they put them in packs of 3, as I have no self control and scoff all 5 at a time, which defeats the object of me buying a healthier snack.

        ***Texture and Flavour***
        These biscuits are a bit like a rougher digestive. They hold their shape VERY well in the dunking in tea and don't break as easily as the average biccie (yay! No more floaty bits in my tea!). They have nice bits of dried berries in as well. I like these biccies as they are not too sweet, they're just a sweetened oatcake really so would go well with a cheese that is complimented by fruit, such as a brie I think. They're kind of an oatcake/digestive hybrid so are quite grainy in texture.

        ***Where to find them***
        These can be a bit illusive in the average supermarket but I normally find them either in:

        1) the regular biscuit aisle jostling with the custard creams and bourbons
        2) the aisle where the crackers are, often by other Nairn's products.

        Don't look where the cereal bars are, I have never found them there.

        I have also bought these in Holland and Barrett and other independent health food shops.

        My quibble with these is the price, they're £1.50 a packet, whichis more than a packet of custard creams really. I think they are averagely priced against similar health food products though. (Why are health products so pricey?)

        While if you put a choccy digestive and one of these in front of me, I would always pick the former, I think these are a great alternative to biscuits. They dunk well, and taste yummy. I think they are worth a try if you are looking to find alternative snacks


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          21.12.2009 20:43
          Very helpful



          Slightly sweet biscuits that are good for cheese or a snack.

          Nairns do a variety of oat cakes and biscuits, the main use of which in my household is a substrate for all manner of unhealthy and tasty spreads and dips, because we don't like a food seeming too healthy. Some of them, like the mixed berry oat biscuits, are much more biscuit-like than others and actually taste sweet enough already and don't need too much in the way of toppings. The box of twenty biscuits cost £1.45 from my local wholefood store.

          According to the box, they have no artificial colour, flavours, preservatives, hydrogenated fats or GM ingredients. They are suitable for vegans and don't kill baby orang utans in the process (i.e. they use a sustainable source of palm oil). Nairns have been making oat biscuits for over a century now so have had plenty of time to get the best mix of flavour and still be reasonably healthy.

          The 200g box contains four individually sealed packs containing five biscuits, which is convenient for maintaining freshness. The box has a best before date of June 2010, though they will never last that long around me.

          In terms of taste, they are subtly flavoured and are somewhere between a savoury and a sweet biscuit, in much the same way that a hovis digestive biscuit is. Being biscuits, they don't smell of much. They are particularly crisp, and the oat pieces are big enough that they always stick in the teeth. The dried fruit is not very overwhelming in the flavour, but it does provide the odd chewy bit. The biscuits are not particularly filling, in spite of their apparent low GI and high fibre content, but I found I couldn't eat more than about four or five of them. So I recommend them only as part of a more substantial meal or for a cheese course at the end of a meal.

          Nutritionally, each biscuit has 43kcal, 0.7g protein, 6.5g carbohydrate, 1.6g fat, 0.7g fat, 0.03g sodium. The ingredients are oats, sugar, oil, fibre, syrup, cranberries, starch, raspberry pieces, raising agents, salt and flavouring. The allergy advice says that the factory is nut free, but the biscuits may have traces of milk and definitely have gluten. They aren't that unhealthy by the standards of processed food, but obviously they aren't the epitome of healthy food.

          In summary, I quite like these and will probably get them again. I like the mixture of sweet and savoury - I find so many products are overly sugared. I like blending these with chutney or pickle and caramelised onion hummus.

          Review may be cross-posted elsewhere


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            14.11.2008 01:11
            Very helpful



            A tasty and nutritious alternative to most commercial brand biscuits!

            Nairn's Mixed Berries Oat Biscuits are a delectable snack that offer a fruity and healthier alternative to most commercial brands of biscuit in the UK. Sold in health food shops (e.g. Holland and Barrett) and supermarkets (e.g. Tesco), they claim to contain no hydrogenated fats and are a lower GI compared to conventional biscuits due to the 55% wholegrain oat content. These biscuits are also vegan, wheat free, lactose free, cholesterol free, egg free and dairy free but are not free from taste!

            Nairn's seem to be a very ethical company too- their oats are grown by farmers who belong to Scotland's Rural Stewardship Scheme, which avoid the use of insecticides thus reducing environmental pollution through runoff, trace contamination of the oat crop and helping to maintain biodiversity.

            These biscuits contain the following ingredients:

            Wholegrain oats (55%), demerara sugar, palm fruit oil, partially inverted syrup, dietary fibre, dried cranberries (4%), potato starch, barley malt syrup, raising agents: ammonium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate, salt, natural flavouring (raspberry and cranberry).

            They do, however, contain quite alot of sugar- which if they are trying to promote this biscuit as 'healthy' and 'low GI' could be a failing. They could look into using perhaps unrefined sugar, or sweetness sourced from alternative sources such as date sugar or agave syrup. I also cannot find any internet sources stating whether their palm oil is sourced sustainably- mind you they are an ethically minded company that is likely to have hopefully looked into traceability .

            They are, however, quite cheap and readily available and are still much healthier than most other biscuits. I have used them not just for eating straight from the packet (which are in handy packs of 4 for ease of transport in your pocket!) but in baking, such as for making a cheesecake base. The fruit pieces really add a nice zing that makes a change from your average oat biscuit.

            They are crisp, fruity and are wonderfully sweet. Not very good for dipping into coffee or tea as they fall apart! They also have a tendency to go very soft if not put into a sealed container once opened.

            Nevertheless, a great buy, and they come in other flavours too, like Stem Ginger and Fruit and Spice.


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            10.09.2008 22:36
            Very helpful



            Nairn's mixed berries is an ideal choice for a healthy breakfast, tea break and bedtime snack.

            I tried Nairn's because I was looking for a healthy alternative to biscuits. I read through Nairn's packaging and discover that there is no artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. They don't use hydrogenated fat too which is a good sign.

            Nairns biscuits comes in stem ginger, mixed berries and fruit and spice version. Personally, I like the mixed berries version. The mixed berries in the Nairns oat biscuits is a fruity blend of cranberry pieces and raspberry. The chewy taste of the mixed berries together with oats provide a nice blend of taste. It is nice to dunk the biscuit into a cup of tea or coffee too.

            Nairns biscuit made in Scotland uses Scottish wholegrain oats. The nairn biscuit is especially good for people who have a wheat intolerant. Oats is also known to help maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

            The ingredients in Nairns mixed berries are

            Wholegrain Oats (62%),
            Demerara Sugar
            Palm Fruit Oil
            Dietary Fibre
            Partially Inverted Syrup
            Dried Cranberries (3%)
            Potato Starch
            Barley Malt Syrup
            Raspberry Puree Pieces (1%)
            (Raspberry, Apple Juice Concentrate, Raspberry Juice Concentrate, Pectin, Apple Powder)
            Raising Agents: Ammonium Bicarbonate
            Sodium Bicarbonate,
            Natural Flavouring.

            Nairn's mixed berries is an ideal choice for a healthy breakfast, tea break and bedtime snack.


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              15.03.2008 17:01
              Very helpful



              A tasty snack

              == A bit about Nairn's ==

              Nairn's have been using oats for over 100 years and they pride themselves in making healthy, simple food from them. They use wholegrain oats that are grown near the Scottish Border and they farmers they use don't use insecticides.

              Nairn's state that oats have been proven to have a positive effect on your health. They make all of their products with oats as they claim;

              They can:

              * Help you lose weight
              * Keep you fuller for longer
              * Give you sustained energy
              * Maintain a healthy blood sugar level

              They have a large selection of products including oatcakes, oat biscuits and oat bakes, each coming in different flavours. I have tried and enjoyed the cheese-flavoured oatcakes so my parents purchased these for me to try.

              == The packaging ==

              The biscuits come in a cardboard box with an image of the biscuits and berries on the front. The box is mainly white but also has the check pattern associated with Nairn's along one edge and in the shape of a 'n'.

              The box has 200g of the product in it and there are 4 individually wrapped pouches of 5 biscuits, which I find really useful for taking to university or work for a snack. It means the other ones keep better too. We recycle the box but obviously not the cellophane wrapping from the biscuits.

              == The Biscuit ==

              The biscuits are quite sweet and the fruit taste is pleasant. I think the fruity taste is more evident than the oats, though I can tell the biscuit has been made with oats.

              They don't leave much of an aftertaste but I always feel like I need a drink to wash the crumbs away.

              I had one box of these, which tasted ever so slightly soapy. It was not really overpowering but enough to take the edge of the flavour. My dad had one and he agreed there was something slightly odd about them. I did still enjoy these ones but was glad to find out the next box were back to their usual tastiness!

              When opening the packet there is no overpowering smell but on closer inspection there is a sweet smell with a hint of oats.

              The biscuits are crunchy and have a nice oaty texture and I think they are crunchier than the oatcakes. Once I start crunching them they crumble in my mouth.

              The pieces of fruit (cranberry) compliment the texture nicely. The pieces of fruit are usually quite small but sometimes there is quite a big piece in (I prefer the bigger pieces as they are more noticeable) and they are a little bit chewy.

              The biscuits are a normal sized biscuit at 2mm thick and about 5cm in diameter. I have a tendency to eat all 5 in the small packet in a short time! (Once they are open it would be a shame for them to go soft, wouldn't it?!)

              The biscuits are wheat free and have a medium GI (helping to maintain blood sugar levels and leave you feeling fuller for longer). They are high in fibre and contain 1.5g of fat (0.6g saturated) and 43 kcal per biscuit.

              They are made in a nut-free factory, with a nut free recipe but they cannot guarantee that the ingredients used are nut-free.

              == Price and Availability ==

              We buy these from Holland & Barratt and I think they are about £1.40, making them about 7p per biscuit. My local Asda store sells other Nairn's products but not these ones. I haven't seen them anywhere else but to be honest I haven't really looked. The link from Nairn's website takes you to a link selling them for £1.45 per box.

              == Recommended? ==

              I would definitely recommend these biscuits. They are tasty and quite healthy. Whenever I feel like I need a snack, these make me feel better and I think they do keep me feeling fuller for longer (obviously not in place of a meal lol!)
              They are reasonably priced and come wrapped in packets of 5, which I think is really useful.

              Thanks for reading!


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                13.03.2008 08:23
                Very helpful



                A healthier alternative to chocolate biscuits - a satisfying snack!

                Having been quite taken by the Nairn's Rough Oat Cakes, I thought I'd try another type of oat biscuit in their range and I have to admit I much prefer the new ones I have bought, Nairn's Mixed Berries Oat Biscuits.

                ~ Price ~

                My 200g box was £1.04 which works at approx 4p a biscuit, so not bad at all!

                ~ Packaging ~

                The biscuits come in a predominantly white box with a large tartan clad 'n' on the front and pictures of the biscuits and berries used.

                I have to admit that the pictures on the box make the biscuits look a much richer / deeper beige colour than what they actually are. They are certainly more of a light beige and don't have as many 'bits' in them either.

                Like the Oat Cakes I have been buying, I was pleased to see that Nairn's have continued packaging the biscuits in 4 bundles of 7. Each set of 7 is wrapped in cellophane which enables you to keep the others fresher for longer once the box has been opened and also ideal if you are in a rush and need to take a quick snack with you as you can just throw them in your bag etc..

                ~ Smell ~

                The smell of oats isn't half as strong as the rough oat cakes. You can certainly smell a tad of oatiness but the smell of the berries comes through quite clearly and masks the oaty smell.

                ~ Taste ~

                The biscuits are quite thin, a couple of millimetres thick and approx 2" in diameter so very quick to eat in 2 or even 1 very large bitesize!!

                I have to say that these are absolutely delicious. The taste of the oats is actually drowned out by the sweetness of the berries and I have to admit that I greedily worked my way through all 28 biscuits during the course of two days as they are so 'moreish'.

                Another plus is that they have a great texture to them, not so rough that they are uncomfortable in your mouth but just the right amount of grittiness that I like.

                ~ Medium GI ~

                These oat biscuits have a medium GI. This enables you to keep your blood sugar and energy levels more even and help you feel fuller for longer, although the latter did not happen to me until I felt like a total glutton once I had devoured all of the biscuits!

                ~ Nutritional Values Per Oat Cake ~

                Just skip this section if the NV's don't interest you but it may be of interest to some!

                Protein ~ 0.8g
                Carbs ~ 6.9g (of which sugars 1.8g)
                Fat ~ 1.4g (of which saturates 0.5g)
                Fibre ~ 0.7g
                5 Gls per biscuit

                ~ The Mixed Berries ~

                These biscuits contain dried cranberries, and raspberry and cranberry natural flavourings.

                ~ Nut Allergies ~

                Nairn's guarantees that all of their products are made in a nut free factory and contain no nut ingredients.

                ~ Nairn's Oats ~

                The oats are grown without insecticides in Scotland.
                No artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.
                Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
                No GM ingredients.

                ~ Other Nairn's Products ~

                Rough Oat cakes
                Stem Ginger
                Fine Milled
                Mini Oatcakes
                Spice Flavours

                For more information visit www.nairns-oatcakes.com
                It has to be said that if you are looking for a healthier option to chocolate then these biscuits provide a sweet tooth with some satisfaction. If I hadn't been so keen on their taste I wouldn't have finished the box in two days!


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              • Product Details

                Enjoy the fruity blend of cranberry and raspberry pieces. Contains no artificial colourings, preservatives, or hydrogenated fat.

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