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Nairns Oat Biscuits Dark Chocolate Chip

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Brand: Nairn's / Type: Biscuits

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    3 Reviews
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      08.01.2012 16:15
      Very helpful



      An indulgent yet healthy (and tasty) snack

      My daughter is a dancer, and I am on a diet. Trust me; these are two things you need to know when considering my review! My daughter is very conscious of what she eats, and I am always on the lookout for products the family will eat and enjoy and ones which will not harm my gradual weight loss program. I had tried the Nairns Oat Biscuits for cheese previously and had liked them and was beyond excited when I saw they had produced not only a sweet biscuit, but a chocolate one at that.


      The biscuits are produced in a box containing four cellophane packs, each containing in turn five biscuits. Despite my distaste for over packaging generally, I actually approve of this system as it means a natural control over the amount of biscuits available for consumption at any one time, and also means the remaining biscuits do not go soft once the packet is opened. I tend to take one pack to work, or send a pack in with lunch for my daughter. I find I eat two biscuits with morning tea one day and the remaining three the next. This works well, (if it helps, my daughter eats five in a sitting).

      Each biscuit contains 44 calories and 0.7g fat, and are made up of oats, dark chocolate pieces and cocoa butter. They contain no artificial ingredients, no GM ingredients, are low GI and suitable for vegetarians. They are also wheat free for those looking for allergens, although they do say they contain some gluten. They have the usual disclaimer regarding nuts - as in they have no nuts in them, no nuts in their factories but no guarantees about being nut free. Cost wise the price fluctuates between retailers and depends on offers, but expect to pay just over £1 for a pack. The pack I purchased last week cost me £1.12.

      The box itself is clearly labelled, with sufficient information being provided on the product without blinding you with science.

      The biscuit

      Oh if only a review had sounds, you'd hear the very satisfying crunch of the biscuit, looking like and almost tasting more like a cookie. The oats make it chewy and give bite, and the small dark chocolate pieces add flavour and enough sweetness without overdoing the sugar. I am not a fan of very sweet biscuits and these Nairns chocolate biscuits create a very good balance.
      Do they pass the dip/dunk test? Dipped in tea - very nice, but maybe better not dipped.
      Upsides are many, downside is all the family love them, so they don't last long! We have also tried the sweet berry and ginger varieties.


      A lovely biscuit to satisfy anyone looking for a healthy sweet snack or a guilt free chocolate experience


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        22.05.2010 12:32
        Very helpful



        Nice healthy snack

        As you can see by an earlier review I am a fan of Nairn's oatcakes that I was introduced to by a friend at work. This same friend yesterday offered me a new product in their range, an oat biscuit. They are baked in Scotland where the company was founded over 100 years ago.

        I was very surprised to see that Nairn's had now ventured into the sweet range so I was given a little packet containing two biscuits to try.

        The biscuits are wheat free like the cakes and contain 90 calories per pack of two biscuits do 45 calories each. They are made with wholegrain oats.

        They are very nice, a thin but solid biscuit that looks like a cookie. They contain dark chocolate chips which add a nice sweetness to the oats and complement them well. They are not as sweet as most cookies and are also crunchier than most other brands. The oats are nice and chewy which I always look for in good quality oats and you can see the individual oats in the biscuit.

        These little snack size packs come withing a larger pack costing around 99p. This bag contains 6 snack packs so these are ideal to keep in your drawer at work. Whilst a little more savory tasting than other cookies, these are healthier so it depends on what you are looking for but I found these enjoyable.

        I later found out that they also come in mixed berry, ginger and fruit and spice varieties which I'll be looking out for.

        Give these a go if you like to know exactly what's in your food! A nice snack to tak out with you without feeling too guilty consuming!

        Thanks for reading, 4 stars from me!


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          19.04.2010 12:31
          Very helpful



          An affordable healthy snack

          Nairns are famous for making oatcakes, which are a healthy snack eaten by many people watching their diet. Oats keep you fuller for longer, releasing energy slowly, so are a preferred method of snacking compared to chocolates and normal biscuits. Nairns have been making biscuits for over 100 years, so have maintained a good reputation and history. The biscuits and oatcakes are baked in Scotland, where Nairns is based.

          These Nairns Oatcakes Snack Packs (Dark Chocolate) cost 99p from Tesco for a bag containing 6 snack packs which have 2 biscuits in each (therefore total number of biscuits = 12). The outer bag holding all the snack packs is made from shiny thick paper, and the snack packs the biscuits are sealed in are made of plastic. (it doesn't say if any of these materials can be recycled, but I think not). These Snack Packs also come in a mixed berries flavour, apparently, which I didn't see in my Tesco.

          Wholegrain oats (59%), Dark chocolate chips (9%), demerara sugar, palm fuit oil, dark chocolate powder (5%) dietary fibres, partially inverted syrup, potato starch, barley malt syrup, raising agents (ammonium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate), sea salt, natural flavouring.

          Dark chocolate chips contain: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin, natural vanilla).

          Dark chocolate powder contains: sugar, cocoa mass, fat reduced cocoa powder)

          Allergy advice: contains gluten, milk and soya. Cannot guarantee nut free.

          - No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
          - High fibre
          - No hydrogenated fat
          - Suitable for vegetarians
          - No GM ingredients

          Per snack pack (2 biscuits) it is 90 calories.

          Nutritional information per biscuit:
          Energy: 45cals
          Protein: 0.7g
          Carbohydrates: 6.4g (which sugars 2.2g)
          Fat: 1.8g
          Fibre: 0.6g
          Salt: 0.04g
          Sodium: 0.03g

          The oat biscuits themselves are about 6cm in diameter, and about 4mm in depth. They are a medium brown in colour, and you can visibly see pieces of oat, with some pieces of chocolate chip in there. They are crunchy to bite into, and have after a couple of seconds of chewing, you have a nice dark-chocolatey taste coming through. However, afterwards, you have a very slight bitter after taste, so they might not be everyone's cup of tea in this sense. Although I wasn't expecting this bitterness, it wasn't too bad, and I did get used to it.

          Oatcakes and biscuits can taste a little 'cardboardy' to those who don't usually eat them, so if you want to eat this healthy biscuit, they may take a little getting used to. I generally enjoyed these though, and although I'd much rather have a bar of choccie, I didn't feel guilty eating these, and would happily enjoy them as an alternative snack to chocolate or crisps.

          They are quite reasonably priced as well, for less than a pound, you
          can't ask too much! They have a healthy balance of ingredients, which is also reassuring, and you know can tell they are made with high quality stuff. The Nairns brand can be trusted!

          I have tried plain oatcakes and oat biscuits by Nairns before, and found them hard to enjoy alone. Nairns suggest toppings such as salmon, cheese, hummus etc to put on oatcakes to spice them up! Nairns have a good healthy range of snacks in general, and their website gives you plenty of interesting ideas to make them exciting. You will be surprised how versatile they are! Give Nairns a try if you want some healthy snack ideas!


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