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Nakd Banana Bread

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2 Reviews
  • smell nice
  • satisfying
  • can't decide whether I like them or not
  • strange taste
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    2 Reviews
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      10.03.2015 11:42
      Very helpful


      • "smell nice"
      • satisfying
      • healthy


      • "can't decide whether I like them or not"
      • "strange taste"

      I haven't yet been tempted to go back to these!

      PRODUCT: For the whole of this month I have banned myself from eating any chocolate and I have tried to change my sugary snacks and crisps for better foods that are much better for my health. My friend whom knows that I am eating no chocolate for the whole of March suggested these bars to me as he sometimes has them and he finds they help to take any sweet cravings. Originally he told me to purchase the crunchy nakd bars but I ended up getting these instead. This bar delicious so I thought I would give them a go to see what they were like. This fresh, moist bar is lovely and soft and has no syrups or sugars which find their way into other bars. The ingredients that have done into this bar are 100% natural and packed full of goodness. This bar has a delicious burst of banana and a hint of walnut and cinnamon.

      PRICE: I purchased the bars from Sainsburys where they are priced at £2.50 for a box of 4 x30g bars.

      TASTE: I could immediately smell a banana smell when opening the wrapper and this smelt quite nice. You can also smell a slight hint of spice as well which must be the cinnamon. The bar itself is small but has a reasonable thickness to it. The bar is a dark colour, more like a shade of brown and may not look the most appetising to some. You can see the oats and other pieces that make up the whole of the bar. The bar is easy to bite into and as I chewed the piece of bar it tastes nice and moist. You can clearly taste the banana in the bar and also the spice from the cinnamon which isn't too strong or overpowering. The texture of the bar is soft but it's also chewy and you can feel the oat and other pieces in the bar as you chew. I did come across a hard piece of something in the bar and I wasn't sure what it was but it was so hard that I took that particular piece out of my mouth and put it in the bin. It was only small but I didn't fancy breaking a tooth on whatever it was. After eating the bar I couldn't decide whether I actually liked it or not. There did seem to be an after taste in my mouth after eating the bar which tasted more of cinnamon than anything else. I have to say that I wasn't overly keen on the after taste and chewed some gum to get rid of it. The bar did seem satisfying but I just couldn't make my mind up about it.

      OVERALL: I really don't know if I will be finishing off the box of these bars or not. To be honest because I am unsure about them I haven't been tempted to go back to them at the moment!


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      28.07.2013 13:15
      Very helpful




      I have previously written a review for the Cocoa Orange flavour Nakd bar in which I discussed more in depth about the Nakd brand - I won't repeat myself too much, but I like Nakd bars because:

      -There are no chemical 'nasties' - you recognise every ingredient on the pack and it's all natural, good stuff!

      -They're all vegan and gluten free and good for the planet (also 100% British which is always a bonus).

      This flavour (Banana Bread) is my joint second favourite flavour of Nakd bars (after Cocoa Orange and joint with Cashew Cookie).


      This bar has a real banana hit. As soon as you open the packet you can smell it and it smells delicious - it smells like real bananas not banana flavouring! The bar itself is a light beige colour and is really dense. It's not too chewy or sticky like some other Nakd flavours.

      The taste is actually very much like real banana bread, but a lot denser and quite a lot harder. I'm amazed that it doesn't have flour and butter in because it has a really cake-like feel to it. It really feels like I'm eating something that'll pile on the pounds, but as you will see in the nutrition section, it's not at all naughty!

      I think this flavour is a lot more appealing to the masses than the cocoa ones which seem to have a general feeling of disappointment (although I love them). The cocoa flavours are good in their own way, but are not a substitute for chocolate which I think a lot of people are expecting; with Banana Bread you are not expecting it to be anything else other than a healthy banana flavoured bar - which it is! I would therefore encourage anyone who may have been put off Nakd after trying the cocoa flavours to give this a go as it is completely different!


      In this 30g bar there are only 92 calories and 2g fat (with only a trace of saturates). This is really great for how much of a treat it tastes. Now although 30g is quite small, it does fill you up. I quite often have two because they're so delicious, but I don't NEED 2 and I'm always really full afterwards (I quite often eat two of everything - I'm just greedy!). Because of the wholesome ingredients, it does keep you satisfied in between meals so is great to take to work for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. The low fat and calorie nature of the bar combined with how satisfying it is (and the fact that it tastes like a naughty treat) makes it perfect if you're watching your waist line - I would happily take this over a chocolate bar and not even really feel like I'm missing out.

      The full ingredients list is: Dates 37%, Bananas 23%, Oats 21%, Walnuts 8%, Raisins 7%, Apple juice concentrate 3%, Cinnamon and a hint of natural flavour. It's so refreshing to not have any chemicals or unknowns in there that you have no idea what they're doing in your bar - this all makes sense and doesn't scare me! As I've said in the taste section, this is delicious so those ingredients clearly work well together.


      Nakd bars are still quite expensive as many healthy/free-from foods are. Banana bread is a fairly common flavour, but not as widespread as the Cocoa Orange flavour. A single bar is around 60-70p depending on where you go. Tesco and Waitrose (larger stores) often stock them.

      They are found either in the cereal bar section or more commonly in the free-from section. You can get this flavour in a multipack of 4 bars for between £2 and £3 - it's not the cheapest considering they are quite small.

      As I say please read my review on Cocoa Orange for more of my opinion on the brand itself. But I can 100% recommend this flavour to anybody, not just those who require a vegan/gluten-free snack or are watching their weight; it's full of goodness and guilt-free- 5/5


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    • Product Details

      A combination of natural superfoods with nothing artificial Natural source of essential vitamins and minerals like B-vitamins, vitamin C, potassium, calcium High fibre to help balance blood sugar levels, control appetite and aid digestion Rich in phytonutrients from raw plant foods