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Nakd GF Nibble Ginger Bread

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Type: Cereal Bars / Brand: Nakd

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2009 11:18
      Very helpful



      Well worth trying as an alternative snack to fat filled goodies!

      Nak'd Bars are a healthy snack you can purchase now in many outlets and online, and I have reviewed them generally on Dooyoo before. Made by a company in their infancy called Natural Balance Foods, these are raw food snacks, which are literally made by the squashing of various healthy ingredients together.

      I used to eat these a lot, every day in fact, but I became a little bit tired of them, and seemed to be fancying something different. Luckily, just at that time a few months ago, they launched a new range, and I have to say these have rekindled my love for them!

      My absolute favourite bar has now become one of these, and I have to say it has kept me on the straight and narrow, and out of the biscuit tin on most occasions recently!

      Called Nakd GF Nibble Ginger Bread (GF stands for gluten free) these gingerbread bars are the next best thing to a slice of Jamaica Ginger Cake, and at least you know they are healthy!

      They are made with raw dates, which actually make up 46% of the bar; raw almonds, and raw pecan nuts, and these are flavoured by the marriage of ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Yummy indeed! - These are absolutely divine, and they are a wintery, almost festive snack, which really fills the gap between meals.

      They are of course vegan, which is great, because so many prepared foods now are not, and my daughter eats these with gusto, being a vegan for the last 5 years since she was 15. They have 1 of your 5 a day recommended portions of fruit, so you really can feel virtuous eating these! Also being full of nuts you are getting a boost of essential fats (omega 3) which are so vital now to overall health.

      Each bar is 35g which is rather small, but as they are low GI they fill you up without having to eat a fat loaded chocolate bar, though due to the nut content these are still 157 calories each, so they are not a low calorie option.

      They are high in protein and antioxidants and fibre, and are free of all artificial ingredients. They are presented in a pretty green wrapper with all the nutritional values clearly written on the side. Made in Wales these are a new and exciting product in my opinion.

      I usually mail order these from the company themselves and they cost £13.59 for 18. I think this is a great way to buy them as they come in a lovely box and they always throw in some freebies, samples of their other ranges every time I order. They have also recently launched some other flavours in this range including Pecan Pie, Cocoa Orange, and Cashew Cookie, and it is possible to mail order one of each of these flavours including the Gingerbread one for £2.99.I think this is for a limited time but it does allow you to sample them.

      At present these new flavours do not seem to have arrived in the major supermarkets, which are still stocking the original alternatives, Apple Pie, Berry Cheeky and Cocoa Loco. These are fine, but as I said earlier I was getting tired of them, and there is something really comforting about this new Gingerbread version, which is so good it has almost fooled me into thinking I am tucking into something a lot more wicked.

      Just opening the bar you are hit by this gingery smell which is just like that Jamaica Cake aroma, and the rich brown bar really has a taste which lingers and feels decadent and delicious. Although almost entirely half made from dates, you can't really discern these at all, and I am quite glad about this as to be honest these are not my favourite food. As the ingredients are all mashed together there are no nutty pieces to get caught in your fillings, the result is a spicy treat full of warming ginger, and one which I feel really helps me to avoid too many higher calorie indulgences!

      On their website they say "We're so proud of these little beauties we could pop!" well I think they should be because these are really tasty and well worth trying!"

      They are a great little snack to pop in your hand bag and I find them really great mid afternoon when I usually get the chocolate or biscuit urges! Good for walks and holidays, and even for dessert, I think these are well worth trying. I have sampled all the new flavours but this ginger one is really outstanding.

      Only disadvantage is the price, which is not cheap, but it is due to the quality of the ingredients, but I find it does reduce my appetite for other foods, so I tend to eat less after having one of these bars. This is especially the case with this Gingerbread version as it also has that decadent, treat like quality.

      Available in some health food stores and online from


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