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Nesquick Snack

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Brand: Nestle / Type: Snack

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    3 Reviews
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      20.11.2009 07:58
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      These have been out for the last few years, and I haven't had them in ages. While browsing the dessert section in the chiller of Asda the other day I spotted these, so decided to buy them for old times sake as it jogged my memory that I like these .

      These snacks are made by Nestle and are part of the Nesquick brand. You buy them in packs of 4 individual slices and they cost around 70p depending on where you purchase them.

      The packaging is alright for these. Not that fancy and not that wasteful either. They are wrapped in individual wrappers, so no un neccessary bits. The 4 packs are stacked on top of each other and joined together with a sticky seal. I think the pack looks quite good. It is colourful being yellow with brown on it, and there is a cartoon Bunny Rabbit on it and a picture of the Slice and a picture of a glass of Milk.

      So what actually are these? They are 2 square-ish slices of Cake that are sandwiched together with a thick spreading of Nesquick in a Chocolate spread form. The Cake is Chocolate sponge and the Nesquick inside is sort of a creamy mousse consistency but kinda hard. I find this best left out of the chiller for a little bit as everything softens up a bit and although it is nice when it is cold, you don't tend to get the creaminess that way.

      This is quite sweet without being as sweet as actual Chocolate. The inside part tastes like a Nesquick Chocolate Milk and that is lovely.

      The slices are quite small, but I guess they are a good size for children. Each slice has 110 calories and 5.2g fat, so a healthier alternative to a Chocolate Bar.

      The good thing about this is that it is full of Dairy goodness, so kids are getting a good helping of Dairy, which again is kinda healthy.

      A nice snack that is that little bit different.


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      31.08.2008 07:10
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      Nice chocolate snack

      I like Nesquick Milkshake so when I saw these Nesquick Snack's for sale I just had to try them. They can be found in the chilled section because they contain a lot of milk and yogurt. I paid £0.99 for 4 bars which I thought was quite a bit at first but then again it is Nesquick so you have to pay more for named brands.

      These snacks come individually wrapped, all 4 of them have their own yellow plastic wrapper. On the front of the wrapper is a picture of the Nesquick bunny eating a sandwich and the Nesquick logo in large font plus there are a glass of milk and the Nestle logo on the left hand side. On the back of the packets are the ingredients and the nutritional information.

      Now then I bet that you are wondering what exactly these snacks are. Well you'll see when you open the packet that they are actually a chocolate cake which has been made into the shape of a sandwich although I don't think that chocolate would be a nutritional sandwich for kids so this probably isn't setting a good example. Oh well, anyway it is two pieces of chocolate cake held together but a thick layer of chocolate cream yum.

      As soon as you open the packet you can smell the chocolate which entices you to eat the snack. These snacks are meant for kids not adults so there isn't very much to them and they won't fill an adult. The taste is even better than the smell, I expected it to be kind of dry and not very chocolaty but I was surprised. The cake parts were very soft and creamy and melted in my mouth it did taste very much of chocolate which is a very good thing. The chocolate filling is the bit that lets you know it's a Nesquick product, it tastes like Nesquick milkshake powder but it has a lovely thick creamy texture and a wonderful taste.

      Overall I think that this is a great snack but it shouldn't be eaten or given to kids too often because it contains over 100 calories per snack which is quite a lot, they certainly aren't healthy. However they do taste really nice and I recommend them to anybody who likes the Nesquick Milkshakes, just don't expect them to be big they are after all aimed at kids.


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        11.06.2008 21:43
        Very helpful



        A nice treat for your kids, and lunchbox sized too!

        As a mother of two young children I am always on the lookout for a healthier snack option, alas gone are the days when I can pass yoghurt raisons off as sweets to my youngest, so I was more than pleased to find the product I will now review.

        The product I will now review is "Nequick snack"

        ~~~~~~ PACKAGING ~~~~~~

        Each of the four chocolate sandwich slices come sealed in their own plastic pouch, attached together with a ream of yellow "nesquick" stickers featuring the bunny featured in the adverts.
        Each pouch is yellow at the top with the base being white in colour to symbolise the milk contained within, with a glass pictured on the top with the statement "made with milk and yoghurt".
        On the right hand side is a picture of a nesquick bunny eating one of the enclosed slices, giving a cheeky little wink.
        Across the top is the obligatory "nestle" logo and the product name.

        ~~~~~~ CONTENTS ~~~~~~

        As you tear open the packet you will find a square shaped sandwich cake, 2" by 2", glued together with a delicious chocolate cream.
        On each of the two sponge slices is the "nestle" logo embossed into the cake... clever! Also the cake gives of the impression of velvet, to the touch and taste!
        These slices are by no means adult sized, with the packet actually stating that they are the ideal size for children's lunch boxes.
        There is a subtle smell of chocolate, not too overpowering, but just enough to get your taste buds tingling!

        ~~~~~~ TASTE ~~~~~~

        The taste is quit surprising, you assume something that is made predominantly from yoghurt, including the sponge, would have more of a slightly sour taste, this taste like proper chocolate cake with real chocolate mousse filling...... bloody gorgeous!
        The sponge itself is extremely light and melting with the mousse being creamy and full of bubbles, making it wash over your tongue with waves of deliciousness.
        The chocolate mousse has a second dimension of flavour due to the fact that not only is it chocolate, but has the added bonus of tasting like Nesquick milkshake.

        ~~~~~~ NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~

        Per 26g snack - 110 kcal
        2.0g protein
        13.2g carbohydrate
        6.1g of which sugars
        5.2g fat
        2.6g of which saturates

        That makes these 2 weight watchers points each, which for the size of them is reasonably high, delicious or not, when your following this diet plan you want the lowest pointed food, so you feel like you have at least had a decent sized meal!

        ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~

        I purchased these from my local Asda, straight out of the refrigeration area, these have to be kept cold due to the high milk and yoghurt content.
        I'm not sure if the price I paid is the regular one, due to the fact that was the first time I had ever seen them, for the four bars you will pay 86p, which is a good price for a branded item.

        ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~

        I would recommend these just for the fact they are encouraging your child to consume more of their recommended amount of dairy, without them actually knowing it, also they are really delicious so why not treat them!

        For more information on this and other products in the range visit - www.nestle.co.uk

        Thanks for reading x


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      • Product Details

        A chocolate snack from Nesquik.

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