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Nestle Funtastic Cake

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2 Reviews

Brand: Nestle / Type: Cake

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    2 Reviews
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      06.11.2011 16:54
      Very helpful



      A sticky smeary slab of chocolately goodness.

      My littlest one decided to be difficult on his 12th birthday. At the the grand age of 12 he's decided that cartoon/film related birthday cakes were childish and he was too old for them. Oh, and it had to be chocolate, no sugar paste decorations and not in the shape of any animals, toys, etc. So that was 80% of Asdas stock straight out of the question!

      We wanted something that was still quite fun though so went for the Nestle Funtastic chocolate cake. It's basically a chocolate tray cake with chocolate icing and covered with mini Rolos, mini Munchies and mini Smarties which sounded absolutely seriously good. It doesn't say how many its intended for which is a good thing because I always feel guilty when I eat a quarter of a cake designed for 12! I'd guess this cake would satisfy 8 people or so.

      Taking it out of the box I was a little disappointed to see all the chocolates were pretty much in the centre. Hence we had to take pieces out of the centre to placate the people who grumbled they wouldn't get any of the mini choccies. And that would most definately happen and I wasnt prepared to cause a sheer mess by trying to cut bits out of the middle first or risk the kids doing it!
      Aside from that it's a nice looking cake, the icing and the cake itself is quite dark promising a decent amount of cocoa.

      The cake itself is very moist and not crumbly which lessens the mess. Its a good taste, very chocolatey with a decent amount of cocoa, not overpowered by the taste of sugar.

      The icing is even darker and is it ever messy! Even if you put it in the fridge it still stays soft and basically smears every where, as I found out when trying to cut pieces from the middle. But by God is it lovely, possibly on a par with Betty Crockers chocolate frosting. You need to factor in the price of an extra washing load though as it manages to get on your tops, trousers, table cloths, etc.

      The mini chocolates were plentiful and as lovely as the full sized version. It would be wrong to review these as there are plenty of full size reviews.

      What's good about this cake apart from the absolutely fabulous cake is that it can be used for any occasion and its suitable for any age. And at less then a fiver its a good way of celebrating without splashing out for a £10 Disney shaped monstrosity.

      So: A good price
      Good Size for the price
      Chocolate Cake
      Chocolate Icing
      Chocolate sweeties
      Fabulous taste.

      Why the heck wouldn't you want to buy it? Frankly I'll be buying it even with no celebration in sight!


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        27.10.2010 21:57
        Very helpful



        Great value!

        Recently it was my friends/flatmate's birthday and on her birthday there was only me and her to celebrate sadly so I did my best to make a wee fuss of her with bucks fizz, a cake, copious amounts of presents to unwrap and a spa day and this was the cake that I managed to afford after skinting myself completely out!

        At £6.00 in Asda (also available from Ocado) I liked the look of this large cake and for the size of it and it being Nestle I thought it offered me excellent value for money too and although its not traditionally a birthday cake I did buy numbers and candles for it and tarted it up a bit!

        The Packaging:

        The box is oblong with a see through plastic 'window' to the front of it and I am told that it is Nestle Funtastic and we are told that it contains smarties, rolos and munchies and that it contains no artificial colours and the best before date is clearly displayed. On one side of the box other information listed includes ingredients and allergy advice being stated, there is a full nutritional chart shown and contact details for Memory Lane cakes LTD (the manufacturer of the product) are given. No weight is stated just for the record!

        The Cake Itself:

        Long, thick and oblong in shape it comes in a deep silver foil tray and out of one side of it there is a small piece of plain cardboard poking out to help ease the cake out of the tray it comes in if you wish to. I tried to get it out and the cake started to collapse though as its heavy so I had to decorate it and present it in the tray which didn't look all that great!

        The cake itself mind you is quite simply gorgeous. It's quite thick and made from chocolate soft sponge that does indeed taste chocolatey and not too sweet and then it has a chocolate sauce topping which is moist and sticky and again tastes of chocolate though it is rather sweet and then to finish the whole thing off munchies, small multi-coloured smarties and mini rolos finish off and they are in abundance. The main of the chocolates were the smarties but the crunchiness of those did really go well and compliment the soft, moist cake really very well indeed.

        My only small criticism would be that the chocolates were mainly scattered to the middle of the cake and not towards the edges which means really if you are sharing this cake with many people then you need to redecorate with those chocolates yourself or there could be fights!

        This cake in my opinion offers excellent value for money, can make about 8 generous servings and if stored well lasts about 3-4 days (as ours did). I like the textures and the chocolate overload this gives and can heartily recommend this without hesitation.

        Nutritional Information Per 1/15th:

        Energy: 260 Kcal
        Protein: 2.8g
        Of which sugars: 24.0g
        Fat: 12.6g
        Of which saturates: 3.4g
        Fibre: 1.4g
        Sodium: 0.1g
        Salt equivalent: 0.3g


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