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Nestle Honey Nut Cheerios Breakfast Bars

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Type: Cereal Bars

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2008 12:02
      Very helpful



      Great tasting breakfast snack.

      Honey Nut Cheerio Bars are one of my favourite lazy breakfast snacks. I do have a very sweet tooth so that probably explains why. These are very sweet.

      These bars come in a box of 6. Each individual bar is seperately wrapped. The box is yellow with a purple and red design on the lettering.

      The picture on the box shows a Cheerio bar with milk splashing all around it. No doubt this is meant to show how this product is a good as a bowl of cereal and milk. It isn't...not in my opinion anyway.

      Let me explain why.

      Each of these bars contains 89 calories which, in itself, is not bad. In just one bar there are 14.5g sugar, 2.7g fat, 0.2g salt.

      The problem here is that one bar doesn't fill you up.

      So, double up the calories, fat and sugar. This becomes a different matter all together and these now become an unhealthy breakfast compared to a bowl of cornflakes with milk.

      These bars do contain vitamins and minerals which are proudly listed on the box. The chart claims that a ten year old child can get 75% of the recommended daily allowance of B1, B2, Niacin, B6, B12.

      So do Rice Crispies, or Cornflakes.

      Having said all that I still enjoy these. They are just sweet enough anf sticky enough to give me a start in the morning.

      Each bar is made up of lots of Cheerio rings which are stuck together with sugar and honey to make chewy snack. There is a white, milky flavoured coating along the bottom.

      This product is made by Nestles and there are other cereal bars in the range including:

      Nesquik, (Yuk!)
      Cookie Crisp, (OK)
      Shreddies, (Yummy!)
      Cheerios, (Nice!)

      I have tested them all and always come back to the Honey Nut ones.

      At £1.28 for a box of 6, I think they are reasonably priced and excellent for a quick breakfast, or a snack to keep in your bag in case you need one.


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