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Type: Crisps/Snacks

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    5 Reviews
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      10.04.2010 14:17
      Very helpful



      A great make of nuts!!!

      There is nothing better on a sunny day than going to the pub, sitting in the beer garden, and enjoying a nice cool pint - with a packet of nuts. This is exactly what I did the other evening, and the nuts on offer were Nobby's. I bought the Dry Roasted Flavour and I think I paid about 60p for them. I can't be precise because my pint, nuts and tip were not itemised, not that I'd expect them to be.

      Nuts, Pork Crackling and Crisps in the pub are a bit of an English tradition. I'm not sure why, or who thought of it, but it makes sense really for the publicans to see them in this way. Think of it carefully. What is amain ingredient in salted/roasted nuts, and crisps. The answer is salt. And what does an intake of salt make you feel? Yes you got it. Thirsty.

      I'm not sure how long these nuts have been going in the UK. I used to buy the KP ones. I guess it can be no more than 10 years or so. I remember originally the adverts with Noddy Holder from slade. Something along the lines of Nobbys nuts, not Noddys. It can't be that good of a slogan for me not to remember it.

      Okay moving onto the nuts themselves.They are in a bright gold long thin packet saying Nobby's Nuts. The dry roasted packet I bought also has a black outline of a mountain and a cactus, and the picture of a few roasted nuts.

      Upon opening the packet, you are met with like an inner plastic coating, to give them extra freshness. I guess in all there are probably a few dozen nuts.

      Like I say mine was the dry roasted flavour. I love licking all the flavouring off the nuts as I go along. I could certainly taste the onion, paprika and salt. After I've done that I just chew on the nut. I must say these are absolutely delicious. I can't praise them enough. I often go back and buy another pack, and another pint. A bit ofa catch 22 really, but a great catch 22 on these lovely sunny days.

      Nutritional Values

      per 50g pack

      Energy 293kcal
      Protein 12.5g
      Carbohydrates 6.0g
      of which sugars 4.3g
      Fats 24.0g
      of which saturates 2.8g
      Fibre 4.5g
      Sodium 0.40g
      *Equivalent as salt 1.02g

      Suitable for vegetarians

      Remember: Small children can choke on nuts

      No artificial colours or preservatives


      A fantastic nut, which can be eaten as a snack or with a nice cold pint, down the pub. Full of fat and calories, with all things bad for you, but aren't all good things in life like that? Highly recommended!!


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      12.09.2008 20:41
      Very helpful



      like to nibble nuts?

      Nobbys Nuts come in a few different flavours. The only 2 I have tried are Salted and Dry Roasted. I am reviewing the Dry Roasted ones.

      I don;t know anything about the Nobby brand. Obviously they make these nuts, but I don't know if they make anthing else.

      The size of the bags are 50g. The packaging is a thin-ishrectangular bag. The main colour is Mustard Yellow with black at the sides. There is a black blob with a few nut pictures on the front. The writing is in black and it stands out on a shelf.

      Nutritional information per 50g bag

      300 Calories
      2.0g Sugar
      23.5g Fat
      4.8g Saturates
      1.0g Salt

      To be honest they just taste like normal dry roasted nuts. They have a premium kind of taste - you know if you buy cheap nuts and then KP? You can usually taste the difference and the nuts sometimes seem a bit bigger? Well these are big, tasty, flavoursome nuts.

      I am a big Peanut fan, and these are nice. They cost me 50p for this bag and think that is a standard price for nuts. Obviously they are not good for a calorie controlled diet, but a nice tasty nibble now andagain


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        03.01.2008 12:07
        Very helpful



        An inexpensive snack with lots of natural flavour.


        <<>> Nobby's Nuts <<>>

        I love dry roasted peanuts! To me they are the perfect partner to beer or lager. They go hand in hand with a drink 100%. It's very much a British thing. Beer, and a packet of peanuts! You can even get heated, roasted peanuts now from a machine on the bar in many pubs. These warm Sahara nuts are gorgeous. Roasted peanuts are a great little 'impulse buy', as the trade calls it; an afterthought; a perfect accompaniment to go with your beer, and they are placed on view above the bottled beers in the pub, to catch your eye when you are purchasing your drink.~

        Nobby's nuts contain salt, and they are cleverly sold at pubs, and clubs, alongside the crisps, beef jerky, and pork scratchings. The eating of these salted treats ensure the need for you to replenish your drink at frequent intervals to quench your thirst. These nuts are full of dry roasted salty flavouring, and they are a most popular snack to accompany the traditional pint of beer, or lager. The quality and taste of Nobby's nuts is unsurpassed, and undeniably very popular in the land of Oz, and now over here in Great Britain also. Nobby's nuts have been available in Australia for about fifty years, and only hit our shelves in the Millenium. They are the perfect appetiser to hand out when entertaining friends, or when having a beer at the pub with your mates. They are a great snack to serve up at a party. In fact they are the ideal accompaniment to a glass or bottle of beer, whether in the pub, out and about, or at home.~

        The marketing campaign for Nobby's nuts was an interesting one. It's main selling strategy was to aim it at the male market, ages 17-34. which make up roughly a quarter of the population in the UK, and the people most likely to be found in pubs according to the polls. I seem to remember the advertising slogan being that Nobby's nuts were a "Bloke snack", which was a pretty sexist statement really, and not at all pc. Nobby's nuts featured a huge marketing campaign starring Noddy Holder, popular lead singer of the glam rock band Slade, and featuring the sexually suggestive 'tag' "Nibble Nobby's Nuts"... "Nobby's... Not Noddy's!" I think the advert went a long way in promoting the Nobby's brand, and was a great success in capturing the imagination of the consumer, and consolidating the future of the nuts. Nobby's nuts made their first appearance in the UK in the year 2000., and they are manufactured by Walkers under license. Nobby's is the largest producer of pre-packaged nuts in Australia.~

        <<>> Nobby's Nuts <<>>

        Nobby's peanuts are available in two types. There is a dry roasted peanut, or a crispy shell flavour coated peanut. They are available in sweet chilli, classic dry roasted, or coated smoked bacon flavour. I have got the Sweet Chilli flavour, and the Classic dry roasted peanut flavour to try. The dry roasted packet has NOBBY'S NUTS written in large writing across the front, inside a bright yellow flash, beside a picture of hills, and a cactus, and also displaying a picture of three dry roasted peanuts, and the contents weight is 50g. - The Sweet Chilli flavour coated peanuts has the same writing. The only differences is that the Chilli flavour has a red flame across the packet, and the weight contents is 40g. To the reverse of the packet you have the ingredients, Nutritional information, and daily guideline amounts. There is also a fun section called 'That's nuts!' Where they put a random bit of information. The fact on my packet was: That Antarctica is actually the largest desert in the world! -

        The nuts come in a long foil lined packet, with an inner, thick plastic lining., which has a tearing strip to the side. I actually spent ages try to rip open the packet, even trying to tear an edge away with my teeth, but the packaging wouldn't give an inch, until I spotted the small easy tear strip, and then I opened it with ease. So I can say they were extremely well sealed, and no danger of the packet becoming pierced or damaged. They are very well protected, and you can be assured that the nuts will reach you in tip top condition, and not be all broken up, or crushed, and in the case of the coated nuts, I was amazed that none of the shell coating had been damaged, and it was still perfectly intact upon the nut. Also nice to know the packet is recyclable.~

        << >> The Aroma <<>>

        Once inside the packet of Classic peanuts, I inhale the aroma, and the smell is gorgeous, it smells just like peanut butter, which I love. It has that creamy smell that you get when breathing in the smell from the peanut butter jar. It is a rich peanut smell, salty, and creamy. The peanuts smell of a very good quality, and Nobby's use 95% peanut, so I presume these are in fact, of a good quality. I can also smell the dry roasted flavouring. The combination of the nut, salt, and flavouring, is very inviting, and is stimulating my taste buds. The nuts are pale brown, with darker flecks of the seasoning on the top. The Sweet chilli flavour has a very intoxicating aroma, and the nuts have a smell of sweet chilli, and paprika, and other various spices, all mixed up to create a very appealing smell to titillate my taste buds. The aroma has a 'bite' to it, and I think these nuts may be quite hot, and spicy.~

        <<>> The Taste <<>>

        Well, the taste of the dry roasted peanut is salty and very crunchy, and with the dry roast flavouring coming through when bitten down in the mouth. The salt is not too strong, as can be the case in many packaged nuts on the market these days. Nobby's nuts are nice and fresh. with a salty, savoury, flavouring, coating the peanut. They are very more'ish, as this type of snack is. They are quite delicious, one of the nicest dry roasted peanuts I have had actually. The size of the peanuts is just right. They are not too large, just a nice size for the mouth. Some of the nuts are whole, and some are in halves. The size of the packet is quite a good size at 50g, and for £0.55p, I feel it is very good value for the size of the packet, and there were quite a lot of nuts in there. I didn't count them, as I was too busy eating them. They really are just so more'ish!

        The Chilli flavour coated peanuts are really nice. I love the chilli taste, and also the thin, crisp, oval shell coating around the nut dusted with the red paprika, and orange chilli flavouring. The coating is a little like skips in taste, and texture, only a little thicker, and the shell is a lovely compliment to the dry roasted peanut. When you bite through the outer casing shell, it almost melts in your mouth, and fills your palate with the hot, sweet chilli, and paprika taste. The taste of chilli had a nice after kick to it, and stayed in my mouth for a while, after I had finished the nut. When crunching the peanut, the taste is delicious with the mixture of these flavours, and textures, and these are a lovely snack to be had with a refreshing drink. This variety of the coated nut is quite hot, though not over poweringly so, and I thought both the classic peanut, and chilli coated flavour were delicious, though I think overall I preffered the Chilli flavour, as I personally found it a bit more interesting. ~

        <<>> Benefits of peanuts <<>>

        Nuts are good for you! This is common knowledge, and peanuts are a protein food which have many beneficial properties. Eating nuts is known to reduce cardiovascular disease by lowering blood cholesterol levels. Peanuts also contain a chemical known for it's anti-aging benefits, and they are a rich source of coenzyme Q10, which is a natural anti-oxident . So it seems with all the evidence on offer that nuts are a food that we can eat safe in the knowledge, that they are actually doing us some good. Just so long as the salt levels contained, are of an acceptable level~

        <<>> Nut dangers <<>>

        Peanut allergy is quite common in young children. Of course anyone with a nut allergy, or sensitivity should avoid any nut at all costs, and it is stated on the packet that the Nobby's product has been made in a factory that uses other types of nut ingredients. Even touching the product, or breathing the dust from a nut can be fatal for a sufferer of anaphylactic shock. So we do have to be extremely careful when coming into contact with someone who suffers from this medical condition, and be mindful not to even open any packet containing a nut product. Also nuts are not to be given to young children. They are dangerous to them as a choking hazard.~

        <<>> My Opinion <<>>

        I thought Nobby's nuts were really nice. I've yet to try the smoked bacon coated dry roasted peanuts. But the classic peanut, and the dry roasted sweet chilli coated peanut variety were both very tasty, and quite filling. I liked the fact that not too much salt was used. Some dry roasted peanuts use far too much salt on their products. Nobby's nuts had the balance just right in the flavourings they used, without killing the taste of the actual peanut itself. The nuts didn't leave me thirsty after eating them, just reinforcing the fact, that the balance of salt content was spot on. They are a very good quality peanut which had a lot of natural flavour. The nuts are not greasy, and did not leave my fingers feeling so after I had finished off the pack. These nuts are also suitable for vegetarians. The packaging was of a very good strength ensuring no damage to the product. The size of the pack was very adequate, and it contained quite a few peanuts. The dusting of the flavourings used upon the nut were gorgeous; highly delicious, and the chilli smell didn't linger upon my breath for too long. I liked the fact that the flavouring used didn't taste artificial, but instead tasted quite natural.

        Nobby's nuts are a perfect accompaniment to have with a drink, and can be found in many a nightclub, and pub.Salty snacks means more drinks sold, and they serve to soak up the alcohol consumed also. I found three varieties of Nobby's nuts in my local Off License, and the price was £0.55p for a 40ml pack of the coated peanut, and £.0.55 for 50ml of the Classic dry roasted peanut. Nobby's nuts can be found at a cheaper price in Tesco's and various other Supermarkets. They can also be bought in the larger 140g bag, for just over the price of £1.00, and this size is ideal as the perfect party size. They are also to be found in most off licenses, and Public houses, alongside the crisps, and pork scratchings. I couldn't stop eating them once I had started the packet. They were delicious, and I will most definitely be buying them again, and also I will be wholeheartedly recommending them to you. ~

        <> Nobby's Nuts <>

        Available flavours.
        Dry Roasted,
        Coated Smoked Bacon
        Coated Sweet Chilli

        Each pack contains

        Calories: 214
        Sugars: 2.0g
        Fat: 13.6g
        Saturates: 3,6g
        Salt: 1.4g

        Nobby's also do

        Nobby's crisps,
        Nobbys pork crackle
        Nobbys beef jerky.


        Nobby - I want a Word
        Nobby Snacks
        P.O. Box 23
        LE4 8ZU

        0116 234 2345

        Website link

        Thank you for reading


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          17.06.2007 16:38
          Very helpful



          a great snack

          Nobby’s Nuts

          Now being pregnant they (that’s the professionals) do say to steer well clear of peanuts. I think they say that if you eat nuts during your pregnancy that there is a higher risk that the baby will come out with having an allergy to them. This is especially the case if you or your partner has allergies or asthma yourself. Now both me and my boyfriend have asthma and he has loads of allergies that cause him to sneeze all the time (can be very annoying). But I just love buts especially these Nobby’s Nuts and I thought now that I am nearly ready to pop surely one bag of these are not going to do any harm at this late stage.

          Nobby’s sweet chilli nuts are truly wonderful and I can’t believe I have gone without hem for so many months without getting withdrawal symptoms! They are sold pretty much everywhere now but seeing as my frequent trips to the pub have stopped I of course am missing buying them from there. However they do stock them in Tesco, Morrison and all other good supermarkets in both the small bag and the larger family sized bag. I just couldn’t resist but buying the larger bag meant for sharing but who is going to ask to share from a angry pregnant woman – certainly not my boyfriend.

          The bag cost around £1.20p for 140grams of the nuts and the smaller bags are available for a lot cheaper something like 50p. Nobby’s nuts also come in different flavours and types but I find these the best as they have a little kick to the flavour and are coated in a wonderful crunchy shell. The design of this particular bag is black and red in colour giving a small picture of a chilli pepper on the front to symbolise the flavour that is held inside the packaging. The other flavours of course have different colourings so that they are easy to distinguish from each other.

          The nuts themselves actually look nothing like nuts when getting them from the bag as the peanuts are hidden in the outer crispy layer. The smell coming from the nut snack is most certainly that of something a little spicy as the aroma really gets up the nostrils and sends mine into overdrive!! They are golden in colour with the coating having a sprinkling of spice over them and you can literally see the flavour covered in them. Each one is round and prefect for popping into the mouth!

          After popping a few in the mouth the chilli flavouring really starts to take effect. It is not a really strong presence of chilli but enough to make you a little thirsty! The crunchiness of the outer layer mixed with the crunchiness of the peanut inside works well together and the whole snack is a spicy crunchy delight to enjoy! The sweet chilli flavour really comes to life the more you eat although it still does not get over powering that you would need to stop eating for fear of burning alive like some chilli products I have eaten in the past.

          There of course has to be a downside when eating a large bag of something quite as tasty as this and that fact is the calorie and fat content. After munching my way speedily through a bag I can then force myself to look at the nutritional information that lets me know I have just shoved into my mouth 714cals and 48g of fat. This is probably all going straight to my butt or probably knowing my luck on to the head circumference of my unborn child. Either way I am set to pay the price!!!

          The fact that the main ingredient in this product is peanuts people with nut allergies should not even contemplate eating these and on the back it also states that they are not suitable for people who are lactose intolerant. Other than that I think anyone would enjoy this wonderful snack either at home or down the pub. It is the prefect treat instead of a bag of crisps although slightly higher in calories and fat! For people that are not keen on sweet chilli the other flavours available are smoked bacon, normal salted nuts or dry roasted nuts. These however in my opinion are by far the best variety.

          Even after realising how much fat and calories are contained within one bag of these I will continue to eat them for as long as they are available. They taste so good I could practically live off them alone. However after the baby is here I will need to regain my figure so I am sure I will be putting off eating them till nest year when I am hopefully back to my original size and can afford those calories! If you have yet to try these wonderful snacks then where have you been these are truly a tasty delight for any palate so go on treat yourself today!!!


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            07.02.2006 13:36
            Very helpful



            Go on, treat yourself!

            I’m sure we all buy snacks from time to time be they biscuits, crisps or chocolate bars. We all have our favourites but sometimes its nice to have and try something different.

            So on a trip to the cash and carry I spied out the corner of my eye….Nobby’s Nuts….well not literally but a box of 20 packets of these tasty little blighters!

            Most of us would have noted Nobby’s crisps in the shops over the last few months but this was the first time I had seen his nuts!

            There was the choice of salted, dry roasted and the ones I bought…"Coated Smoked Bacon Flavour Nuts".

            The Packaging

            The first thing I must mention is that the packaging is slightly different from the picure above that Dooyoo have put up when creating this category. Nobbys packets are larger than your average bag of nuts. The foil packet is a fuschia pink and black lettering being lengthways on the packet.

            Its quite a simple packet, two thirds of it is in pink and states "Coated Smoked Bacon Flavour Nuts" with a picture of two of the nuts (wonder why two?!) The remaining third is in black.

            The reverse of the packet tells us there are 40g of nuts contained within, the ingredients, nutritional info and best before date. As usual no long list of ingredients but to suffice to say each packet is 206 calories, has 13.6g of fat and contains 0.4g of salt. Not too healthy but better than other snacks as nuts are a source of protein.

            They ARE suitable for vegetarians.

            There are also two quirky things on the back of the packet that I find quite different and amusing.

            Firstly, The best before date says " best before 11pm on the 1-12-2005". I assume the 11pm relates to pub closing time? I had visions of these nuts slowly fading in flavour all on the own in the dark after the pub closed even though this is irrelevant in sone places with the 24he licensing laws now!

            Secondly, is something that I cannot find any connection for whatsoever but there are a series of "Nobby’s Lessons". The lesson on my pack was No 5 and shows you with 6 small diagrams how to tie your tie (!) to obtain a Double Windsor Knot. I think this just adds a bit of fun and as they say little things please little minds!

            The Contents.

            Well obviously NUTS, and these are large nuts compared to the average packet. They are the same size as the packets of ‘large’ peanuts you can buy at Xmas time and comparative to Revels.Each nut is coated with the flavouring giving it a pale golden yellow colour.

            I am impressed with the coating as it does stay on the nut, I didn’t find any that had cracked or split and no stray pieces of coating at the end of the packet. Not bad seeing as they had had a bit of a battering vying for a space in the boot of the car!
            We have munched on a few packets already (not all in one go) and they all remain fully coated.

            The Taste Test

            On opening this packet you are greeted with a lovely gentle smoked bacon aroma akin to smoky bacon crisps.

            Biting into a nut it has a light crisp crunch to it and the coating releases that smoked bacon flavour all around your mouth. There is no individual taste of the nut and flavour just a gentle overall yummy taste. It is definitely a smoked bacon rather than bacon flavour. Even biting a nut in half the coating remains intact. Whether you choose to them individually or shove a whole handful in you will not be overwhelmed by too strong a taste. The flavouring is just right that is not bland but not strong enough to make you cough as do some flavours of crisps.

            In your interests I counted the number of nuts in a packet and on average there are about 50, but don’t forget they are not little ones!

            The aftertaste remains one of smoked bacon but you won’t still be able to taste it two hours later.

            I have also found that the bits do not get stuck in your teeth so much so you are not spending half an hour with your finger stuck in your mouth trying to find that last little piece of nut!

            As with all nuts they do leave a residue on your fingers but only of the flavour. You are not going to be walking around with your fingertips a nice shade of yellow after eating these, and as the flavour is so nice its an extra reason to lick your fingers clean!

            Usually after a packet of nuts we all need a drink of some description but due to the lack of salt in these and the coating, I found I did not need to go and get a glass of water after eating them.

            My Opinion - The Good Bits

            Nobby’s Nuts definitely get the Mmmm factor in our house for several reasons.

            One is that sometimes its nice to have a savoury snack rather than a sweet one and lets face it, nuts can be quite boring so this makes a nice change.

            I wouldn’t recommend eating these too close to a mealtime as it is quite a large packet and I find that I can have a packet of these at lunchtime and not want anything else.

            Although nuts are a choking hazard for young children these make an ideal alternative for kids lunchboxes or snack time at school.

            Like I stated previously they are not too strong that your breath is going to smell for the rest of the day and its nice to know I could eat a packet of these at work or whilst out and not have to go running for a drink.

            The quirks on the back of the pack make it just a bit different to the ‘norm’.
            Lastly they get the thumbs up because they are such a lovely gentle flavour.

            The Bad Bits

            There are not many but still gripes in my opinion. Firstly and very important there is no ‘nick’ in the foil packet to ease opening. You cannot open them as you would do a packet of crisps by pulling apart the sides. Believe me I have tried and tried and there is no chance of the packet opening.

            So the only successful ways I have found to open them is ripping them open with your teeth or cutting the corner off with scissors.

            I felt this let the product down quite badly as its quite standard design these days to have that ‘nick’.

            Also whilst it states nuts are a choking hazard on the back, this is in tiny writing, and whilst I appreciate that most of us know, I feel that manufacturers should NOT assume this and that the warning should be in bigger and bolder type.

            One other thing I noticed and this was that the packet gives you a postal address for any complaints, a customer services telephone number but no web address. Also it only states these are made in the EU. Normally you would have something like ‘made in the UK for xxxxx company’

            Price and Availability

            As I said, I purchased these on a trip to the cash and carry. The cost (inc VAT) was £7.49 which works out to roughly 37p a packet.

            Varieties made are, salted, dry roasted, coated smoked bacon and a coated sweet chilli flavour.

            I have only seen the dry roasted and salted ones about. In Tesco’s they are 40p a pack, my local newsagents sells them at 45p. Worth shopping around!

            Other Interesting Info.

            Now I did a search of Nobby’s Nuts on the web (risky I know!) but found out very little info apart from they are owned/made by Walkers. Why then was there no reference
            to this on the ‘made by xxx for xxx’ bit.? As they are so nice I would have thought Walkers would have put their name to them.

            So I rang the customer services department, who confirmed they were made by Walkers. The lady also told me they were aimed for the pub/club trade. Not frequenting such places that often I do not know if they are available in your local…sorry!

            Contact Details

            Write to :

            Nobby - I want a Word
            Nobby Snacks
            P.O.Box 23
            LE4 8ZU

            (I have not missed the town/city off, that’s how it is on the back of the pack)

            telephone 0116 234 2345.

            So I give these 4/5, simply because how the hell are you supposed to enjoy the taste if you can’t get the packet open! Arrrgggghhh!

            Thanks for reading as ever,

            © HotBabes 2006


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            Let’s get nuts over Nobbys! Nobbys is the number one premium brand of nuts available throughout Australia. They’re great for all type of occasions, whether relaxing at home in front of a movie or socialising with friends.

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