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Organix Goodies Organic Animal Biscuits

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Brand: Organix / Food quality: Organic food

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    4 Reviews
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      23.04.2013 14:04
      Very helpful



      cute biscuits

      I know a lot of you follow baby M's adventures on Facebook and as many of you will know he loves his food! I have been finding it difficult to see him through the day without having snacks and now that I'm weaning him off constant milk feeds I have had to start looking for some snack alternatives. There are many baby snacks on the market and I was spoilt for choice on the baby aisle but I chose these as they have no added sugar and look as though they will take some chewing so M should be able to take his time eating them instead of needing several like he may with the crisp-type snacks.

      They come in a box and inside this is a packet. It isnt resealable so I imagine these biscuits will go soggy if you leave them out so I always keep them in an air tight container so this doesnt happen. The packet itself is nice and bright and it's obvious what you're getting; the picture shows the biscuits shaped like elephants and there are apples at their feet so you can tell without having to even read that these are apple flavoured biscuits.

      I am always worried about added sugar in children's products, just because they're on the baby aisle it doesn't mean the ingredients are all pure! These biscuits, however, contain only organic and natural ingredients. There are no sneaky extra sugars. They include; wheat flour, whole what flour, apple juice concentrate, vegetable oils, apple extract, raising agent and thiamin which is a vitamin.

      biscuit time!

      The biscuits themselves are smaller than I anticipated (approximately 4cm high) and are in the shape of an elephant which makes them quite cute. The only problem with this biscuit being small is that M is forever dropping it as it gets quite soggy and slimey as he chews on it so his ability to grip it isn't great so if we are out and about I have to keep a close eye on him else we'll have a lost biscuit on our hands!
      As M chews on this biscuit it softens slightly and little bits come off. It is a hard biscuit though so it does take him a while. One biscuit at the moment lasts him about 15 minutes. He is 10 months old and has no teeth... I imagine in a few weeks he will soon be munching them in a must faster time! Now of course I had to sample one too and I must say they do not taste great, they taste like cardboard with a hint of apple but then I guess this is all babies need, just that hint of a sweet taste and because it tastes so bland it means that it isn't introducing him to really sweet foods.

      what does M think?

      M's opinion is that he loves the biscuit, his only critcism would be the fact that he can easily drop it which causes great distress to him! I think they are great as I can put a few in my bag and take them out with me but do always be sure to put them in a sealed tub so as to not let them go soggy! A slight negative is that they go very slimey and then crusty so M's face is often quite messy afterwards!

      I do like the Organic range, I have bought several before of the crisp ones and both Hope and M have always enjoyed them. I like that everything that goes into the products are as natural as possible so that you don't have to worry about giving your children snacks.

      These biscuits are recommended from the age 12 months but M has been having solid food since 6 months so they are fine for him but you will know your baby so use your own judgement as to whether they are ready for them or not.

      I bought these from Tesco for £1.60 which is expensive for a biscuit but actually very reasonable in the baby biscuit world!


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      27.02.2010 16:33



      Great fun biscuits with no sugar

      These Animal Biscuits are a staple in my kitchen cupboard!
      They contain no sugar or artificial sweeteners - they're sweetened with grape juice and are now made with wholemeal flour.
      As a mother of a child who goes zippy at the mearest sniff of sugar, these are fabulous! They're biscuits which come in the shape of a number of animals... elephants, dogs, butterflies, sheep, bunnies, cats and a squirrel. They are quite small (the pack suggests a portion is 4 biscuits), so you can look like the fabulously generous parent when you say, hey, have two or three biscuits!
      These are great to give them with their milk at bedtime as you're safe in the knowledge that they won't keep them awake.
      As I have to be careful about non-sugar puddings in the evening, I tend to crumble these up over natural greek yoghurt and some fruit making a delicious (and sugar free) pudding.
      Yes, they are more expensive than ordinary biscuits (around £2), but the fact that they don't contain sugar more than makes up for it in my opinion.


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      30.10.2009 11:19
      Very helpful



      see review

      Organix have become very popular over the last few years since it was started by Lizzie Vann in 1992, making baby food that parents can give to thier babies and young children without feeling bad, as there is no junk in them, and as the name suggests, all the ingredients are organic. They offer a wide range now, from crisps and hand held snacks to fruit purees and cereals.

      I recently bought a box of these animal biscuits from my local Tesco. They cost £1.58 for a 150g box, which is quite alot compared to some of the other baby biscuits, but the box is larger. The box, which is bright blue and decorated with cute looking children tells me that they have won a Mother and Baby gold award in 2007/2008, plus the product is made with a new recipe which is wholegrain, with no added sugar and no hydrogenated fat. So I know that these are good to feed my little girl. The box also says that they are not suitable for children under 12 months, and I must confess that my daughter was a little under this when she first tried them (naughty Mummy).

      The ingredients are given as percentages of the product,
      Organic Wholegrain Wheat Flour 31%, Organic Wheat Flour 30%, Organic Grape Juice Concentrate 28%, Organic Unhydrogenated Palm Oil 8%, Organic Sunflower Oil 2%, Raising Agent (Sodium Carbonate)* less than 1%, Junk 0%.

      Inside the box the product are kept in a keep fresh bag, and the box is reclosable so the product doesnt get soft. You do seem to get quite alot in a box so they will last a while with little appetites.

      The biscuits are quite a light colour, and as the name of the product suggests, they are animal shapes so they are not all the same size and shape, but small enough for little fingers to hold. There are lots of different animals - cows, pigs, elephants, ducks, butterflies and cats, which are very strange looking - they are not twee in a child sense and my toddler wouldnt be able to say what many of them were. They dont really smell of anything.

      I am quite apprehensive about tasing them, as I know that they are only sweetened with grape juice and I dont know if my sweet tooth will cope. When I did taste them I have to say that to be honest I thought they were horrid. The have a crumbly texture and they leave a funny aftertaste. I suppose the list of ingredients could have given me a clue to the fact that they dont really taste of anything, as there is nothing in them to give them any kind of flavour.

      Fortunately for Organix, and the reason that I am giving them full marks, is that my daughter loves them. She is quite able to eat them nicely without making a massive mess, and she can suck them to death so that the crumbly texture is good for her. We now take a pot out with us when we go to toddler groups or to the park, so she can have a snack if she gets peckish.

      So the product gets a thumbs up from her, and because there is no junk in the recipe and therefore I dont feel bad that she is eating them I give it 5 stars too, but I wont be pinching any!


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      07.03.2008 13:36
      Very helpful



      Healthy biscuits for babies and small children

      Goodies Animal biscuits are made by Organix who are a company that specialises in making totally organic foods which have no junk added.


      The biscuits come in a box which is a blue colour and has a picture of a young girl and boy standing holding three of the biscuits.

      The top of the box has a green banner with the Organix name in it and the title is in white lettering.

      Around the sides and the back of the box there is all the product information, the ingredients, nutritional information and a statement from Organix about their products.

      The biscuits inside the box are inside a white plastic bag.


      31 % Wholegrain Wheat Flour
      30% Wheat Flour
      28% Grape Juice Concentrate
      8% Unhydrogenated Palm Oil
      2% Sunflower Oil
      Less than 1% Sodium Bicarbonate

      All of the ingredients have been given the organic stamp apart from the raising agent, the sodium bicarbonate.

      NUTITIONAL INFORMATION - Per serving of 4 biscuits

      51 Kcal
      0.9g Protein
      8.2g Carbohydrate
      2.5g of which sugars
      1.5g Fat
      0.4g of which saturates
      0.7g Fibre
      Trace Sodium

      The biscuits only contain natural occurring sugars.


      My Little man loves these biscuits, they come in all different animal shapes, included are a squirrel, pig, elephant, cow, rabbit and many more. Although he cannot tell the difference between the animals my 3 year old has great fun in telling him which ones are which.

      The biscuits are each a good size so they are easy for little hand to pick up and feed themselves independently.

      There is a wheat smell to the biscuits but this is not overpowering and can be quite pleasant.

      The biscuits do dissolve in my sons mouth so there is no real danger of him choking on them although parental supervision is recommended when your baby is eating these.

      The colour of the biscuits is a light brown colour and they do resemble the look and texture of a digestive biscuit.

      I do feel better giving my little man these biscuits as they are made from all natural ingredients and have no junk added to them.


      The biscuits are made by Organix and have no junk added to them.

      The box comes in 150g size and I paid £1.76 from my local supermarket which is a very reasonable price as the box does last for quite some time.

      The biscuits do have a warning on the back of the box saying that they have been made in a factory where nut products are produced and the biscuits are also gluten free and are suitable for vegetarians.

      I would highly recommend these biscuits for any little person as a very healthy treat.

      For any more information on this or any Organix product then please visit www.organix.com


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    • Product Details

      Fun animal shaped biscuits.

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