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Oskri Coconut Bars

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Brand: Oskri / Type: Sweets

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    3 Reviews
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      05.08.2012 13:11
      Very helpful




      How do you fancy a USDA organic snack (certified by MOSA)?

      Holland & Barrett is where this "Coconut Bar Original" may be found, for £1.15. Having one of these bars will stop your hunger from coming back any time soon! Harmoniously using our Earth to provide for those who require food which is halal, kosher, vegan, lactose and gluten free, Oskri has created this "Original" bar using only organic coconut and organic rice syrup. Heaven knows what K-Parve means?!

      Helping you to tear and open the wrapper with ease are scalloped-type ends on the packaging. Hotchpotched font types and sizes teamed with dull colours do not make for an overly tempting or attractive packaging. House-bound in a hurry, I just picked up two of these bars because it states fairly clearly "Lactose Free" on the front, meaning I wouldn't have to spend time picking up each bar on the shelf to check for ingredients.

      Hefty thirteen centimetres-or-so in length of this rather pungent cocoa-butter-coloured bar (53g) means it is quite sickly and filling to eat in one go! However, the texture is lovely and moist but very chewy, giving your jaws a good workout! Held together by rice syrup the tightly-packed unsweetened coconut flakes I find bitter, and I would only really recommend this is you love pungent, unsweetened coconut.

      Hatched in the USA - they have mentioned this about five times on the packaging. Higher in calories than I would have expected given the whole "organic is healthy facade", with 264 calories per bar; Hardly helps with the hiplines much if you're on a diet!

      Hermits may also like the possibility of purchasing Okri's "Coconut Bar Original" from online shops such as Holland & Barrett's.

      Health expert I am not - but I fail to see much value in these bars besides an unenjoyable way of getting 2% daily value of calcium, 6% DV of iron and 1.9g of protein.


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        13.05.2009 23:24
        Very helpful



        It's a lovely treat and makes a change from a chocolate bar.

        This is a review of the original flavour Oskri Organic Coconut Bar. It's 56g in size and made in the USA.

        It's suitable for vegetarians, vegans and is lactose and gluten free. Although there is an allergy warning as it may contain traces of nuts and sesame seeds.

        I bought my bar in Holland & Barrett (health food shop) for 65p and I've not seen them sold anywhere else. 65 pence seems quite expensive but if you consider how much you'd pay for a similar sized block of coconut-ice it doesn't seem so bad.

        And it does taste a bit like coconut-ice but without the sickly-sweetness. It's sweet but not too much.

        The bar is fairly well compacted together so I didn't end up with too many crumbs on my desk!

        The texture however is quite dry so I found it difficult to finish the whole bar in one go.

        When you open the packet you can really smell the fresh coconut and dream of being somewhere warm and tropical!

        I could imagine dipping this in melted dark chocolate to make a vegan Bounty bar, mmm!

        It looks exactly as you'd expect a desiccated coconut bar to look, as I said before, it's like the plain white part of coconut ice!

        If you look at the nutritional information you'll see it's not really a healthy snack, I would say it's more of an indulgent treat.

        Desiccated coconut (59%), Rice syrup (41%). And that's it!

        Nutritional information:
        (per bar)
        Calories 246
        Fat 14g
        Saturated fat 12g
        Sodium 32mg
        Fibre 3.8g
        Sugars 29g
        Protein 1.4g
        Iron 0.84mg


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        13.01.2009 10:40
        Very helpful



        A change from a Bounty!

        When I was growing up one of my earliest memories was my dad buying a real coconut from the greengrocers. He would make a big point of going outside and trying to break into it with various methods including mad bashings against the patio. He would then drink the milk and prize off the inside. No one could understand all this fuss really especially Emily my elderly gran who lived with us at the time. Still with my dad approaching 80 now it does stick in my mind and perhaps that is why I love that film "Castaway" so much when the main character is stranded on a desert island, and has to survive by eating coconuts and using the empty husks as containers for water. "Castaway" represents a life of simplicity and coconuts grow in wild and remote shores on palms which overhang the water's edge.

        There is something about coconuts which ignite that feeling of being on a desert island stranded and tropical.

        When I was in the Maldives last summer I was amazed to see coconuts growing and how picking them involved scaling the high trees to gather them before they became loose and could fall and injure someone. It is actually the biggest danger in The Maldives but what a place to end your days even if it was death by coconut!

        Coconuts were mentioned in Indian writings dating back more than 200 years and indeed today they are the biggest producer of coconuts in the world.

        So in my quest to find healthy and tasty snacks to keep the pounds from settling after a Christmas of indulgence I saw a bar on my local health food shop shelf called simply "Coconut Bar" by Oskri. Intrigued by this vegan bar I checked the ingredients to see it was made from only two -coconut and rice syrup! Now for the bad news the bar is 246 calories! More about that in a minute.

        Quite a slim flat bar this is designed to look attractive with the wrapper reflecting the colours of creamy coconut, and the husk coloured tawny brown of the hairy outer coconut layers.

        Oskri Organics is a supplier and manufacturer of natural food products, located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin so this is in the North East of the USA in the states bordering Canada. They make lots of bars this being one of them. Quite an intriguing location for coconut bar production as they have cold and snowy winters!

        Now more about the nutritional value of coconut! It is a high fibre food but the bad news is that a cup contains 26 grams of fat with almost all being saturated. It does however have a lot of B vitamins, calcium, and iron, as well as magnesium, potassium, and zinc, so it's not all doom and gloom. Experts seem to be arguing about whether it is bad for your heart but one thing is for sure it is very tasty and in this bar particularly so. There is apparently one of the lowest rates of heart disease in the world in Sri Lanka where coconut oil is the main oil used in cooking, whereas in India where coconut oil is now being replaced by other oils it is on the rise. Furthermore although it is a saturated fat it seems to raise the level of good cholesterol in the blood making heart disease less likely to happen.

        Make of it what you will but it is a delicious food and one I think is more interesting to eat than what many people do which is to just enjoy bombing them at fayres with tennis balls-fun though that is!

        The bar itself is extremely moist due to the rice syrup and is the closest thing to eating the inside of a bounty bar I have found. It is truly delicious and satisfying and like the topping I sometimes put on Victoria sandwich cakes made from desiccated coconut. There is a slightly oily film on the bar when you open it though which is from the rich syrup. I did a tasting session with this last night on hubby and son. My husband gave it 10 out of 10 but my son said "ok but rather have it covered in chocolate in fact why not just buy a Bounty Bar?" Good point here as there are 268 calories in a Bounty Bar so quite similar and I do really love the chocolate. The great thing about this bar though is it is so transportable even in hot weather and makes a great snack when you are out and about.

        I think this bar is something I will buy again because it is very different but based on a very simple idea. The bar is gluten free, lactose free, and suitable for vegans too! It costs 65p.

        It is something tropical to take you to a far away place and you know I reckon it would go nicely with a glass of Malibu! Now there's an idea! Will it replace the delicious dark Bounty Bars I often indulge in?- I don't think it will overtake their sales but it could be "Mutiny From The Bounty" for some who dip their toes in the water to try this very tasty alternative!


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