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Pain aux raisins

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    2 Reviews
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      14.09.2009 10:50
      Very helpful



      excellent breakfast choice

      I used to work in a french bakery/sandwich shop, and part of my job was to cook the pastries and bread in the morning before we opened.

      One of my favourite items was the pain aux raisins otherwise known as raisin brioche pastries.

      The pain aux raisin is a brioche bread with raisins and is usually in a snail swirl shape.

      When I used to cook these at the bakery, I often slightly undercook one which I would eat for my breakfast. By undercooking it it was all soft and gooey. Unfortantly I ended up putting on a stone at this said bakery because of my love for the sweet pastries.

      I have found a good homemade recipe which I will include in this review.

      I find that the I prefer my pain aux raisin is served warm straight from the oven. However if you prefer the crisp pastry leave to go cold before eating.



      flour ... 300g
      sugar ... 21g
      yeast ... 6g
      milk ... 180g
      salt ... 5g
      butter ... 15g
      raisin ... 90g


      1. Mix half of flour, sugar, yeast (soaked with 30ml of water)
      and milk with a spatula in a bowl for 5 min.
      It will become sticky.
      Check follow things; it has bubbles,
      is sticky and is no flour balls.

      2. Put and mix rest of flour and salt into it.
      Knead it very well for 10 min.

      3. Put and mix butter and raisin.
      Knead it very well for 10 min again.

      4. Put it at 30 oC for 30 ~ 40 min.

      5. Divide the dough into how many amount you want.

      6. Make balls with them, wait for 20 ~ 30 min.

      7. Make shape you want with these balls.

      8. Wait for 25 min.

      9. Bake them with 200 oC for 20 min.

      I managed to find this easy recipe on the internet and it is soo yummy. If you enjoy baking give it a go.

      If you prefer not to cook you can buy pain aux raisins and any major supermarket at about 99p for 2 in the bakery section.


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        27.07.2008 22:42
        Very helpful



        Great as a treat and best in France

        I have been on several trips to France before and that's where I discovered these. I remember coming back from a school trip there all excited that I'd found a new tasty treat and tried to make them myself. It was not a success I did however accidentally come across a great recipe for Chelsea buns whilst trying to make these, they are very similar. I know buy these from supermarkets as I have long since given up trying to make my own. Sainsbury's have recently started to sell these although theirs normally have a cherry on the top and icing.

        Basically it's a pastry treat, light airy pastry not the thick heavy kind you make pies with, that is full of raisins, rolled up, a bit like a swiss roll and then glazed yum. You can buy them from Sainsbury's as I have already mentioned, iced with a glace cherry (which I love) on top in the middle. I think these taste a lot better than the Pain aux raisins on their own as it gives them an extra bit of sweetness. Unfortunately they don't seem to be available in Tesco's but never mind, it encourages me to only eat them every now and then. They should definitely be eaten only as a treat because they contain loads of sugar which can be bad for you. The plain Pain aux raisins without icing and a cherry are probably not as bad for you as they don't have so much sugar on them

        They're a fantastic pastry treat that's been one of my favourites for years and very similar to Chelsea buns. I really do recommend these as a treat!


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