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Pasquier 8 Milk Brioche Rolls

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3 Reviews

Brand: Pasquier / Type: Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls

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    3 Reviews
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      19.06.2012 09:15
      Very helpful
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      a nice choclate snack

      At the weekend we were off to do a car boot sale and from experience I know that snacks are very expensive and so I decided to take some snacks for the children and I happened to see these on offer in Tesco.

      What are they ?
      Brioche is a traditional French pastry made with a high content of eggs and butter which gives its light and golden colour it is also light and fluffy, that is the traditional Brioche that you would get in a bouloungerie however like our own bakery bread and sliced bread these pre-packaged brioche are not as golden and fluffy but still taste very good and each Brioche is individually packed making it ideal for pack lunches.
      Cost and stockist.
      I purchased mine from Tesco at £1.59 but they are available from all major supermarkets.
      Why buy
      These are in my opinion ideal for children if you want a mess free snack as although they have chocolate chips in they are baked in so do not melt over fingers and children. I must admit that as a seasoned French traveller I was sceptical that these would taste anything like brioche but was surprised at how could they did taste and I will defiantly purchase again and although they are not extremely healthy containing 132kcal and 4.2g of fat for occasional treats these are very good.


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        26.10.2011 22:41
        Very helpful



        Perfect for those little snack attacks without the bad effects on the waist line.

        I am lucky I am not a major chocolate lover but when I get a craving for chocolate stand out of my way!!!!

        Generally I try to keep my snacks low in calories as I only have to look at high calorie foods and somehow my dress size always increases.

        My little boy found these at the co-operative costing £1.77 for 6 of these snacks which I thought was fairly expensive but as he'd been good for the day I thought he deserved a treat.

        The bag says chocolate flavour filled Brioche baked daily in France. (Note when you read the back it says it is a chocolate and hazelnut filling which seems a bit contradictory.) As a package it is fairly boring and standard. There is a picture of the bread like item cut in half to show the chocolate it is filled with and as always the best before date on the front. I turn to the back and all the details are there including

        per 38.7g brioche
        high levels of sugar - 8.8g
        fat - 4.2g
        salt - 0.41g
        caloreis - 132 kcal

        132 calories??? well most chocolate bars contain at least 250 calories. Mmmm now my little boys snack has me intrigued.

        I decide to try one. Inside the big bag are 6 little bags with a brioche in each. Each brioche looks like a little bread roll measuring about four and a half inches/ twelve cm long rather like a hotdog roll in shape colour and overall visual appearance.

        I open the plastic wrapper and the smell is of bread with the tiniest hint of chocolate. I bite into it and it it like eating a sweet bread roll with chocolate spread in it. It doesn't to me taste of hazelnuts (and I love hazelnuts) just of gooey chocolate spread. For me it definitely hits the chocolate craving but I'm not so sure if it will satisfy the most determined chocolate lover. I found as it is quite dry I need a drink with this but I'm not too concerned about this as it means I take more time eating which means I am not rushing it.

        I enjoy every mouthful and have not only had my chocolate fix but unlike other snacks and nibbles I feel quite happy to continue throughout the afternoon without feeling that awful gnawing in my tummy.

        Good things?
        Ideal for picnics as the chocolate cannot leak out of the roll on a hot day.
        Satisfying like chocolate.
        Feel as though you have eaten it rather than that need for more like some snacks.
        Low in calories compared to chocolate.
        Nice smell and taste.
        Could be used for a child's lunchbox but be aware of the high levels in the guidelines.
        I can keep one in my bag during the day for a snack when you see one of the many adverts for chocolate and I don't need to worry it will melt.
        Works out about 30p per brioche which is cheaper than a chocolate bar or bag of crisps.
        Suitable for vegetarians.

        Bad things?
        For true chocoholics I doubt this will touch the spot.
        Lots of wrapping which is great for picnics but not so great for the bin.
        Can create the same effect by using chocolate spread on a bread roll or hot dog roll but not as convenient for taking out.
        Most have their filling throughout the entre but occasionally I find one that is filled a little lopsided so one side is more bread than chocolate.

        Allergy label on the back is clear and under the ingredients list and says this item contains eggs, hazlenut, milk, soys and wheat and may also contain traces of peanuts so definitely NOT one for allergy sufferers with dairy or nut allergies or if you are on a wheat free or gluten free diet.

        My personal opinion - my guilty pleasure. Hits the spot, curbs the chocolate craving and so far hasn't expanded my waist line.


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        22.02.2011 18:27
        Very helpful
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        A great snack to keep you full up till the next meal

        I used to have these rolls when I used to visit Belgium when I was younger and since recently, they have not been available in the UK. I buy them now and again as they are a nice treat and are truly delicious.

        Each pack comes in a plastic bag that is sealed at the top by a metal clip that can be unfolded and used again to reseal the bag. I find this works very well as you can keep the bag quite air-tight to help to the rolls fresh for longer. The bag is 32cm x 16cm and is mainly blue and yellow in colour. The front has the Pasquier logo, the product name and a section of clear plastic so that you can see the rolls. The rear of the pack has all the usual information about the product.

        I have the chocolate chip rolls and each roll is 11cm x 6cm x 3cm in size and made of the delicious brioche bread. To smell, they have a lovely sweet aroma that reminds me of fresh croissants. Each roll has a light brown colour to it and is spotted through-out with chocolate chips. To bite through, the bread is very soft and very airy which makes it not too chewy but very nice. It has a similar flavour to croissants, I think this is because they use a similar recipe for these. The addition of the chocolate chips is nice as it adds a different flavour to them. Without the chocolate chips I think that the flavour could get a little boring, but with them it keeps them nice and tasty.

        I find that these rolls, if stored well, will last quite a few days after the best before date, which is very good. At the moment, these rolls can cost you between £1 and £1.50 depending on where you buy them from, which I believe is not too bad value as they are a nice treat and they are quite filling. One thing I like about these is that they are actually made in France and shipped over which means they will be just like the ones that you can get on the continent.

        These are a great snack for you to try any time of the day as they are sweet, filling and delicious! For the price, I think they are quite good value if you can find them for £1 a pack (try Morrisons). Health wise, I was a little shocked at what each roll contains. Per roll, you get 136 calories, 5.1g of sugar, 6.4g of fat and 0.35g of salt. I thought it would have been a bit lower, but I presume it being a bread product and having chocolate in contributes to these values.

        Overall, I shall give these 4/5 as they are a delicious treat for any time of the day and they will fill you up till the next meal time. From my knowledge, you can also buy plain milk rolls, croissants and pain au chocolaits that come in the same packaging/range.

        Thanks for reading!

        This review may also appear on my blog and on Ciao under the same username.


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