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Paterson's Shortbread Fingers

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    4 Reviews
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      12.09.2014 22:37
      Very helpful


      • Yummy


      • "You eat them all"

      Pleasurable fingering

      I love Patterson’s shortbread fingers! In the old days the only place you could find shortbread was at the airport or a three years out of date packet jammed at the back of the shelf in your local Asian newsagents. Like the Toblerone Chocolate bar it was always marketed as an expensive treat and so no one ever bought it. I think the airport thing was mostly about shortbread marketed as Scottish and so it’s an easy gift to buy in duty free to impress your Auntie Aggie in Idaho as it has a big Scottish flag on it, exotic indeed. Whether it was ever mixed and made in Scotland on a cool misty autumn day with beads of dew on the heather catching the eye like diamonds on a beautiful woman’s finger we will never know but it isn’t any more.

      Another reason to buy Patterson’s Fingers is they are available in the pound shops now and for that you get 16 scrummy fingers. They also run a competition with a code on the packet that allows you to try and win various levels of prizes with the points you have accrued. I have entered loads of codes into the website and want to win a years supply of shortbread. Knowing my luck they will send it al at once and it will go off after three days. Shortbread, once exposed to air, doesn’t have a long shelf life.

      Fresh out of the packet it tastes just right, not too crumbly and not too dry. I think shortbread's selling point is the way it’s not quite a biscuit. It has the little bit of give that gives it a hidden texture but also the bite of a biscuit. They do crumble but not enough to have to use a big plate. The tang on the tongue is lovely. The only draw back is there are 16 in the box and you may end up eating half of them and so not great for the diet. The major supermarkets match the pound shops for price and Morrison’s do two for one at the moment.


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      12.01.2014 18:44
      Very helpful



      Lovely buttery shortbread fingers

      ===The Product===

      Patersons Shortbread Fingers.
      Scottish bakers since 1895.
      Melt in the mouth shortbread - 380 grams.
      Long shelf life - mine was until November 2014.
      Has Braille on front of box.
      Bakery founded in Rutherglen in 1895.
      Less than 3% saturated fat.
      Suitable for vegetarians.
      May contain traces of nuts.
      Free from pork fats and alcohol.
      20 fingers per pack.
      95 calories per 19 gram finger.


      99p a box.

      ===My Opinion===

      I must admit I was not familiar with the brand of Patersons and only bought this box as a hand out gift in case we had an extra coal man doing our deliveries just before Christmas (I give our normal delivery man money but if there was anyone else on the round I did not want him to feel left out).

      Anyway it happened that I did not need to give this as a gift so unwrapped it for myself.

      Not being familiar with the brand I was not sure what to expect as sometimes the texture of shortbread can be a bit too hard and therefore not so appetising.

      Anyway these finger biscuits come in a sturdy red and black box which unusually has Braille on the front of it as well.

      Inside thee are 20 finger biscuits which are wrapped in two lots of 10.

      The colour is pale and faintly golden and just the colour you would expect.

      the fingers are good and thick and with the characteristic random holes across the top.

      Personally I found these much nicer than I expected.

      I always love shortbread at Christmas time - and any other time of year as well really. I find it a good alternative to all the sweet chocolaty things you end up eating - and then being sorry afterwards.

      I must admit I finished the whole box myself, not all in one sitting though. I usually had two or three fingers with a cup of tea. hey are just the right texture and snap easily without being too crumbly.

      They are definitely delicious and I will have no hesitation in buying this brand again now.

      Looking on their website they also make oatcakes and cookies as well as other versions of shortbread but for me the basic ones are just fine.

      If you really like shortbread check out the Patersons website as they have a really easy recipe for White Chocolate & Raspberry Cheesecake, which I would love to try and shall have to go and get more biscuits!

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





      Wheat Flour, Rapeseed Oil, Sugar, Butter, (MILK), Salt, Natural Flavouring, Raising Agent (Sodium Bicarbonates).


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        05.04.2010 10:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        I'm quite partial to a shortbread finger but normally opt for the Asda version as I always thought they were much cheaper. However, when shopping last week I noticed the Paterson's version were only 3 pence dearer than their supermarket counterpart and although I'm not one to pay for brands generally I thought for that price difference they might be worth a try.

        Paterson's have been Scottish bakers since 1885 and a quick look at their website (www.paterson-arran.com) tells me that they started off as a husband and wife team making Scottish oatcakes. Their shortbread claims to maintain traditional values whilst using modern technology to enhance the product.

        The fingers come in an opaque cellophane wrapper that is predominantly red and black tartan and is approximately 6" x 2.5" x 1". The brand and product name appear clearly on the front and the fingers are described as 'Delicious, crumbly shortbread now with 80% less saturated fat'. It also tells us that the product is still made in Scotland and the net weight is 200g. The back of the packet gives us the address and website of the company as well as the best before date, ingredients and nutritional information.
        Ingredients - Wheat flour, vegetable oil, sugar, butter, salt, flavouring.
        Advice - Suitable for vegetarians but may contain traces of nuts.
        Nutritional values per biscuit - 422 kj, 101 kcal, 1.2g protein, 12.3g carbohydrate of which 3.5g is sugar, 5.2g fat if which 0.6g is saturated, 0.4g fibre and 0.1g sodium.

        The end of the packet tears apart fairly easily although it does tend to rip a bit down the middle which means they need to be kept in a container once opened. Inside I am greeted by two layers of five biscuits. Each one is about 2" long and 0.5" in width and depth. It is a lovely pale yellow colour with a hint of browning across the edges. The top has about 15 little circle indents and a light dusting of sugar.

        They feel quite hard to touch and there is a faint buttery smell coming from the product. The first bite is initially crunchy and then as you chew the crumbly texture comes through along with a lovely buttery after taste. Each bite is gone in about 3 or 4 chews so it isn't particularly hard going on your jaw.

        In the interests of reviewing I have eaten half of a biscuit as it is and I am now going to test the dunking capabilities using the other half. I have a mug of tea that has been cooling on the side for a couple of minutes. I've held the biscuit in for 5 seconds and there appears to be no loss of colour or substance. It is now slightly softer to bite but hasn't lost its nice crunchy texture. I am pleased that it has held the tea without dripping and it seems to have a stronger buttery taste this time around.

        As these biscuits don't disintegrate after dunking and they are of a reasonable size, I only eat once or two at a time. I find with some other biscuits that I can easily eat 4 or 5 at once so these work out better health wise than having that amount of say an 80 calorie digestive.

        Overall these are lovely with or without dunking. The packet isn't re-sealable so they need to be stored elsewhere after opening. Mine have about four months until the best before date which is good as they can be kept in the cupboard until you fancy them. I think these serve as a multipurpose biscuit because they are affordable enough at £0.66 to have with a cuppa through the day but they are nice enough to put out if someone pops round unexpectedly.


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          11.01.2010 16:21
          Very helpful



          A delicious choice for shortbread likers & lovers

          I bought a few boxes of these over Christmas as they were on special offer at 99p each - a bargain for delicious, good quality shortbread that's always a winner when it comes to snack food in our house.

          These are often sold in a 380g box, which is how I bought them. The design is predominantly red, with a dark red/black at the top which gradually lightens. There's a picture of the tempting, buttery shortbread to the right, along with the description that aims to entice you: 'Delicious Scottish melt-in-the-moth shortbread'. How can you resist?

          Paterson's is a brand I know little about but trust nonetheless when it comes to their shortbread. Having a baking history dating back to 1895, they have years of knowledge and experience in the field and deliver good quality products.

          Upon opening the box you'll notice the shortbread is pre-packed into separate bags, with 6 fingers per see-through plastic wrapper. This helps to keep them fresh and prevent damage to them, and it also makes them good for taking out as a snack to share.

          With 24 fingers per box, 99p is a good buy. I believe these are usually priced at the £2 mark, which averages most other similar products. They're also available in smaller sizes, such as a 150g bag (39p Asda, which is a bargain). But it's the quality that sets these apart.

          To look at, each finger is approx 3" long and of a good size in terms of width and depth to make a good treat with a cuppa tea, for example. The top of the finger has little circular indentations, a bit like a dice, so they're well presented.

          As for the taste, you can tell these are made from a classic shortbread recipe, or as Paterson's claim, 'tradition with a twist'. The buttery goodness is easy to discern as the shortbread crumbles, but not too much, making them soft and delicate when you eat them. The taste is sweet, but not too much so, meaning just one or two should do the trick.

          Per 100g, these contain 492 calories and 24g of fat, so they're obviously not the healthiest of snacks. That said, I believe in a bit of everything so when balanced, these make a great treat when you fancy something hearty, buttery and comforting.

          These taste delicious and do have the 'melt-in-the-mouth' appeal the brand claims. All in all I would definitely recommend these, especially at 99p if you find them whilst they're on offer. Nicely presented, a good size, delicious taste and soft texture. Yum J


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