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Philadelphia Light Sweet Chilli

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Brand: Kraft

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    4 Reviews
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      21.10.2012 18:35
      Very helpful



      Nice cream cheese that you can eat in so many different ways

      It was a nice sunny day and the ex and I were in the garden catching up on some rare sunshine, when she turned to me and told me she felt peckish. I wasn't sure what I had in the fridge and cupboards, so I went to have a look...a smoked sausage, a couple of rashers of bacon, 1 shallot, some pasta and some Light Philadelphia with Sweet Chilli (This is beginning to sound like Ready Steady Cook). Within ten minutes I had knocked up a delightful lunchtime snack, pasta with smoked sausage, bacon and shallot in a light cheesy sauce with a little kick of chilli....delicious!

      ==What is it?==

      Light Philadelphia with Sweet Chilli is a medium soft cheese with chilli peppers, pineapple and mango. It comes under the Kraft brand, who also have Maxwell House, Caburys, Jacobs and various other brands under its banner.


      invert sugar syrup, chilli peppers(3.5%)[of which 3% Jalapeno Chilli Peppers], pineapple(1.8%), mango(0.8%), stabilizers(locust bean gum, carrageenan), modified starch, citric acid, sugar spirit vinegar, salt. Made with pasteurized milk

      **Nutritional Information**

      Each 30g serving contains

      Calories 47 - 2% GDA
      Sugar 1.8g - 2% GDA
      Fat 3.2g - 5% GDA
      Saturates 2.1g - 11% GDA
      Salt 0.3g - 4% GDA

      ==Taste & Texture==

      The texture of this cheese is nice and smooth and you can see the bits of chilli in it, so you are always guaranteed a few slithers of chilli per portion. While I can't really taste the pineapple and mango, I can certainly taste the chilli as a sort of after taste kick sensation at the back of my throat.

      ==Mikes Pasta Recipe==

      1 shallot or half a small onion finely diced
      1 2 rashers bacon sliced
      1/10 of Mattesons Smoked Sausage diced
      30g Philadelphia with Sweet Chilli
      knob of butter
      splash of milk
      Pasta - Penne works well with this dish

      Sweat the meat and shallot/onion in a knob of butter, add the Philadelphia with Sweet Chilli and a splash of milk, add in your pasta and serve.


      You can purchase this at most supermarkets and they come in 200g or 300g tubs, I have only seen the plain Philadelphia in small grocers so far.


      Sainsburys 200g = £1.75, 300g = £2.40
      Tesco 200g = £1.00 normally £1.75


      I had originally purchased this as part of a "Buy one get one free" deal, I had no idea what I was going to use it for, although I am partial to a bit of Philadelphia on toast. One thing is for certain, after knocking up a nice light pasta dish with it, I will continue to buy it just for that purpose. I have tried it on toast and I wasn't too keen, I much prefer the original Philly for that carry on. If you like slightly spicy food, then you will like this, the kick that you get from it is not too overpowering and neither is it unpleasant, they have done a good job getting the measure right here.


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        25.06.2012 14:50
        Very helpful



        I love this cheese!

        Philadelphia is a range of cheese products made by Kraft. There is several 'flavoured' cheese spreads in the range including Chives and Chocolate!

        ~Sweet Chilli~

        'Medium fat soft cheese with chilli peppers, pineapple and mango'

        Sweet Chilli is a fairly new addition to the Philadelphia range. It is suitable for vegetarians. This product is in the form of a cheese spread which is packaged in a foil and plastic lid sealed tub. It should be kept in the fridge and used up within 1 week of opening. 3% of the overall product is Jalapeno chilli peppers.

        A 30g serving of this spread contains 47 calories, 1.8g of sugar and 2.1g of saturated fat.

        Expect to pay around the £1.50 mark for a 200g tub. It is stocked in supermarkets including Asda and Tesco. You will find it down the cheese aisle and it is recognisable thanks to the silver tub and pepper image on the front.

        ~My Thoughts~

        Whilst I am happy to limit my intake of cupcakes and chocolate, I cannot seem to cut down on cheese related food stuffs! It is fair to say that I have a little obsession with cheese and prefer 'flavoured' cheese rather than regular cheddar. I am a fan of Philidelphia spreading cheeses and have sampled every flavour they offer including the chocolate cheese (interesting experience to say the least).

        I am also fond of hot foods so this sweet chilli variety jumped out at me. Asda often has it reduced to £1.00 which is a bargain but I am more than happy to pay the full price as I love this cheese spread so much! The tub is very secure and does keep the cheese spread very fresh. It never usually lasts a week in my home. On opening the tub, there is no watery layer on the cheese which I appreciate. I am met with a very thick, soft cheese which is creamy coloured with noticeable flecks of red, orange and the odd green speckle. It smells very strongly due to the peppers.

        ~Versatility In a Tub~

        I like to devour this cheese spread in various ways and the Philidelphia website does give some interesting recipes. It spreads like a dream and only a slither is required for maximum taste output. It is perfect on a slice of bread, crackers (especially sandwiched between two Ritz crackers), as a dip for breadsticks and loaded potato skins. It is very versatile and can replace any sort of dip for an interesting alternative. It is also perfect for mixing through some pasta and I just cook up some fusilli and mix a few spoonfuls through it for a tasty lunch and it compliments chicken dishes perfectly. The cheese melts into a thick sauce when cooked and retains its flavour.

        This cheese spread is one of the best I have tried and the flavour really does burst through. The creamy, familiar Philidelphia flavour is the perfect base flavour and you wouldn't expect this to be as easy on the fat as it is! It has a lovely texture - very smooth and thick. I can't say I notice the mango or pineapple flavours but they perhaps add a slight sweet element to the peppers.

        This cheese spread is complimented with plenty of peppers which provide ample warmth to a rather cool, mild cheese spread. I can notice the warmth more as an aftertaste and it certainly isn't for those who prefer a mild cheese spread but it doesn't burn the mouth of you either. The coolness from the cheese and the warmth from the peppers compliment each other perfectly and the overall flavour is very satisfying and not too harsh on the palate. The warm pepper taste remains in my mouth for a short while after consuming. I don't feel like I need much of this spread to satisfy my cheese craving so it is quite economical!


        A very tasty cheese spread which is more suited to adults than children in my opinion. It keeps fresh and i love the different recipe ideas. Check out the different options at www.philidelphia.co.uk as you may learn a few new recipes like I have. The cheese spread in general is of a high quality and much more flavoursome than supermarket versions. I have a habit of scooping it out the tub with a cracker late at night but I remind myself that it isn't full fat so I don't feel too guilty!

        Overall I can recommend this Sweet Chilli spread. It is full of delicious flavour and makes a pleasant addition to many recipes to spice it up a little.

        Thanks for reading x


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          20.02.2012 18:29
          Very helpful



          Ok, but not what I thought it would be.

          I recently got an email from the brand Kraft telling me about a new flavour of their Philadeliphia cheese. I was quite interested so had a look on the shelf at the supermarket the next time I was there. They didn't actually stock the flavour I wanted but I found this instead and thought I'd try it as it looked tasty and versatile. It is Light Philadelphia soft cheese in Sweet Chilli flavour.

          I bought the cheese in a 200 gram sized tub. The brand have recently changed the design of the tubs and ever since I've found the lid a little difficult to replace after use. They call this design an improvement though as it allows the product to stay fresh for longer, apparantly. Under the lid is a protective foil label which you can either completely peel off or leave and unfurl before every use. The tub is printed very comprehensively with lots of information about the product. On the top of the tub there is an easy to read nutritional value chart which shows you the calorific value of the product as well as sugar, fat, salt and saturates levels. There is a more detailed chart on the bottom of the tub too as well as full ingredients and other infomation such as the 'suitable for vegetarians' stamp.

          I love the flavour of chilli so much that I was really looking forward to tasting this. When I first saw the cheese I thought the colour reminded me of salmon mousse or hollandaise sauce. It's a pale peachy pink colour all over with flecks of dark red, yellow and pink through it. The cheese actually has tiny shreds of chilli peppers in it. After I tasted the cheese I could tell straight away that there were other ingredients in there and checked the ingredients list. The cheese actually also contains both pineapple and mango, both of which I can taste very strongly. Infact, I would say the cheese, overall, tasted of pineapple with an aftertaste of mild sweet chilli. It's not exactly what I thought it would be and to be honest I think the red chilli pepper design on the front of the pack is a bit misleading.

          The cheese has a very nice texture and is smooth and creamy. The flecks of chilli, mango and pineapple are interesting with a slightly tougher texture but they are not so tough that it is unpleasant. Infact, the only thing that is really properly intact is the chilli bits. The mango and pineapple are just teeny pieces that you can't totally distinguish from the soft cheese. The cheese is lovely in a sandwich or on a crackerbread. I often like to put Philadelphia in dishes like pasta or couscous but I find the flavour of this one just too fruity to feel that I'd like it to be warm. Warm pineapple and mango just feels wrong to me!

          This is a reduced fat product but it doesn't taste like it and the consistency of the cheese isn't thin or watery. After using the cheese doesn't become water-logged when in storage like some of these cheeses have a tendancy to do. The 'light' tag means that this cheese works out at 47 calories per 30g serving with 3.2 g of fat in that same portion.

          I am a little dissapointed with this cheese but I can't fault it's quality overall. It has a very unique taste and I can't think of any brands that could produce similar cheeses of this complex flavour and quality. The reason I'm a little downhearted is because the cheese has a very distinctive fruity taste and particularly is strong in pineapple. I'm not too keen on pineapple and I probably wouldn't have bought this if I'd known the flavour was so strong. It's for this reason I don't find the cheese as versatile as I imagined it would be. I don't feel I'd like to eat this cheese any other way than spread cold. I will probably not buy this again but I think the concept of having flavoured soft cheese is excellent. I also love the creamy texture of Philly so I'm going to keep buying the original flavour and I'm also watering at the mouth thinking about the brand's new chocolate flavour cheese!



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          21.06.2011 15:14
          Very helpful



          Low fa,t soft cheese with a chilli kick!

          I'm a bit of a 'Yo-Yo' dieter, I really love my food and find it hard to stick to a diet, but I also hate not fitting into my clothes! I have been a member of Weight Watchers in the past and to some degree that has helped me change a few eating habits. As a result I always have some healthier items in the cupboards and fridge which we all now view as staples, rather than 'diet food'. (Along side the chocolate, cakes and crisps. Oops.) One of those products is good old Philadelphia, the light variety of course! The plain version is quite bland and boring though, so I usually opt for the garlic and herb one. After a while though, that gets boring too, so I was pleased to see they had brought out some new flavours and my new favourite is the Light Philadelphia with Sweet Chilli. Or chilli Philly as we like to call it.

          ===Look at it===

          The tub looks exactly the same as every other variety, oval shaped, about an inch and a half deep, with the lid overlapping the tub. The Philadelphia logo stands out on the lid and the side of the pack, in bold blue capitals. Underneath we have the flavour printed on in a much smaller and friendlier lower case type. This is printed on a white and blue background. This being the sweet chilli flavour, there are some photos of thin red chillis shown at the bottom right. Mine has a little note to the left telling me that it is a 'stay fresh pack' and the product weight, nutrition advice and a reminder to keep it refridgerated is printed at the lower end of the lid, hiding some of the chilli picture.

          On the base of the tub you can find the full nutritional information, along with the ingredients list, the best before date and some other helpful advice, i.e. Eat within one week of opening, it is suitable for vegetarians and most importantly that it contains milk (although for those who are allergic, I expect they may have guessed that already.) My packs end date is the beginning of August, so over three months, which surprised me. Another surprise was that as well as chilli peppers, it also contains pineapple and mango, I've been eating this for weeks now and I would never have guessed, although it isn't called 'sweet' chilli for nothing!

          I purchased mine from Tesco, at the time of writing it is on offer, 2 tubs for £2, it's usual RRP is £1.34. I've only ever seen this flavour in the 200g tubs.

          ===Open it!===

          The lid is quite flimsy, and although secure to start, I rarely get it to clip back on to the tub properly, I'm probably too heavy handed! Underneath is a protective foil cover which is quite thick and has the Philadelphia logo embossed all over it. A while ago Kraft ran a campaign for recipe ideas using Philadelphia, currently some of the winners are being aired in their own commercial along side Ed Baines. In this pack they have included one of the winning recipes, printed on thick paper which can be removed if you want to keep it. Interestingly, my recipe is for Cider Pork, which uses plain Philly, not the flavour I've bought.

          Peeling back the lid, the soft cheese looks nice and smooth, with a slightly more orangey colour than usual. I can see a few red flecks, but these are more prominent when you scoop the cheese out. I can also see some tiny orange and yellow pieces, which previously I thought was a different type of chilli, but now know is the pineapple and mango. The cheese is very easy to spread and the bits in it are so small they spread easy too.

          To smell it you have to get pretty close, it doesn't smell especially cheesy, the chilli almost completely overides it and gave me the impression it might taste quite spicy.

          ===Taste it===

          When I'm being really good, I spread my chilli Philly evenly but not too thickly over a Ryvita. (Making sure I get it into the corners to mask every inch.) On a normal week, where I'm just trying to be healthy but not wanting to loose weight, I spread it on hot toast. Granary toast is the best for this method. On a bad week I sit with a tub and a box of Ritz crackers and scoop it out like it's a thick dip until it's all gone.

          The taste is lovely. Cool, creamy, slightly sweet (thankyou pineapple and mango!) and with a nice little spicy flavour. If you are expecting something hot, you'll be very disappointed, there's hardly any kick with this although you can get a very mellow little 'zing' if you eat enough of it. I assume the fruits have all been cooked as they too are really smooth. (I had to check and yes, chilli is a fruit!)

          I have cooked with it before (and the other flavours). I put two tablespoons of Philly into a pan on a low heat, add a splash of skimmed milk and keep stirring until runny. You can add more milk or Philly until you reach your desired consistency and then I mix it in with some cooked pasta. This is quite tasty though not very strong, so if my hubby is having some too I add a bit of chilli powder.

          All the winning recipes are on the Philadelphia website which is worth looking at especially if you are cutting the calories. There is one for mini potato cakes with chilli Philly dipping sauce which looks tasty and obviously you can exchange the potato cakes for carrot sticks if you're being really good!

          ===Recommend it?===

          I think Philadelphia is a very versatile food and this sweet chilli flavour is a great addition to the range. I find the original flavour too bland as I do with most foods I associate with dieting, so with this one being so tasty it tricks me into eating healthier even when I'm having a bad week! (ok, minus the Ritz)

          ===Other info===

          Nutritional info: 50g (A quarter of the pack - a medium spread on four Ryvita)

          78 kcal
          3.0g sugar
          5.3g fat
          3.5g saturates
          0.5g salt




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        • Product Details

          Our delicious new Philadelphia flavour - Sweet Chilli - is perfect for adding some spice to your dishes with the same cool, creamy texture of Philadelphia

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